Telegram FZ-LLC for Android devices

Telegram LLC and Telegram FZ LLC are publishers for messenger applications. The first is registered for iOS, the second for Android.

Official messenger developers

The official founder of Telegram is Pavel Durov. He created the most extensive social network in Russia, VKontakte. In an interview that Pavel gave The New Yorks Time, he said that the idea of ​​creating a messenger had visited him back in 2011, when special forces rang his door.

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After the army left, he immediately notified his brother about the visit and realized that there was no way to communicate with relatives safely.

That’s when the idea came to test MTProto on colossal loads.

Already on August 14, 2013 the first client was introduced, and in October an official website was developed on the Internet. That is how the development of the application began.

Telegram Messenger LLP

Telegram Messenger LLP was created to provide people with access to the application and to develop some updates for the program. This organization was the main legal entity of software until Pavel Durov decided to liquidate it.

Telegram LLC

Telegram LLC is the new main legal entity of the application. The company was created and presented on the App Store on July 21. Pavel Durov decided to liquidate an old company called Telegram Messenger LLP, and replaced it with LLC.

Nobody knows exactly why and for what purpose this was done, but people make some assumptions. The most popular assumption – the replacement of a legal entity is directly related to the launch of cryptocurrency.

Telegram FZ-LLC

Telegram fz-llc is the same main legal entity of the messenger, but if LCC is listed as a publisher of Telegram on iOS, then FZ-LCC is the official developer of the Android program. Two letters FZ stands for “Free-Zone”.

Perhaps Messenger LLP changed its jurisdiction to a free zone inside the UAE, because such a company has a huge list of advantages:

  • No need to pay any taxes.
  • Opportunity for a citizen of another country to fully own a company.
  • All returns allowed.
  • There are no trade barriers.
  • There are no restrictions on investing or withdrawing money.
  • Significant simplification of export and import.
  • The emergence of the opportunity to rent or buy property.
  • Obtaining a 3-year resident visa with a further extension.

For conducting international business, all these advantages create more than good conditions.

note! Now, when downloading an official application called a messenger, Messenger LLP will not be written. If you are using an iOS device, then LCC will be written. If Android, then FZ-LCC. To download the telegram version of fz-llc, just enter the word Telegram in the search on the Play Market.

Liquidation Telegram

Liquidation Telegram

In the summer of 2019, Pavel Durov made an official statement on the elimination of Messenger LCC.

Understanding people suggest that this is directly related to the launch of cryptocurrency.

The number of reasons for changing the official legal entity Telegram is colossal.

What does the status of FZ-LLC mean?

FZ status stands for Free-Zone, and LCC stands for Limited Liability Company. This is a unique company, whose place of registration is the UAE. Thus, it becomes clear that FZ-LLC stands for a free company, which has a lot of advantages, most of which are described above.

Freezone is a free economic zone that does not have a number of rules that are familiar to any businessman. For example, there is no taxation on profits and import-export restrictions.

There is one common opinion that the freezone is separated from this world, located in the desert and has no infrastructure. This opinion is incorrect. Most of the free economic zones are located in areas of Dubai.

Summing up all the above, it becomes clear that the actions of Pavel Durov are quite logical. Creation of freezons of the company means that all the advantages that were given above will be embodied in reality. Freedom in the UAE can easily fix both the political and economic situation in the country.