How to register a Telegram bot in C ++

Each user of the Telegram messenger may want to create or install their own bot. This process is peculiar and requires some skills. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

What are bots

Bots – Utilities running inside Telegram. Simply put, these are separate accounts that are not managed by people, but directly by software.

Their purpose

Telegram bot on C has a wide scope. He can communicate, receive and send messages to chat, as well as execute incoming commands.

All entries are encoded into HTTPS requests and processed by the bot algorithm.

The application simplifies the process of user interaction. The robot provides fresh news information, allows you to translate text, buy and sell goods.


All bots utilities for Telegram bot API C can be divided into a number of categories, each of which has its own application:

  • Integration. Integrate with other applications. The assistant downloads information from extraneous resources and puts it in a chat.
  • Estimated. Carry out payments from instant messenger users. Also, the application can work as a virtual store or is a seller of customized paid services.
  • Informational. Provide weather information. Data is taken from the server specified in the application.
  • Entertaining. Telegram bot on C can offer HTML5 entertainment in the library, as well as a number of entertaining games.
  • Chat bots. Provide space for communication between two interlocutors or more persons. Supports Creation of Interest Group.

Features and Description C++

C ++ is a popular programming language. Supports a number of paradigms. It has expressed support for object-oriented and generalized programming. It has a simplified api interface. Used to create a Telegram bot in C.

How to register a bot in C

Creating Telegram bot C is difficult.

The order is as follows:

  • Launch your messenger. The version of the application and the device used do not matter.
  • In the channel search window, write BotFather. Click on the found file, click on the button “Run” at the bottom.
  • In the proposed proxy menu we find and click / newbot.
  • Choose the name of the assistant. We write it in the corresponding column.
  • Create and write username.
  • Copy the digital token. This information is confidential. Its distribution to strangers is fraught with the loss of an assistant.
  • We get confirmation from BotFather about installing the bot. We check its performance.

Digital bot token.

The creation of the robot is completed. No additional configuration required. If everything was done by example, then you should not have any difficulties.


The Telegram C bot, created in the C ++ programming language, has a number of advantages, which include:

  • High level of compatibility with C languages.
  • Enhanced Computing Performance.
  • Support for a large number of website programming styles.
  • Controlling object constancy.
  • Accessibility through a range of training materials.
  • Automatic call of object destructors.
  • Using C ++ templates to build algorithms for various types of data.
  • Ability to embed additional programming languages ​​in the main code.
  • Overloading used operators.


Utility bots have many functions that allow the messenger subscriber to receive a number of useful information without additional effort. If necessary, you can use a video from the Internet to create an assistant in C++.