Telegram Plus – an unofficial version of the messenger

The convenience of Telegram Plus lies in the quality filtering of content and personalization of the client’s style. With it, users can view the content that they consider important. If you have a large number of subscriptions or your own channels, this greatly simplifies the work through the phone.

The improved version is also used on desktop OS – Windows, Linux, etc.

High-quality widescreen image, coupled with customization of channels allow you to quickly sort and find information. While the official developer does not focus on this.

All channels, groups, chats and personal correspondence are displayed in the general list depending on the user’s activity. Messenger plus solves the problem and prevents important messages from getting lost.

What is Telegram Plus

Telegram Plus.

Telegram Plus messenger is a modification of the official application, made in the style of Telegram. Supports the same functions (communication), but using a special display of contacts.

The user changes not only the topic of the client, but also conducts a complete customization of traffic.

Settings allow you to change the font, size and color of any dialogue – chat, contact, group or channel. And the user quickly finds information of interest.

If there are a lot of subscriptions and chats, the program filters dialogs by groups. In this application, there is no need to scroll down the list. One swipe per tab – and the application displays a list of the necessary dialogs. At the same time, a person sees the number of new messages in each of them (green frame).

The program is free. On Android and iOS devices, downloading is done through the integrated application market. If there are no active Google or Apple entries, the file is downloaded on sites with software.

Some developers offer separate solutions for Samsung, Nokia, Windows Phone models. Before downloading the program, users check the digital signature of the developer, the presence of viruses and reviews.

The popularity of the application is ensured not only by compiled chats, but also by anonymity on the network, as well as fast uninterrupted data transfer. Users can hide the number, make screenshots of chats without notifying the interlocutor. About encryption technology in Telegram Plus, the developer does not apply.

Important! You can download Telegram Plus on Google Play and the App Store by typing “messenger plus” in the search. The updated version is installed on devices with Android 4.1 and higher. If you need to install the application on older models of smartphones, you need to download the file in the APK format (from third-party resources).


The messenger plus offers a number of options that are not in Telegram. They are associated with personalizing the interface and filtering content. The application is periodically updated, and the last upgrade finalized the following functions.

Chat grouping

The option starts automatically after launching the new version Telegram. Channels and chats are displayed in special tabs at the top of the screen. Their order and appearance are customized according to preferences. Some of them are deleted or transferred to the bottom menu bar.

There are five tabs in total:

  • Dialogs (Telegram standard).
  • Personal groups and supergroups.
  • Channels.
  • Bots.
  • Favorite.

If a new post or message appears, the system warns the user which of the tabs has changed (the number in the green circle).


This option is available for all interface parameters. The new messenger is completely modified to suit the tastes of the user.

Functionality includes:

  • The use of many themes that can be downloaded in Themes for Plus Messenger (except iOS and desktop OS).
  • Change the color of themes, buttons, icons, and headers.
  • Setting the color of the profile, menu, additional console, chat screens and contacts.

Among other things, resizing tabs and icons, fonts dialogs and headers. System Emoji Enabled.

User settings

The new plus messenger hides the number from other users when the option is enabled in the settings. The online status is turned off if necessary. Files of any format are transferred and downloaded with one click. Pop-up notifications are reduced in size.

Important! The version for iPhone or Android can be left unchanged. In this case, the client will be an exact copy of Telegram.

Differences from the official messenger

The messenger is distinguished by a well-thought-out architecture of dialogs. The second feature is a customizable design. Third – personal data insecurity.

Users who work with groups or subscriptions (without sending text messages) do not pay attention to this significant minus. Data security is not guaranteed by the developer.

For communication, use the official messenger from the site If the memory on the phone is quickly clogged, they switch to the web version of the original. On it, files from public are not copied to a smartphone or laptop.

Important! The messenger supports video calls. All files sent contain the original name and signature of the sender (name). The system contains plug-in emoticons and stickers. Create online chats limited to 5000 participants.

Download and Install

There are differences between installing the application on Android and a computer. Since the program was developed for mobile devices, launch on desktop OS is carried out using a special emulator. Let’s see how Telegram Plus can be downloaded to various devices.

For Android smartphone

To install on an Android smartphone in the Play Market find a messenger. Click “download”. After the installation is completed, log in to the system or register a new account (by number).
The second installation option is using the messenger plus apk file. The installation profile must be downloaded at specialized sites. In the phone settings, you must enable the installation of applications from external sources. After checking for viruses, the APK is installed similarly to programs from the Play Market.

For computer

To enter online, any free emulator of the Android OS (exe file) is downloaded on the computer. The main requirement is its compliance with the parameters of Telegram Plus (android 4.1). Before downloading, specify the version of the OS of the computer or laptop on which the emulator is installed.

Otherwise, the program launch will be interrupted. Among the options, BlueStacks and NOX are considered the most preferred.

After setting the main parameters online, they go to the Play Market through the emulator itself. Next, install the messenger on the comp. For all settings to work correctly, the emulator must be restarted. Some utilities require user registration, others only require Google account activation.

Important! The Telegram Plus messenger should be downloaded in the APK file if the user does not want to register a Google account. The application is launched by simply dragging and dropping the file from the desktop to the working environment of the emulator.

Account registration

The first authorization is performed by the button “Start communication”. Nearby is a link to the transition to the English version. The application requests access to the main functionality for communication: SMS, contacts, memory, microphone, camera. In some smartphone models, the application is installed by default.

The user enters the phone number to which the code comes (SMS). If the number exists in the system, registration is not performed. User enters another mobile.

Application setup

The first entrance to the program begins with filling out the basic profile information – name and login (without password). Next, go to the settings, plus settings and the customization section.

Management is carried out by turning on the slider and on the side console. It takes no more than 5 minutes to fully configure the profile. Customizing channels, contacts and chats takes half an hour, depending on the number of subscriptions and friends.

Which is better: Telegram or Telegram Plus

For personal communication, use the original. To maintain channels and group chats, an augmented version is often installed. In the case of data security priority, it is considered that the messenger plus is not suitable for personal communication.

Recently, a sufficient number of Telegram twins have appeared that are used for certain purposes. The plus version is most suitable for people who are active on the network, blogging, advertising or mass mailing. This option is used by those who want to keep abreast of everything. Messenger allows you to filter content by category and receive important information on time.