What is a cache and how to clear it in Telegram

When a program or application runs on a computer or other digital device, cached data accumulates over time, which, if not periodically deleted, impedes the operation of a smartphone or tablet. We’ll tell you how to clear the cache in Telegram.

Telegram Features

Telegram is on the wave of popularity. For many, this is not only a messenger, but also a kind of media due to such features of the application as channels. In addition, Telegram allows you to create secret chats when messages are not stored on the software servers, but are destroyed within a short time (which you set yourself).

Telegram cache.

Using Telegram, you can also transfer files of any type and volume from device to device. This is available to both users in private chats and channel subscribers.

Typically, thematic channels attract readers with photos and videos matched to the topic.

Telegram, unlike Vatsapp, does not compress images, preserving the original quality. And messenger users over time notice that there are a lot of cached data.

What is a cache and where to find it

A cache is files that remain in the memory of a computer or mobile device from which you access the Internet.

If you use a browser, the cache remains:

  • icons of buttons from sites;
  • uploaded images;
  • lost video files, etc.

This data is stored in system folders: on a computer on drive C, in a smartphone – in system files. If you use Telegram, text, audio, and video files, images, and photos downloaded from chats and channels remain in the cache. To find out where the Telegram cache is easy, just open the application itself.

Why clean it

When you launch Telegram and want to view the sent video, it will not need to be downloaded, because it has already been loaded into the cache and is launched from the memory of the mobile device.

On the one hand, this is convenient, since the files are at hand right in the application, on the other hand, when the cache becomes large, it interferes with the speed of the smartphone or computer, slowing down data processing. In addition, malicious files remain in the cache that impede the functioning of the digital device. Therefore, folders with cached data need to be cleaned from time to time.

How much does Telegram weigh

Telegram refers to applications that occupy, if not the largest, but still considerable disk space – almost 100 MB (96.8). Therefore, together with cached data that accumulates as you use the messenger, it takes up a significant amount of memory from the smartphone.

Why does Telegram weigh so much? Because it has data encryption systems installed, as well as the ability to quickly download information.

Attention! In order to reduce the space occupied by unnecessary files, as well as to reduce the size of the cache in advance, you can make settings in advance. Set, for example, the condition not to save edited photos. Or cancel the background download. But you still need to clean the cache periodically.

How to clear the cache

Clearing the cache means deleting unnecessary files. Before cleaning, make sure that the necessary data has already been saved, otherwise they will have to be downloaded again.

On the phone

Clear cache.

Telegram is conceived as the most convenient messenger for users, especially in the mobile version.

Therefore, any manipulation with this application is simple, even if the interface is English. The first thing to do to clear the cache is to run the program.

On Android

Open the application, go to Settings. Click on “Data and memory”, and then click on “Memory Usage” / “Clear Cache”. Done! Unnecessary files deleted.

On iphone

Telegram takes up a lot of memory on the iPhone, so the removal of stale data is necessary.

To clear Telegram memory on an iPhone:

  • Go to the application settings, in the “Data and storage” section.
  • It is necessary to select the item “Storage Usage”, which will show the size of the cache in Telegram.
    The top line will indicate the total cache size, and then the saved files from your chats and groups will be listed line by line.
  • To clear the saved data on iOS, click the “Clear Cache” button. The program will remove unnecessary in a couple of seconds.

On the computer

To clear the Telegram cache on your computer, launch the application and go to the Settings section. There is an item “Advanced”. It will need a button “Manage data warehouse”. Click on her. The program will offer you the choice of removing stickers, animations, images, other media files. Delete one or the entire cache using the “Delete All” button.

Setting Auto Clean

By the way, in the mobile and desktop versions of the program, a data storage limit is set, both common for all files, and separately for media files. And also sets the time of their storage on the device, for example, one month. After this time, the data in the cache will self-destruct, and the storage will be automatically cleared.

Attention! Automatic cleaning is set in additional settings by moving the slider to the right or left and at the same time setting the size of the file limit and its storage period.

The consequences of purification or its absence

Once you have cleared the Telegram cache on the device, when the Internet is turned off, previously downloaded files will not be available if they were not previously stored in the device’s memory. Files will have to be downloaded again. But if there was a lot of cached data, after cleaning, the device’s performance will increase. This is especially noticeable on tablets and smartphones.


So, we found out that the cache, or cached data, makes it easier to work with the Telegram messenger. But at the same time they load the memory of a digital device, whether it be a smartphone or a computer. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to clean the cache folder. Or you can pre-set the necessary settings, and the cleaning will take place automatically.