How to record and send a video message in Telegram

In the era of communications, each user must master how to send a video message to Telegram. You may not be able to connect or watch the video you received the first time. Someone did not have this feature in the old version of the smartphone. There are several live message formats.

Are there any video calls in Telegram

Someone considers himself to be experts at Iphonex, making videos at every step for sending to friends. Others cannot find their bearings quickly when it comes to new features that go beyond calls and regular messages. Although the idea of ​​communicating via video was developed as far back as the 1950s, it has recently come to smartphones. Telegram appeared in voice communication 2 years ago.

Telegram video calls.

To date, the messenger remains one of the best among similar means of communication. He is constantly updated with innovations.

Using a telephone, it has become much more convenient to send notes and maintain communication in the following types of information transfer:

  • write plain text;
  • create a voice message;
  • shoot a short video;
  • send text files and regular SMS;
  • add comments to the video format;
  • insert sticker masks and emoticons;
  • upload favorite clip or reminder.

Not every user quickly finds the ability to send video messages to Telegram on their device. Often try to send video through the camera.

Telegram developers have long thought out and offered users the exchange of video files. Today there is nothing complicated in sending a video to Telegram in a round or regular format. It is recommended to master this function and develop the “fit into record” skill, which lasts no more than 1 minute.

TOP 5 benefits of video calls

Telegram is the fastest messenger with minimal traffic. It has a Russian version of the interface and is well synchronized with all modern devices.

A version of Telegram-Web has been developed, with which it is more convenient to work on a laptop or PC without installing it on a mobile phone. This ensures automatic storage of information on files with the ability to send the entire history of correspondence in the “cloud”.

The most important advantages of sharing video files from this messenger:

  • Before sending a message, a preview of the received record is available.
  • Unsuccessful videos before uploading to the network are easy to delete and record in a new way.
  • If the recipient is not connected or busy, he will view the message in video format at a convenient time.
  • You can always delete the sent video not only on your smartphone or laptop, but “after” the recipient.
  • Available filters, sticker masks and other chips for mood.

It is hoped that the developers will soon eliminate some of the “minuses” of this resource – a limited duration (1 minute) and the ability to monitor the reaction of the addressee in real time. At the moment, we have to wait for the answer of the interlocutor in video format, in sound recording or with sending text.

Most of all, for those who already use round videos in Telegram, the free opportunity to exchange messages in a convenient format.

Telegram does not yet have any intrusive accompaniment: advertising banners, pop-ups with commercial offers. It also dispenses with “embedded” videos, as on video resources that provide free viewing.

If a 4D connection is temporarily interrupted for exchanging video calls or there is no possibility to replenish the account, the service guarantees delivery of free messages, which, like the auto-delete function, will be available after restoring access to the network.

Telegram Video Messaging.

How to call

The world of technology is improving, behind Skype and ICQ. Users are massively switching to Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp. Of these messengers, Telegram is recognized as the most convenient and fastest growing in terms of new features. In addition, users instantly learn how to record a video message and other features in Telegram.

The resource is compatible with all mobile OS, including Windows and iPhone 11. Inside the service it is possible to supplement video calls with preliminary explanations and comments. A choice of font and language for messages is available. Drafts are saved automatically. There is also a new Telegram Online feature, in which installation on your gadget is optional.

From phone or smartphone

To use the video call sharing feature, it is recommended to update the messenger in the “Playmarket”. Then click on the microphone in the lower right corner (for audio recording) and hold it with your finger. To switch to automatic recording, pull up. It’s more convenient to communicate in the car and on the go. Recording can be listened to and canceled if something does not suit.

Along with the microphone there is a box for recording video, pulling up which the “Default” recording function is activated. Try to invest in a minute. To send, you must click on the appropriate button. There is nothing complicated, you need practice on your phone.


Recording, downloading, playing back and sending files in Android happens the same way: in a chat, click on the camera and hold it. 1 minute recording starts. As soon as you release your finger, a message will be sent immediately.

When sharing video via Telegram, it’s easy to save videos to the memory of your device:

  • find the corresponding icon in the pop-up menu;
  • hold your finger on the icon while the video is in progress;
  • further “Save”.

If desired, find the files in a separate folder, which is automatically generated in Telegram.


The ability to exchange video messages is available in the latest versions of Iphones (recording from a device’s camera via iOS). To download Telegram, you need the AppStore app store. The install button will do the necessary work.

To send video from Iphone you need to enter the program, click on the microphone, where the “Video” icon will appear. Next, go to the video recording mode, for which the button is held (pull up – automatic recording). At the end of the recording, a message should be sent. In the cache, you can search for Telegram and check the saving of sent files.

Important! Files recorded via the smartphone’s camcorder and saved in the gallery can also be sent via Telegram applications.

From computer

Files have a different format, so there may be difficulties with sending and converting. Some use old versions of Windows, saving in mp4 or gif format.

Looping GIFs and slowing videos are the main disadvantage of sending from a computer to a smartphone that supports newer versions.

The phone may “not see” them or read them as normal video, regardless of the sending format. Recording is available only if there is a camera on the monitor.

You can save video to a PC through the Telegram application as follows:

  • open chat;
  • right-click on the video and select “Save video as ..”, sending it to the folder;
  • “Save” in the proposed format.

Messages are archived if you switch to other “talkers” or third-party resources. You can stop the video or disconnect through the basket icon.

How to record a video

For users who have mastered the messenger, communication becomes more emotional and rich.

Currently 2 recording formats are available:

  • regular video;
  • “In a circle”.

If you haven’t yet mastered video messaging, it’s time to fully explore these possibilities.


Developed by the masses, the messenger is comprehensively thought out for wide access. There are no functions that are difficult to understand, you will have to study the algorithm of actions.

For example, simple videos are sent in this order:

  • enter the correspondence window with the addressee;
  • activate a “clip” at the text line;
  • select the appropriate item (video) from the menu;
  • start recording, trying to invest in a small interval of time;
  • click on the checkmark, if everything suits, send.

You can also view your list of photos and videos (your own gallery), saved earlier. From it select the record and send. The interlocutor will immediately receive the sent video message. After uploading the file, he will view it.

To format a video and make a round format, you need a TelescopyBot. Automatic conversion can be sent immediately to the recipient.


Telegram round video message.

A relatively new feature is to upload videos to a circle. To do this, turn to RoundeBot, an assistant bot. He is entrusted with the conversion of mp4 files to round video.

The function is rapidly gaining popularity.

To start, you must:

  • find the appropriate bot in your phone;
  • choose a language of communication;
  • record the appeal to the addressee in the video;
  • connect the record to the bot, which will send the roundabout;
  • view the result;
  • send a video message.

You can use the Telegram Beta Blog channel to record round videos. After installing it, the function of creating short videos will be available.

What to do if the video does not work

If Telegram was installed on the smartphone, it is recommended to update it more often. With every download, new features are discovered.

In most cases, the problem is only in older versions of the messenger, smartphone or personal device. Recommended reboot.

Due to the different encoding of the sent files, it is also possible difficulties with downloading the video, sending and viewing. After reinstallation, it will be convenient to record video in Telegram, communicate through visual messaging.

Most users note the convenience of video messages in saving time on typing and in the feeling of live communication, as if the person is right in front of you. We can safely say that video messages will soon supersede text and audio format.