Calls via Telegram – how to make and what are the benefits

There is currently a great alternative to cellular. This is an opportunity to make phone calls via Telegram. The function is free, payment is made only for Internet traffic, thus making calls using Telegrams is much more profitable than talking using a regular connection.

The ability to make calls using the applications on the phone is not a new development, it is used by other messengers, but calls to Telegram differ for the better in all respects. The article presents certain facts confirming this.

The principle of the call in Telegram

Telegram Calls.

Initially, Telegram was created as a messenger that used the MTProto encryption protocol for correspondence.

Over time, a number of other data transfer agreements were introduced into the application’s functionality, which allowed users to maintain the confidentiality of their communication.

In Telegram, before the introduction of the talk function, the following features were available:

  • creating a secret chat in which only those who have access can communicate;
  • creating groups and channels with the ability to store an unlimited amount of data;
  • make voice messages and send captured video files;
  • use stickers.

Calls are based on the same technology as secret chats: encryption of negotiations is carried out directly on the speaker’s device, and decryption is performed on the interlocutor’s phone. Voice signal transmission is carried out in digital form via IP protocol, while data compression and encryption takes place, which significantly reduces the load on the transmission channel.

Decoding and converting to the voice of the original is already done on another phone.

A special check has been developed to recognize the absence of wiretapping. Its essence is the exchange of key codes encrypted in the form of emoticons. If they match on both devices, then call security is ensured.

Benefits of Telegram Calls

In addition to the security of negotiations from wiretapping, which is the calling card of the application, there are a number of other features that make calls better than competitors:

  • The developers used in the organization of calls all the innovative technologies of recent years. So, with a stable connection to the network, intermediate servers are not used, and the call is made directly from one device to another. If there is no connection, the own Telegram server will be used as an intermediary. Thus, the speed and stability of data transmission is guaranteed to make the conversation stable.
  • Using the latest developed audio codecs.
  • Using an analyzing neural network. This development is specifically aimed at studying the parameters of phone calls, in order to study these data to optimize subsequent negotiations. It is worth noting that the parameters mean technical characteristics, and the system does not collect private data of the conversation itself.
  • The ability to create a separate tab for calls in the main window of the program, which will reduce the number of extra buttons associated with calls, and will not scatter attention. The simplicity of the interface makes using the program more convenient.

    Benefits of Telegram Calls.

  • Ability to throw off instant messages and interrupt the call. A necessary function when there is no time to explain why you cannot speak.
  • Ability to create conferences. A useful feature for business when you need to connect several people to a conversation.
  • Call control is carried out by the owner of the phone, as he can turn off the “calls” function in the privacy settings and choose who can call or not.

Telegram calls can be made by phones on the iOs and Android platforms. It is worth noting that the ability to make video calls is being developed and will soon be launched in testing. With the introduction of this feature, Telegram will become the only application that can ensure the confidentiality of any type of electronic communication.

Enabling Telegram Calls

In order to call someone on Telegram, you need to download the latest update file from the Android or Iphone application market onto your mobile phone. It is possible that the ringer function will not be activated immediately. This should not be a cause for frustration. In this case, it is necessary that the person who has already activated this feature calls the telephone.

Note! The handset icon and the ability to make calls will appear immediately after that.

Can I call from a computer via Telegram? Yes, for this you also need to have the latest version of the program installed and a microphone with headphones.

How to make calls

The call can be made both from a mobile phone and from a computer. There are several different features that are discussed below.

Making calls from a computer

After registration, which is considered one of the simplest and does not contain multi-level steps, you must open the application.

Then enough to use this algorithm of actions:

  • click the Calls button on the left side of the interface;
  • determine the necessary number and click on the icon with the telephone receiver in the right corner of the interface;
  • wait for the answer of the interlocutor.

When the conversation starts, a line will additionally appear at the top of the screen. It allows you to mute or unmute the microphone from a microphone or end a call with one click.

Important! The ability to make calls through the application is available on a computer with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Making calls from a mobile phone

To understand how to call Telegram, you need to follow these steps:

  • install the latest version of the program on the phone (be sure to update the previous one);
  • follow the special link @news_telegram, join the community and send a request to make a call;
  • in a couple of seconds, an anonymous call will be received on the phone, to which you will need to answer and immediately end the call;
  • In order for people from the contact list to call you, you must make a call yourself to those with whom you plan to continue communication in Telegram.

Important! In order for the interlocutor to be able to receive the call, he must also have the latest version of the program installed.

The call function to a standard mobile number is not yet available for users of the application, but active development is already underway in this direction.

Call barring

As already mentioned above, the program provides the ability to block unwanted incoming calls.

In order to figure out how to disable calls in Telegram, you need to perform a simple sequence of actions:

  • using the menu button in the main program window, go to settings;
  • find and select the “Privacy” section;
  • select the “Calls” section in it and select the “Nobody” tab.

Thus, no one can get through using this messenger.

What does a canceled call in Telegram mean? Do not worry if a message of this kind appears. This is just a notification that the interlocutor who dialed the number changed his mind about calling and disconnected.

Summary and Conclusions

Telegram has been associated with security and privacy since its inception. The introduction of modern technologies and the addition of new features will allow this application to take a leading position in the world, covering all types of communication using technical means.

We can already say with confidence that making calls to Telegram:

  • gives a guarantee of confidentiality due to the security of encryption keys;
  • consumes less Internet traffic than peers;
  • provides high-quality voice transmission of the interlocutor;
  • calls are easy to set up and easy to use.

The growing popularity of the service will contribute to new developments and the introduction of improvements, which, of course, will affect the improvement of the quality of communication between subscribers.