Telegram messenger for Nokia

The Telegram messenger and Nokia smartphones have something in common, and this does not mean the version of the application designed specifically for installation on individual phone models. It’s about the essence of both: they are incredibly popular, although not perfect and inferior in technical specifications to direct competitors.

This is especially true for Nokia, which has passed a lot during its work on the Symbian OS and Windows Phone. The only exceptions are Lumia models such as 610 and 235, which can not be compared with the Nokia 980, which runs on Android. With them there are no such problems as with models on Symbian, where the ability to connect Telegram for Nokia is generally absent.

What Nokia models support Telegram

Telegram messenger for Nokia.

Although Nokia phones have not lost their popularity, this is more of a nostalgia than a recognition of their exceptional functionality.

In terms of technical characteristics, they missed direct competitors far ahead, and even the flagship models do not reach the level of not so well-deserved brands, for example, Huawei or Meizu.

It affected the years of decline experienced by the once leading Finnish producer, which threw him back in development. In the case of the Telegram application, it turns out that many models do not support it, although there are no problems with the same WhatsApp and other messengers. Why is that?

It’s all about the outdated Symbian operating system, which runs on most Nokia phones released before 2012. The problem is not that this OS does not support the application, but that Telegram itself does not have a version designed for Nokia models running on Symbian.

However, in this part, not everything is so categorical and on individual models related to certain series of phones, it is possible to install and fully use the messenger:

  • First of all, this is the Asha series with the following models – 300, 301, 302, 303, 305, 306, 308, 309, 311, 501, 502, 503, etc.
  • Another series of Nokia phones supporting the application is the S40, however, among its models there are much fewer names – 200, 206, 515, 2700, 6300, 6303.
  • But on models Nokia Symbian 5230, N8, 500, 700, E72, E52, C5, 5800, 603, 701, 00, 01, 02, C2, C3, C7, 230, 225 you can not even try to install the messenger.

However, this does not apply to all other Nokia smartphones released after 2012, the same Lumia running on OS Windows. But they have a separate version of Telegram. And the “banana” model 8110 4g of 2018 of release does not fit at all into the big picture.

Important! The Telegram jar, installed on the above models of the Asha and S40 series, is an unofficial version of the application based on Java, and its use may be unsafe for the device itself.

Ways to download Telegram to Nokia phones

You can download and install the Telegram application for Nokia in three different ways, which are fundamentally different

The Windows version is perhaps the only one, devoid of complexity and nuances:

  • You must open the Microsoft Store by clicking on the corresponding icon;
  • then enter in the search line the query “download Telegram to nokia phone”;
  • Among the boot files that open, select the Telegram Messenger LLC application;
  • after clicking on the “Get” button, it will begin downloading to the phone.

The Android version, like the previous one, will not cause much trouble to those who will download it:

  • in order to download the ARC file, you need to go to the developer’s site;
  • when the download is completed, you need to find the downloaded file and open it;
  • Next, you need to install the application on your mobile phone, tips will help;
  • if not loaded, in the settings enable “installation from unknown sources”.

Web version of Telegram.

The web version of the application is the only opportunity, for example, to install Telegram in Nokia 515 models:

  • First of all, you need to open a browser on your phone;
  • in the search line enter a request to the official website;
  • on the site page you will need to indicate the current phone number and click “Next”;
  • after the code arrives, you can log in to Telegram.

By the way! According to unverified information, the very first version of the application can be installed on Nokia Symbian, but given that it was created for a western audience, it is completely English.

Start using the messenger

If the methods of downloading the application for different operating systems are fundamentally different from each other, then its use can be called standard. There is no difference in this regard – as between the version for Windows, so any other.

The web version stands somewhat apart, and that is only because it is used online. Otherwise, no surprises are expected.

Installation and Registration

The messenger is distributed free of charge, so the “attractive” offers to install it on any Nokia model should be immediately discarded – these are fraudsters.

After the installation of the program on the phone is completed using one of the methods described above, proceed to register an account on Telegram:

  • you will immediately need to start the application downloaded and installed on the smartphone by clicking on the corresponding “Start Messaging” button;
  • on the tab that opens, select your country from the drop-down list, which will determine its phone code;
  • then the program will send an SMS with the verification code to the indicated SMS number, to confirm the validity of the data, enter it into the form and click “Next”.

This registration is considered complete, start using the capabilities of the messenger, for which the system creates all the conditions, even transferring numbers from the phone book to the new user account.

Is there a Telegram for Nokia Symbian?

Telegram for Nokia Symbian.

The developers of the messenger did not provide this because of the futility of the operating system, which is currently outdated and almost never used, except in the same “ancient” Nokia models.

It is noteworthy that porting the application to Symbian was never done at all and was not a priority. The only way to use it on old Nokia phones is to connect the web version.

Web version of Webogram

According to the main characteristics, the web version is not too different from others, except in terms of online use, otherwise everything is “old fashioned”. But it should be noted that it itself has a lot of limitations – for example, it runs only on the Blackberry browser. And he is not one of the most popular in the post-Soviet territory, more familiar to a Western audience.

Added to this is the impossibility of communicating in secret chats, making secure calls, setting up automatic blocking and changing numbers.

On a note! The creators of the web version noticeably cut the maximum file size for sharing with other users, the theme and stickerpack management functions, as well as some account profile settings.

Features of installing Telegram on the Nokia 8110 4G

The peculiarity lies in the impossibility of launching the Telegram working application on the Nokia 8110 4g. The only messenger supported on the frankly disappointing “banana” is the Facebook product. In the near future, the launch of the WhatsApp application is expected on it. About Telegram until it comes.

In any case, the messenger remains one of the most popular among its kind. It is completely free, fast, safe and multi-functional, which focuses on and where it begins to review. This can only speak about one thing – yes, it is imperfect, but it has much more advantages than disadvantages.