Ways to find people on Telegram

Every day, more and more users are registered in the Telegram messenger. Using the system you can not only communicate, but also send files.

The application gained popularity due to encryption technology. Now it has registered more than two hundred million subscribers. Telegram has a simple interface, but some have difficulty finding friends.

Telegram app features

Search for contacts in Telegram.

There are two conditions in order to be able to find a user in Telegram: the first – the application must be installed, the second – mandatory registration.

There are some differences in using the platform. If this is a smartphone with Windows Phone, Android or IPhone with iOS and Telegram installed, then the data of contacts that have not been registered in the application will be displayed in a simple list.

A complete list of contacts is taken from your phone from the phone book. For those who do not use Telegram, you can optionally send an invitation to register in the messenger.

If you use a desktop computer or laptop, you will need to synchronize with a mobile application. Contacts that have already been registered will be displayed.

When to find a person

After installation and registration in the application, you will automatically see a list of contacts that are recorded on the phone. But sometimes there are times when a friend is missing from your phone book. The application has a built-in search that will help you quickly find a contact in Telegram.

Search Methods

In order to search for people in Telegram, some personal data may be required.

You can find friends or acquaintances in the messenger using the following information:

  • by first name, last name (name – the most famous way);
  • by phone number – no less famous method;
  • by car number;
  • by login or nickname.

To search, the messenger uses the phone books of all its subscribers. If your request matches the submitted user data, the program will give you the subscriber’s contacts as suitable for your search.

By name, if there is no phone number

Sometimes situations arise when you need to know how to find a specific person in Telegram without a phone number. In this case, you can use the name to search.

You can call up the search bar by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. It is located on the right side of the Telegram inscription. Enter the required name. The algorithm will analyze the information, produce a list that matches the requirements.

In this interesting case, it is worth knowing that attempts to find by only one name are not always successful. Given the fact that many subscribers with the same names are registered, the presented list can be huge.

By name and surname

To search, you need to click the special icon, which is shown in the form of a magnifying glass. Enter the name and surname in the line and search. But it should be remembered that few people indicate their real data when registering. For this reason, the probability of finding by last name and first name is too low to rely entirely on obtaining a result.

If, nevertheless, after searching for the given parameters, you get a suitable result, then perhaps the person you are looking for has indicated your real data.

By phone number

If there is no personal data, you can calculate the person by phone number. If a friend has Telegram installed and the subscriber is registered, the data will automatically appear.

If not registered, then you have the opportunity to send him a message with an invitation to the network and communicate using the messenger.

If you use the desktop version on a computer or Android, then click the three horizontal dashes and find the contacts tab. On iPhone, the tab will be located at the bottom left.

In this tab, there will already be data present in the address book. If the user is not there, then click on the plus sign in the circle (lower right corner of the phone), enter the Name and Phone. After that, save the information.

By car number

In life, situations arise when it is necessary to punch a subscriber using a state license plate. A messenger will help you find this information. For this, a special bot is built into the program, through which it is easy to find the right subscriber within a few minutes after filling in the data.

After filling out the request, you can get the following data:

  • vehicle model and make;
  • state license plate;
  • registration data and VIN;
  • Date of issue;
  • side of the steering wheel;
  • engine data.

But there is a nuance. You can find a mobile phone, if only the car was sold on the sites of free classified ads. Although it may be that the car has already been sold.

There is a paid version of the bot. It provides more detailed information about the car, including the city or location.


Attempts to find the username is not much different from the ones described earlier. Enter the subscriber’s nickname, and the program provides the necessary information.

As a rule, everyone tries to choose a nickname that is rarely found. In this case, if you know the nickname, it’s possible that you can find it much easier and faster.

But it should be remembered that not only users are registered in the messenger, but also channels. In this case, situations arise when the name of the channel and the nickname of the interlocutor can match.

Possible problems and solutions

There are several common mistakes when someone tries to find a friend on Telegram. For successful results, try to understand the errors described and not to make them.

Sometimes when trying to find a friend, users confuse the Name and Username values.

In the first case, this is the subscriber’s designation that is visible in the chat, and the second option is the designation before the @ icon. To find the subscriber, the second value is used.

If you use a phone number for the search, do not write the numbers in the search form. The program will not produce results. To do this, use the tips that were explained above.

After receiving the results, many confuse the person and the bot. To determine exactly who it is, you need to look at the icon. For bots, the icon is a robot. If there is a speaker near the contact, this means a channel, and if you see double figures, this means a group.

If there is no marking next to the name, then you have a person in front of you. Keep in mind that icons are not displayed on the desktop version.


Although messengers have appeared recently, this does not prevent them from gaining popularity among active users, crowding out social networks. Sometimes a subscriber is easier and faster to find in the messenger than to flip through a large number of pages on social networks.

Given that a large number of people use such platforms, finding a person is faster and easier.

We hope that the article helped to understand the intricacies and answered the question of how to find a person in Telegram.