Invisibility mode in Telegram – how to hide visiting time

The popularity of Telegram is growing every day thanks to a number of useful functions that other messengers and social networks cannot boast of. For example, the ability to take time on Telegram of your last visit.

Next, we’ll talk about how to hide the time of visit in Telegram, as well as why this is necessary.

Why and when you need to hide your activity

Some users do not always immediately understand why such an opportunity may come in handy. However, all questions usually disappear after Telegram begins to be used as a corporate means of communication. Immediately there is a desire that the boss or objectionable user does not know when you logged in and could not make a complaint.

It’s hard to believe that at least once in a lifetime a person using instant messengers or social networks did not think about how to close the label of the last visit from others.

Also, one of the rules of unspoken Internet etiquette says that all messages need to be answered instantly if you are “online”. Therefore, many prefer to turn off the visibility of their activity in order to circumvent the rule.

Invisibility mode in Telegram.

Invisibility Mode

After users understand how much they need the anonymity of the status of “Online”, they begin to look for ways to implement this idea.

And here it is important to say right away that Telegram does not have an “invisible” mode. If people set the privacy settings to complete invisibility and forget about it, there will be difficulties with new interlocutors who have not yet fallen out of favor.

For example, it is better for the employer or partner to see when and who came in to know whether to count on an answer in the near future. Therefore, the developers had to figure out how to make sure that both were satisfied.

Temporary values

The fact that there is no mark with the exact calculation of hours and minutes does not mean that notifications will not come at all.

It will simply be more abstract:

  • Was recently – it means the interval from a minute to 3 days.
  • Was this week / this month / long – it’s easy to figure it out.

This feature can be called a good compromise between those who need to know who and when came in, and those who do not want to show their online status.

Account Self Destruction

Against the background of news about how many different social networks collect and store data about their users, self-deletion of the account looks very advantageous. Telegram, as the developers promised, is anonymous and free space, its creators do not need to know what users do on this site.

Therefore, if for half a year the subscriber never logs into his account, he automatically and permanently deleted. No chat data, videos, photos and other files will be saved.

If you don’t like the term, you can change it. You need to go to the settings, and then to “Privacy”. Settings will have only two items – “Delete Drafts” and “Auto Delete”. The latter can be set for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Where to see the time of visit

The user’s last visit is now marked in two places:

  • In correspondence under the name of the interlocutor.
  • On his “page”, if you click on the avatar.

You can see your status in the settings, under the name. But it will always be “Online”, since you opened the application, that is, for yourself you will never be invisible, this function only works for others.

Step-by-step instruction to disable visits

But the most interesting thing in this compromise is not even special phrases to indicate approximate time, but the fact that they can be shown to a certain circle of people.

This is easy to do for one person, as well as for several at once. For both cases, a step-by-step instruction is offered.

For one contact

So the person to hide from is selected.

Invisible status for one contact in Telegram.

If it is in the phone’s contact list, in order to hide the visit time in Telegram, proceed as follows:

  • Go to “Settings” – “Privacy”. In the English version, this is Privacy and Security, but you can focus on the lock icon.
  • Select the item “Last activity”.
  • By default, this is set to “All.” But we need My Contacts.
  • At the bottom there will be two buttons – “Always share with ..” and “Always hide”.
  • We translate the button to “Always hide”, select the right person.
  • Save the results.

If the person is not in the phone book, the way to clear the time in Telegram for someone else will be more difficult:

  • Go back to Recent Activity via Confidentiality.
  • Choose None.
  • Click “Always share with ..”.
  • Check off all but the person who should not see the status.
  • Save Results.

Important to remember! If a person does not see your status online, you will not see him either, even if he did not edit it.

For all subscribers

Group editing is also possible and follows similar rules. So, if you need to disable the time of the last visit in Telegram only for people not from the phone book, then in “Last activity” (“Settings” – “Confidentiality”) you need to select “My contacts”. So, one group of people will become more privileged.

In order not to show your status to anyone, you need to select “Nobody.” Then none of the people with whom there will be correspondence will recognize the online status. Where None, you can add exceptions to highlight someone important.

How to set the correct time in Telegram

It is worth paying attention to the fact that sometimes the messenger leads the wrong countdown of hours, because of which even approximate marks turn out to be incorrect.

This is due to the fact that on the device, whether it is a PC, tablet or smartphone, something is wrong with the calculation of the date and time – applications rely on them. This must be edited in the settings of the devices themselves.


To learn how to make invisible the visit time in Telegram will be useful not only for those who actively use this function, but also for those who do not need it. After all, it is necessary to evaluate the convenience of the messenger not only in appearance and basic functions, but also in those features that are hidden under the “Settings” button.

One way or another, the function of disabling the online status of Telegram is recognized as useful by most users, which means this is another plus of the messenger.