Download messenger Telegram

Telegram is a popular messenger for instant messaging developed by the team of Pavel Durov. The first version appeared in 2013 for the iOS platform.

The application is also used by owners of tablets, smartphones on Android, PC users. It is popular in the corporate environment. Managers of different companies use the utility as the main communication tool to protect sensitive data.

Why it is worth downloading Telegram?

The program has great functionality, which is constantly updated, optimized:

  • calls within the country, abroad;
  • sending files (photos, videos, documents);
  • text communication with individual users or in conference mode;
  • creating channels, chat bots;
  • editing a written message or deleting it, including with the interlocutor;
  • an endless collection of stickers and emojis, as well as the ability to create custom versions of them;
  • library of music, books in special thematic chats, bots;
  • silent and delayed messages;
  • tools for creating a custom API;
  • secret chats.

Telegram messenger.

These are just some of the features of the application. But the main differences between Telegram and its competitors: the use of cloud technologies and special encryption protocols.

When chatting in regular chats, data is hidden according to the scheme on client devices and the server.

If you create a secret dialogue – the messages will be encrypted specifically on the gadgets of the interlocutors. In this option, a self-destruction timer is available, set for already sent information.

In addition to a high level of confidentiality, the program has other advantages that are appreciated by users.

Among the advantages:

  • Free use. All content, functions are available without ads, additional cash fees for registration. The creators promise that a change in concept is not planned in the near future.
  • Powerful functionality. Technical data of application servers allow you to send documents, files of any format, size.
  • Synchronization. All information is available immediately on any device.
  • Simplicity. The program interface is designed so that every person can figure out the functionality, as well as optimize settings for themselves.
  • Security. More robust code against spyware and viruses, unlike competitors.
  • Rapidity. All messages instantly reach the recipient. An unread message will “hang”, waiting for the user to become online.

Like any software, Telegram has its own little flaws, which are likely to be fixed with subsequent updates:

  • Despite the large base of channels and bots, there is no single resource where their complete catalog would be presented. Information has to be searched on different sites, and also ask friends for recommendations.
  • There is no way to communicate via video – popular among friends and relatives living at a distance. As a compensation, the service offers sending video messages. The timing of such a message is 1 minute.

Application versions

Telegram runs on a large number of operating systems. The developers made it available not only for mobile phones, but also for PC users. The application is suitable even for owners of the Windows Phone OS (used on such popular models as Lumia) and BlackBerry gadgets.

For Android Phone

The latest version of the official mobile app can be downloaded on Google Play. It is provided free of charge for any model: from Samsung to Xiaomi. The familiarization information describes all the features, fresh additions.

For smartphone with iOS

The version is publicly available based on the App Store. Here are published user reviews, technical specifications and a rating that stably holds at 4.5.

A nice nuance – Telegram fans can download it to your phone for free.

For Windows system

Telegram fans can continue to chat online on their computer. The most popular operating system developed by Microsoft has an optimized client that supports all the functions of the mobile alternative.

For Linux system

Telegram for Linux.

Fans of more advanced and niche Linux / Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora will also appreciate the quality of the original application without spending hours on the installation process. These versions are not as well refined as the more popular counterparts, but actively get rid of existing bugs.

For mac os

Owners of the entire line of computers Mac is waiting to use the full functionality of the application without overpayments. The only condition is that installation requires an OS version of at least 10.2.

Web (browser version)

A Web alternative has also been developed that does not need to be downloaded. It is located on the official website in the Webogram section. Using the utility is extremely simple – just keep the tab with the messenger constantly open.

Telegram Plus

Based on the API of its prototype, Telegram Plus is not only an unofficial version, but also a symbiosis of useful add-ons. It has the functions of dividing dialogs into tabs, quick transition between chats, a number of settings and customization of the interface.

Telegram X

Modification submitted by the developers of the official parent program. It has become faster and more efficient by writing in Swift. However, recently the version was removed from the App Store and became available only to Android users.

These changes occurred due to the fact that the original iOS application was transferred to Swift. And this made Telegram X a double, which led to its further elimination.

Step-by-step instructions for downloading a client

A complete guide that answers the question “How to download Telegram?”, As well as aspects of the setup. Looking ahead, we indicate that you can download the utility for free.

To a mobile device

To download a messenger for a smartphone:

  • NID the application store icon on the phone screen and click it.
  • Enter Telegram in the search bar, the language is not important.
  • NIDte official version with a distinctive blue emblem.
  • Tap “install”, then “accept”.

To a personal computer

Installation for PC is as follows:

  • Visit the messenger website or another resource with software found using a request in the search engine for downloading.
  • Click on the necessary link depending on your operating system.
  • In the pop-up window, enter the directory to download the installation file.

Desktop version of Telegram.

Just five steps to install the program on a laptop or desktop PC:

  • Download the installation file after clicking “download”.
  • In the window that opens, select the language.
  • Specify the installation folder or leave it selected by default.
  • Check the box if you want the shortcut to appear on the desktop, in the Start menu, and then click Install.
  • After a few seconds of waiting, click “Finish”.

After you have downloaded and installed the program on your smartphone, Mac or Windows, it’s time to go to the application. To register, specify the phone number used and wait for an SMS with a confirmation code. After entering, click “Continue”.

This procedure is always performed when entering through a new device. In addition, you can set up two-step authentication, which will require you to come up with a second password. The reference will be a given prompt.

Acquaintance with the application after launch begins with the editing of personal data. There is a public name that is visible to everyone registered on the social network. It will be displayed for those who do not have a user’s phone number.

The username allows you to be found in a global search. Also, using it, they share their profile with friends by providing a direct link in the format

The second step will be the opportunity to write to friends or acquaintances who have already managed to install the popular Telegram – they will appear in the contact list. After the first message has been sent, a new chat will appear in the interface. In the bottom panel where you enter text, there is a list of media files and stickers.

The list contains not only standard pictures, but also animated stickers that are regularly updated. In addition, developers often organize competitions for young designers who are ready to try their hand at creating a new animation. Winners are offered a cash prize or work in a project team.


Some users have problems accessing the program on Iphone, Android or Windows. To avoid this, you need to make sure that the latest version of the application is installed, and download it if necessary.

If this does not help, then it’s time to use the proxy – a special server with which all requests will reach Telegram, avoiding losses. At the same time, traffic remains safe – information is securely encrypted.

IPv6 Feature.

The PC application is equipped with the IPv6 function, which is activated in the “Connection Type” item among the “Settings”.

It is possible to independently set up the proxy by visiting the “Data and memory” menu.

Another alternative is VPN. This virtual utility will eliminate constant access problems and provide security for the entire device.

Where better to download Telegram?

There are many sites on the network offering to install both official versions and modified ones made by lay people. Just enter “telegram download” in the search bar – and there are thousands of resources with software.

And in the store of mobile applications – releases of various development companies that are trying to improve the existing functionality of the messenger. Most of them are published on torrents.

However, it is safer to use the original application and download it from official sources. This is the website and the program with the most downloads on the App Store and Google Play.

Online communication has long gone into everyday life, so the eternal problem of finding the best application for personal and work conversations has become more relevant than ever. Downloading the Russian version of Telegram on a smartphone, Mac or Windows will help to take a fresh look at the format of social networks.

The user controls the scope of accessibility of information about himself, and also uses the potential of the messenger thanks to a powerful engine, simple interface.

To make sure that the application needs to be downloaded is easy – just read the numerous customer reviews. They describe in detail all the features, benefits, tested in practice. They trust information – there are almost 10 million people in the Telegram audience.