Telegram for Android: download, install and activate

The most popular feature of smartphones, in addition to the actual calls is the ability to use instant messengers.

Telegram Benefits for Android Device Owners

Install Telegram for Android.

Telegram – one of the most secure messengers.

Messages sent and received in chats are encrypted; plus to all, for those who want real security, it is possible to delete messages from the addressee as soon as he reads them.

Despite the fact that modern smartphones are equipped with large built-in memory, as well as expanding with additional memory, the capacity of mobile devices still matters when used. Therefore, Telegram will suit those who do not like to download especially large and bulky applications, the messenger is quite compact.

In addition, it does not require frequent updates, is intuitive, through it you can transfer files of different formats.

Client Download Methods

The application is used on many devices, so there are different download methods for installation.

From google play

Most often, instant messengers are used on smartphones, so the client file is downloaded from the Android app store Google Play. NIDte the program in the “Communication” section. Telegram can be downloaded to Android in the standard way: by clicking on the “Download” button.

Important! Telegram – the application is free, it has no ads, it does not require special permissions during installation.

APK file

If you want to exchange messages and read feeds on your laptop, the easiest way is to download the application as an APK file. The latest version of telegram apk is available on the official Telegram website in the Download section.

Application installation

After downloading the messenger, you must install it. To do this, you need to run Telegram, specify the language of use and your mobile number.


With standard installation, a confirmation code is sent to the specified number in the SMS. The numbers are entered in the appropriate installation window. After that, you can use the messenger.

The application does not take up much space either on a smartphone or on a computer, so it installs very quickly. In the future, the program will be automatically updated from time to time.

Without phone number

Despite the fact that Telegram is a secure messenger, not everyone wants to “highlight” their phone number when using it. Is it possible to install this program without specifying a number? After all, before it was required to specify only a username and password.

Important! Currently, you can’t register for this program without a phone number.

However, you can provide someone else’s number, including a virtual one. Indeed, on the Internet there are services for registering virtual numbers. The numbers may even be disposable, and in the future no one will be able to call him.

Register in Telegram after installation.

But you must keep in mind that such a one-time virtual phone number requires compliance with certain rules when working in Telegram.

So, an SMS with a verification code is allowed to be requested only once, which means that you can use the messenger only on one device and it is advisable not to log out, because to return to your account you will need a new phone number.

Account registration

After installation, the program prompts you to specify an alias in the messenger in Latin. With this alias, others will be able to find your account. You can add a brief description to your account, insert a link to a site or other Telegram account. In addition, it is possible to add your photo.

basic settings

Both on the smartphone and on the desktop, you can use either the application or the browser version of the messenger.

The basic settings of the program relate primarily to security and privacy. The account owner can block other users, set a password to enter, or even two-step verification.

In addition, in the privacy settings it is allowed to establish which of the contacts can see your phone number during communication; who of those who are also registered in the messenger can know about your presence in it.

Telegram allows you to synchronize your files for use on different devices. So, you started the dialogue on the computer, and then continued it on the phone – synchronization is enabled by default.

What’s new in the latest version of the messenger

A new version of Telegram was released in September 2019. It implements scheduled messages: you can set the time in advance when your letters will be sent to a particular user or to chat.

Among other things, groups are allowed to control the regularity of sending messages. You can set the period to five or ten minutes.

The new version also allows you to edit messages after sending, change the themes of the messenger, etc.

Lock bypass

Telegram Lock.

To avoid locking issues, you must do the following:

  • Periodically update proxy settings. There are many sites on the Internet that post the addresses of proxy servers that are not yet affected by locks. These addresses are registered in the Telegram settings, and it starts working again without interruptions. The difficulty is that after a while these proxies are blocked.
  • Therefore, the solution is to use the VPN service. With it, a secure connection for working with the Internet is provided, since the VPN forms one more network besides the usual one. This new network uses deep encryption. There are lots of VPN services for both private and corporate clients, some are free, others have to be paid. If a VPN is running on the device, Telegram runs smoothly.

Thus, installing the latest version of Telegram on an Android smartphone or tablet will not be difficult. You can download the program through the application store or as a file. In addition, it has a browser version.