Telegram Scam

The appearance of scammers, the active spread of fraudulent actions on Telegram has led to the need to combat them. As a countermeasure, Pavel Durov proposed a special mechanism. In May of this year, on Twitter was the information about the launch of Antiscam.

The result of this team was the appearance of the Scam label. It signals the beginning of the fight against fraudulent user actions and divorce in the popular Telegram messenger. While the principle of its filtering is not advertised. In this regard, the question of how to avoid getting into the black list is open.

What is scam in Telegram

Scam on Telegram.

Users, bots and channels get into blocking. If you assign them this label, they will lose visibility inside the site.

To continue communicating with blocked accounts, you will need to go to a direct link to them.

Telegram scam distribution is now followed by a fair punishment. Anyone can inform developers about the detection of a scam by writing @notoscam. Previously, this account was used to collect information about the fake sale of Durov cryptocurrency.

An e-mail is also available, for which applications for consideration of a candidate for blocking are accepted. Letters from companies and services are sent here to confirm the legitimacy of their actions.

Well-known scam projects

During the existence of Telegram, the developers have accumulated statistics on channels whose activities are aimed at enriching due to deception by the user.


Selling fake money, various meinings are nothing but a “divorce” of people. The modified financial pyramid draws funds from users and “gets stuck”.


Gamblers, sports experts who want to make a bet without leaving their home, become customers of such channels. Receiving information about the best offer, users can not resist and are victims of fraud.


Even in life, a chance to earn one in a million. Online sites are another means of enrichment at the expense of gullible users.

Advertising sale

There have been recorded cases of the emergence of exchanges that offer to post information about goods or services at a very favorable price. Falling into such tricks, customer advertising is on a non-core channel, or they are completely deceived.

Scam bots

Service is relevant in the world of cryptocurrency. Air selling has swept the online community. The latest fraud was detected with BitMEX. The purpose of the bot is to perform trading operations. These services are bought by people who are poorly versed in the rules of trading. Lack of knowledge of economic processes and the pursuit of profit lead to the loss of time and money of users.

What does the SCAM label mean?

Assigned to members suspected of fraud. According to statistics, from the moment the service began to work, 510 channels already got into the ban. Their administrative accounts are also blocked.

Tag in Telegram.

Due to the lack of official information on how not to get into the black list, users began to analyze the behavior of SCAM participants and compile a list of actions that could serve as a reason for blocking:

  • Concealment of real contact information about yourself and the company. Often, advertisements appear on the channel that contain fake product information. This leads to user fraud. The fight against such accounts was previously conducted by the administrators.
  • Another way to get a scam tag in Telegram is to be an administrator of duplicate channels or use bots to increase rating. In this category will fall those accounts whose task is to unwind channels through motivated traffic. Such actions indicate double fraud. The advertiser does not receive views of potential buyers, the payment of money to performers by bots is not always correct.
  • Channels from Vulkan casino, bets on races and sports, fraudulent promotions with fake distribution of funds, as well as bots with free cryptocurrency issuance, etc. Honest accounts will not be in sight of the Antiscam team.
  • Channels with dubious topics: carding (fraudulent actions with users’ payment cards), refunds (earning money by returning money to a buyer by a retail outlet), all kinds of hacks, darknet, as well as blackmail and so on. In relation to such channels, a strict policy is applied. The tag will not be removed.
  • Communities with fraudulent sweepstakes among subscribers. The hope of a prize or money attracts people regardless of age. In practice, there are no winnings or the chances of gaining are reduced to zero.
  • Channels selling a GRAM coin are also tantamount to tricking users into Telegram. The Durov team warns people that there is no such cryptocurrency. This project was launched with the goal of using the name of Paul.

These actions indicate a divorce in Telegram and are subject to blocking. Durov’s team fights for fair business on the Web.

For posting information about child abuse, terrorism, calls for suicide, the distribution of narcotic and psychotropic drugs, etc., users will automatically be placed in a ban without a tag.

The correct actions of the participants

A user or channel will never receive a SCAM label if it adheres to the following rules:

  • Issues of plagiarism, copying information or theft of content are not of interest to developers. Antiscam will not consider such account actions to block them. If you own the copyright to the material, confirm this by sending the information to e-mail: it will be considered in a short time. After that, the plagiarist on behalf of @dmcatelegram will receive a message about the need to remove information from the channel. In case of failure, he will be assigned the appropriate Scam-tag.
  • Telegram tags cryptocurrency trading projects, but doesn’t block channels advertising GRAMS fake coin scam services.

In the process, the Antiscam team will identify flaws and fix bugs. Telegram fraudulent user actions will be detected and flagged.

Most often, the audience is transferred to private channels under various pretexts:

  • It is explained to users that the lock occurred due to tricks of competitors.
  • Telegram tightening policy and earnings information.
  • Posting information about an unfairly marked cryptocurrency channel. Allegedly, actions are aimed at drawing attention to Telegram’s own development. There were cases when administrators changed the name of the channel to veil the label.

Unfortunately, users continue to trust the service of which they are a subscriber. Telegram’s mission is to warn of dishonest actions.

How to report Scam

Information should be sent to @notoscam with a link to the resource or user, as well as with the confirmation of the described fact. You can get a tag in one call to technical support.

The owner will not be saved if he administers a private channel. It will not protect against resource checking and adding @notoscam to the blacklist.

Applications not intended to eliminate competitors are not accepted for consideration. Antiscam works with channel owners and users who sent messages.


Antiscam may label incorrectly. In this case, the resource administrator sends a statement and provides justifying information in defense of the channel.

The search for loopholes to circumvent restrictions continues. A similar Telegram policy has spawned a new type of fraud. Messages are sent to the owners offering to pay a certain amount to protect them from the Scam tag.