Telegram phone number visibility

Telegram has a reputation for being a secure application where personal information is protected. But newcomers from time to time are concerned about the question – will other users see the phone on which the account is registered. All the necessary security settings are easily configured inside the application.

How to hide your phone number

In Telegram, only nicks are available to everyone. One of the most frequent questions of beginners is “Is my phone number visible on Telegram?” If an unfamiliar interlocutor writes, your personal data will not be available to him.

In June 2019, another update was released. The visibility of personal data can now be set so that even a saved subscriber on the device does not get access to them.

Through privacy settings

Visibility Settings.

The number visible to others quickly and forever hides in the following way:

  • Open “Settings”, and then “Privacy”.
  • Go to the tab “Last activity” (here you can hide the time of visiting the messenger).
  • By default, “All” is selected in this menu item. This option is useful for commercial companies and entrepreneurs. For them, the answer to the question “Is the telephone number of the company or representative on Telegram visible?” must be positive so that any visitor to the page can call the call center.
  • When you activate “Nobody” data is hidden from everyone. It is possible to set exceptions for certain people: when you click on the Add button in the Always Share section, a list of personal contacts will open.

Register a new account

One option to hide your data is to connect a second SIM card specifically for this purpose. You can create a new account on it and not worry that personal information will be visible to unauthorized persons.

An important condition is that registration must be carried out from a device on which not a single contact is saved. Why do you need to remember this? As soon as you open the application from your smartphone, all the contents of the directory will be automatically saved inside the messenger. That’s why authorization needs to be done only from an empty gadget.

In addition to registering by SMS, the Skype application is also used. Through a special paid service Skype number, you can not only make calls, but also link the page in Telegram to Skype profile.

Black list

The second solution to the problem of the visibility of personal data is inconvenient in that it will be impossible to communicate with people from the phone book. They are blacklisted. After that, you can change the personal information inside your account. Access to earlier correspondence and all media files after settings are saved.

How to share your number

Since in Telegram the phone book is immediately synchronized with the account, it is not necessary to send contact details to friends and acquaintances.

Personal correspondence is created with strangers for these purposes.

It is done like this:

  • Click on the avatar, after which information about the person will open.
  • In this tab, select the option “Start secret chat” for dialogue with the selected user.
  • Then click “Send your phone.” This option is located at the top right (opens after pressing a key with three dots).

Phone Number Visibility Settings

The availability of personal data for acquaintances from a notebook is configured on the “Privacy” tab (“Settings” menu). The “Phone Number” option is selected here. Often, My Contacts is the default. This means that information about the user will be able to see every person stored in the notebook.

In this tab, individual users and entire groups are added to exceptions. To do this, select either “Always allow” or “Always prohibit”. Pressing the Add button opens a list of contacts for making exceptions.

Who can see my channels

If you open any thematic community in another social network, you can see a list of all its participants. Therefore, newcomers often care about the question: “Do my channels see contacts on Telegram?” Neither strangers nor a saved user will see a list of your subscriptions.

Members are only visible to general chats. To see this list, just open the channel, click on the image with three dots (top right) and then on “Group Information”.

The creators of Telegram have provided several tools for the reliable protection of personal data. All settings are carried out on the “Privacy” tab. You can hide your contacts even from friends listed in the directory.