Telegram for Linux

Telegram has a large audience with representatives from all over the world. But the international level is not enough to remain popular. Each of the existing and potential users needs to create comfortable working conditions with the messenger.

Clients for PCs have already been released for all known OSs on smartphones, and now they are also being created for personal computer operating systems.

Telegram was originally released for MacOS, debian, ubuntu, and Windows, but now it’s time to focus on those who prefer Linux. Now Telegram runs on it, but still there are bugs and shortcomings that are gradually being fixed. And in this article we’ll just talk about what are the ways to get Telegram for Linux.

Ways to install Telegram on Linux

Install Telegram for Linux.

Telegram developers are actively working to ensure that their software is installed on Linux as easily as possible.

Now there are two methods to get a desktop Telegram for this OS:

  • Install the module using the terminal. Each method will require no more than three commands.
  • Take from the official site. Installation will take no more than a couple of minutes.

Both methods are quite simple, so any user, even inexperienced ones, can handle them with due care.

Through terminal

To install the Telegram client through the terminal, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the terminal using hot keys or finding it in the “Standard” section, which is located in the “Applications”.
  • Set commands, confirming each entry by pressing Enter:
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa: atareao / telegram;
  • sudo apt-get update;
  • sudo apt-get install telegram.

Now the messenger is ready for work and is waiting for launch. If not, you should turn to other installation methods.

Download from the official site

Even easier to download Telegram from the official site. You will need to select the assembly depending on the bit capacity – 16 or 32 bits, and then download it.

Also pay attention to the website address, since there are a lot of unofficial versions dedicated to Telegram.

It remains only to install the file, and then log in to your account or register using a phone number.

Installation instructions for different distributions

If the method of installing the client through the terminal proposed earlier did not work, and just downloading the application is an inappropriate option, then you should turn to other methods.

For each free software distribution on which Linux runs, there is a separate instruction, so it’s worthwhile to tell in detail about all.


Since the source of the program cannot be called the main one, Telegram will have to be installed in the same way as any software in Ubuntu. That is, first loading the PPA.

These commands have already been mentioned in the section on downloading the messenger through the terminal. Here they are repeated, but each step is described for a better understanding of what is being done and why.

Install Telegram via terminal.

So, we need:

  • Download terminal – this is done using the keys Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • PPA is added with sudo add-apt-repository ppa: atareao / telegram. Telegram will be added here in Ubuntu.
  • Now Ubuntu itself will need to be updated to see Telegram PPA. This can be implemented through “sudo apt update”.
  • After it “reboots”, installing Telegram Ubuntu will require only one line – sudo apt install telegram.

These actions will be enough for Ubuntu to integrate Telegram. If you want to remove the application, you can simply call the console again and enter sudo apt remove telegram.


Everything is easy here, because the method proposed in the section on installing from the terminal will be effective for Mint.

Therefore, first of all, you should conjure with those three commands in the terminal, and only then move on to the Telegram installation methods for Linux Mint, which are proposed at the very end of the material. Something will definitely work for Mint, so you should not refuse the messenger after the first failure.


Debian does not support PPA for Ubuntu, therefore, you will have to use other methods, which makes installing the client more difficult.

But difficult – does not mean impossible, therefore, for those who use Deb Sid, for example, there is one simple command. That is, you will need to open the console and enter “sudo apt-get install telegram-desktop” there. Another combination is introduced to eliminate Telegram Debian Sid – sudo apt-get remove telegram-desktop.

If Debian is newer than Sid, this method will not work: the user will see only the unpleasant inscription “Error”. You can immediately go to the section about Snap and Flatpak packages.


The algorithm for Telegram for Linux to run on Fedora will look like this:

  • Find out which version of Fedora is being used. This can be done through the console by entering the command “lsb_release –a”, or in the section “About the program” for any system application. Remember Fedora Build Number.
  • Now we are going to install the client on the computer itself. The first command for the terminal window (Ctrl + Alt + T) is “sudo dnf install -y”. Instead of V, you need to substitute the number obtained first. This will add RPM Fusion software repositories.
  • Next, you need a tool from DNF – sudo dnf install telegram-desktop.

You don’t need to do anything else, as these actions should be enough for the system. To eliminate from Fedora Telegram, there is a “sudo dnf remove telegram-desktop”.

Arch linux

There are no Arch for Telegram on verified sources, but they can be taken from AUR.

Most often one of the following files is taken:

  • Telegram-desktop-git – the source is compiled by the user. This will take time, but the program can be improved or tweaked to fit your needs.
  • Telegram-desktop-bin – nothing needs to be fixed, everything works like that.

Installation on Arch Linux.

To install Bin, as most subscribers need it, you need to:

  • Use the tool from the Pacman package to install the git file. Without it, it will not work correctly with AUR. Here you need to enter the command “sudo pacman -S git”.
  • Next, using Git, download Telegram PKGBUILD – “git clone”.
  • “Cd telegram-desktop-bin” – processes are now launched from Telegram Bin.
  • Run the build script by typing “makepkg”.

So, Arch will create its own package and establish the necessary relationships. To remove everything, there is “sudo pacman -R telegram-desktop-bin”.

Snap and Flatpak Packages

Sometimes it happens that the Linux assembly on the PC does not have its own Telegram package. This means that it most likely supports packages with Snap or Flatpak formats, for example, Ubuntu supports Snap starting from version 16.04.

It will take only one command for each type:

  • “Sudo snap install telegram-desktop” for Snap.
  • “Sudo flatpak install – from” for Flatpak. Here, during installation, you will need to agree to add the Flathub repository.

To remove Telegram in the same ways, in the first command install is changed to remove, in the second – to uninstall, where org.telegram.desktop is added after this word.

Binary file to download

If none of the above has worked, you can simply download the self-updating binary download file. It and other files are supplied by the developers themselves on the official Telegram website.

First, it’s important to note that the official site is located on “”, without prefixes like official in the title.

In the “Telegram for Windows / Mac / Linux” section on the main page or in the “Apps” section, you need to find the Telegram-client for Linux and download the file by clicking on the download or link. Its name will end in tar.xz.

The Telegram folder from the received archive should be moved to the address / home / username /.

Now, if you open this folder and launch the Telegram program, a window will pop up immediately and it will be ready to work.

Using webogram


Suppose that you have already tried everything and nothing worked, but you still want to use the client on a PC. There is a solution for this case as well – Telegram web version.

It is launched from a browser at The main page will open, where you will need to enter your phone, and then the password that came to it.

Anyone who is already used to using the application and was familiar with the desktop version will most likely say that the Web version is not so convenient, however, it supports all the Telegram functions and even allows you to send notifications directly to the desktop.

Messenger Removal

Charter from Telegram, it can always be deleted. The method for this will depend on the installation method.

Everything that was installed through the terminal, and must be removed through the terminal. And with a typical installation, you can also delete it in the same way as any other programs. In each section about distributions, commands for removal were suggested, so finding them would be easy.

Considering how many methods are suggested here, we can conclude that installing Telegram on Linux is still easier than it sounds. If one method did not work, another will help, and if it did not help, there is a completely win-win option with a web version, even if it is not the most convenient.

Although it is better to first try installing the desktop version using one of the methods from this article.