How to write in italics in Telegram

Messenger subscribers are often interested in the question of how to write in italics in Telegram. The way the text is designed determines the perception of the information it contains. Since it is difficult to convey emotions in a letter, a variety of chips help: emoticons, gif messages, as well as all kinds of formatting. One of them – italics in telegram – will be discussed further.


Fonts in Telegram

The creators of “Carts” did not equip their creation with a sufficient number of designs for letters, but standard text operations are available. There are several options for designing a written message both in the desktop version, and in mobile or iOs.


In Telegram, the user is provided with several style options:

  • Fatty.
  • Kursiv.
  • Underlined.
  • Crossed out.
  • Monospaced.


Formatting styles help express thoughts more clearly or get attention. Important information is highlighted in bold, something less significant is in italics, and what you need to remember, emphasize.

When creating official letters, headers can be marked in bold. How to use formatting, everyone decides for himself.

Do italics with

Writing italics in Telegram is quite simple, you just need to follow the instructions below. The easiest design method is with signs, but there are two more options that you should not forget about.


The easiest way to make italics in Telegram on your phone is with signs. It is enough to isolate the word, sentence or the whole message with two lower underscores on the right and left. After that, all the selected letter will be covered by kursiv.


Writing a message in italics using the optional panel is no less simple:

  • Type text.
  • Highlight words to be italicized.
  • Click on the three dots (upper right corner when it comes to mobile devices).
  • A window will appear where a choice will be given. You need to click on the button “Italic”.


For italic formatting usually use bot “@bold”. Go to private messages and start typing with the word “@bold”, put a space, write the main message. After – the menu pops up. Click or click on the desired line. What each of them means is written a little below.

How to change the font

Fonts are used in conversations, posts of groups and channels, online stores. In each of these communities, certain styles play a role.

In chat

It is impossible to immediately write in italics in a dialog. First, text is typed, all or parts of it are highlighted, and then converted to the desired format.

Another way is to create a bot.

To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Open the desired dialog.
  • Write a message and put “@bold” in front of it.
  • After the final set of words, a list with design options will appear above the input field.
  • Click on the FS icon if you want a system notification style, I (italic Telegram name) – italic and B – bold.

In posts

To change the appearance of posts, you can use the methods discussed above, however, there is another, more practical method – using an extraneous Internet resource.

For this:

  • Go to the browser and go to the online editor. You can use any service.
  • In the field for the letter, write a message, and then select an action.
  • Click on the button corresponding to the desired command.
  • Copy the received text and paste it into the description for the “Carts” post.

Formatting Methods

Telegram has several standard operations for formatting:

  • Zooming.
  • Italics.
  • Code highlighting.
  • Grammar checker.

Most of these procedures are performed by bots, so it would be nice to learn how to use them. Formatting with bots is the easiest way to change text, but not the only one.

There are a large number of sites for changing the appearance of the written. But even that is not all. You can play back the standard design using ordinary characters. If bold letters are needed, highlight the word with two asterisks. Like this: ** Hello **. If you need italics, do this: __Hello__. Instead of the word hello, insert your text.


Writing a message in italics is as easy as using bold or another font. All of them are in one tab, which can be found in a few simple steps. A Telegram bold italic line has been created for italics, if the subscriber uses the @bold bot. The option is simpler – select the text and type the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I.