Work with a bot in Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular cross-platform messengers. Users appreciate it for its high speed of sending messages, an intuitive interface, and strict data security standards. Another advantage of the Web service is the presence of assistant bots that can perform different routine tasks instead of users.

The purpose and capabilities of the bots in Telegram

Bots are special programs designed to automate certain functions. Typically, such systems are used by business entities to promote goods or services. In this case, chat bots answer questions of potential customers about the range and prices of products offered, the terms of cooperation with the company.

Telegram bots.

Programs can also:

  • search for the necessary information on the network;
  • download video, audio files;
  • order and pay for goods at various trading floors (including on AliExpress);
  • Subscribe to affinity channels
  • participate in group chats;
  • edit texts (arrange paragraphs, underline or cross out individual words);
  • create polls, polls;
  • regularly provide weather information, exchange rates;
  • send extracts from the register;
  • make international calls;
  • make predictions for sports betting.

Robots are even capable of selling and buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Users add bots to different groups, share them with friends.

Assistant working principle

Each autobot operates in accordance with a certain algorithm, which contains a list of specific objects and commands. The functionality of the program depends on this algorithm.

The robot constantly monitors the chat and instantly responds to user activity. Immediately after the conversation participant sends a message or clicks on the button, the system analyzes the code of his request, determining the current need. The results of the program are processed using API commands, after which the response is displayed on the screen.

Note! Autobot does not operate on the basis of artificial intelligence, but by generating a suitable answer from a ready-made base.

How to work with a bot

Communicate with the bot will Telegram standard chats. You can subscribe to the bot in Telegram without installing additional software.


There are 2 ways to search for Autobots:

  • According to the functional purpose.
  • By name.

For example, the user needs a program that will help him make money on the Internet. In this case, enter the word “earnings” in the search bar. Telegram immediately displays a list of suitable systems.

If the subscriber knows the full name of the robot, he must indicate it in the search query.

Important! All names of automated programs begin with the @ sign, and end with the word bot. For example: @PollBot, @cbr_bot, @ytranslatebot @ClassicalMusic (music bot).

Users can also select autobots from special directories. In collections there is a function of sequentially adding systems to the Telegram contact list.


After the messenger gives out the list of robots, click on the name of the desired program and start it by clicking on the corresponding button.

Now the application is free to use.

This method allows you to simultaneously connect a large number of systems. They will have a standard interface, as well as a specific set of commands.

Their functions can be varied: from finding interesting books on Flibust to automatic sales and publishing pending entries. For example, the program “Antiparkon” by vehicle number sets its driver.


Using bots in telegram is quite simple. Each system operates in accordance with the rules laid down by the developer. Typically, the settings are provided by the program upon its first use or act as an independent part of the menu. Sometimes the autobot immediately after connecting offers to select a language or set its location.

On a note! A list of all available settings is displayed on the screen with the command / settings.


The relationship with the personal assistant begins with the command / start.

This “greeting” will help to call the bot in the Telegram application, after which it performs the following actions:

  • provides information about yourself;
  • sends instructions for work;
  • displays on the screen or indicates a list of available commands.

Important! The required character for all queries is a slash (/). The total length of the team must not exceed 32 characters.


Telegram robots do not clutter up message history, as they never send text information or files without a command. The initiator of the dialogue with the program is always the subscriber.

However, if you no longer need to use the system, you can remove it from your contacts.

The algorithm of actions will be the same for the PC and other devices (tablet, Iphone, mobile phone):

  • Go to the main page where active chats with users and autobots are shown.
  • Scrolling through the list, find the program to be deleted.
  • Click on the name of the system and open a window with a choice of actions.
  • Click on “Delete”.

You can block the robot in his profile. To do this, go to the program’s account, in the upper right corner of the screen activate the action menu and click on the item responsible for blocking.

By the way! After removing the autobot, you can reconnect to it.

Universal teams

Universal commands for bots.

Almost all robotic programs recognize the following user requests:

  • / start – start a dialog.
  • / help – display a brief description of the system, a list of executable commands, available functions.
  • / settings – providing settings that can be changed if necessary.

If the bot is silent

Sometimes a user tries to connect to a bot in Telegram, but the program does not respond to his requests. All systems run on cloud servers, so their inactivity is often associated with failures on a third-party resource. In this situation, you need to wait until the server resumes full operation.

The bot also refuses to speak with the user if it does not recognize its commands. The list of queries for each specific program is given in the Google search engine.

Another reason for silent robot is a developer error when writing code.

To use the bot in Telegram can not only channel authors or business owners, but also ordinary people who use the messenger to exchange data. Qualitatively developed programs become for users a powerful organizational resource that mechanizes the execution of similar actions.