Black Telegram: editing the background

Quite often, Telegram users want to change the background of the application to darker or black, but do not know how to do it.

Telegram color schemes

Black theme in Telegram.

Changing the color scheme introduces some innovations in the appearance of the messenger, making it at the same time more attractive.

The background is selected in three ways:

  • TDesktop 1.0.7. alpha – An official program equipped with a built-in theme editor. To get started, open the settings and click “Edit Theme” in the background section. A new window will appear on the right side showing the available values.
  • Telegram Themer v 0.3. The first third-party editor used by telegram to change the theme. Supports the adjustment of existing schemes and their names. Minus – the user cannot see the created topic without saving. Simply put, there is no preview function. Yields to the official editor in terms of quality, technical specifications.
  • Theme Customizer v0.6.0 alpha. Web application for changing the color scheme of the screen, channel or chat. It supports the function of resetting the settings to standard, has a number of various stickers. The minus of the program is support for only 88 color schemes, which are sometimes not enough to convey the hue of the created theme.

The first option is considered the most optimal and popular among all existing programs.

How to make Telegram black

Many messenger users are interested in how to make a dark Telegram. Everything is simple. To do this, use the special editor. Let’s talk more about each method.

Download application

The existing application market is diverse. The number of programs for the black web telegram is huge. Popular among them is black telegram. It can work both on a computer, and on Android or “IPhone”.

To download black Telegram, just connect to the Internet and go to Google Play. Following the prompts, you need to complete the installation and start using it. Typically, the logo of the installed program is located in the upper right corner. It depends on the personal settings of the computer.

You can also download black telegram in apk format. The file will be downloaded to the folder you specified. Next, you need to select it from the list and install it on iOS or Android. Downloading this kind of application is recommended on official websites and from trusted dealers.

Installing a messenger from an unknown source is fraught with consequences, such as loss or blocking of an account.

Topic editing

Edit the theme and add a dark background will reduce the load on the screen on the eyes. It can be performed both on a PC and on a phone (“IPhone” or Android).

On the phone

To get Telegram dark, you need to perform a couple of sequential actions:

  • Open the application, go to the main window of the messenger.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • NIDte “Chat Settings”.
  • Click “Dark” (black).

On the computer

Regardless of the type of operating system used on the computer, the dark setting will be the same. There are several options:

1. Use the built-in night mode. To install it, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Run the messenger, move to the “Control Menu”.
  • We carry out activation of “Night mode”.
  • Confirm your choice.

2. Set the downloaded background.

  • We move to the settings.
  • Find “Chat Background Image”.
  • Click “Choose from file”.
  • Select the file with the extension tdesktop-theme and open it.

3. Create your own color scheme. For this option we use any specialized program to change the messenger theme or the built-in editor.

How to return a standard theme

After some time, when the used Black Telegram gets bored, you can reset the settings and the screen saver to the default settings. To do this, open the menu item where the theme was previously activated, and select the “Use default color theme” option (default).

Darknet on Telegram

The Darknet in Telegram is a useful messenger feature. Using it reduces eye strain, reduces energy costs, and darknet is also more aesthetically pleasing.

As you can see, setting up the dark background of the messenger is easy. All that is needed is to download Black Telegram or use existing web-add-ons (programs). The above instructions will help you understand the installation and configuration process.