Install Telegram on Debian 9

The desktop version of Telegram is available for all popular operating systems – Windows, MacOS and Linux. And if everything is in order with the clients for the first two operating systems for a long time, work on the application on Linux is still underway. After all, you need to provide for many Linux distributions that modify it in their own way.

In this article we’ll talk in more detail about one of the most popular – about Debian, and how to install the Telegram client on Linux Debian.

Install Telegram for Debian

Using Telegram on Linux Debian.

Installing a telegram on Debian is possible, but with a bit of complexity. The fact is that some methods that are relevant for a specific version of Debian will not work for other assemblies.

Therefore, you will have to look for a way for your version, and sometimes try several methods at once.

For example, you can install the Telegram Debian 9 client using the terminal or by downloading a file from the official site. But even for the terminal itself, there are several different sets of commands, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Through terminal

It’s worth starting with a reminder on how to call a terminal on Linux.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Find in the list of standard programs in the “Applications” tab.
  • Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + T.

After that, you can start setting commands, confirming the entry of each new line by pressing the Enter key.

For example, Debian Sid will require only one command – sudo apt-get install telegram-desktop. To remove the Telegram installed by this method, you will need another “order” – sudo apt-get remove telegram-desktop.

However, for stable versions of Debian, this method will not work. Here you can use one of the other methods, for example, based on Ubuntu PPA.

You can implement it like this:

  • Enter the command “su–” to get superuser privileges. Instead, you can also write sudo at the beginning of each line.
  • Add “nano /etc/apt/sources.list” to edit the specified file.
  • In addition, two more lines will be required: “deb xenial main”, and then “deb-src xenial main “.
  • The file then needs to be saved and closed – CTRL + X.
  • The PPP public key of this PPA is added – “apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-keys 36FD5529”.
  • If this command did not help, then you can enter another – “apt install dirmngr”.
  • After importing the key, it remains only to update the repository, and then install Telegram itself. This is done using a couple more commands – “apt update” and “apt install telegram”.
  • Console can be closed.

Install Telegram via terminal.

Did not work? Not all chances have been used. Starting with Debian 9 stretch, its repositories have access to snapd.

This means that you can try installing Telegram using the command “sudo snap install telegram-desktop”. If this does not work, then use the following method described below.

From the official site

You can also download the client from the official website. Only this address and no other leads to the desired site, so you need to be careful not to get to its “clone”.

It’s difficult to get lost on, since all the necessary buttons are placed on the main page. You just need to click on one of them regarding the desktop version of the messenger, select the appropriate bit depth and download the file. After that, you only need to install it and enter your account using your phone and password.

By the way, you can also download an archive from the official site, the name of which ends with tar.xz, with a self-updating binary Telegram. It can also be installed on a PC by simply transferring the Telegram folder from the archive to the address / home / username /. The messenger will be launched directly from this folder.

Web interface webogram

If you decide that installing Telegram on a PC is a bad idea, and it doesn’t matter for you to have the interface of the desktop version of the messenger before your eyes, you can simply use its web version.

Of course, everything will not be as pleasing to the eye as in an application or client for personal computers. But this is a matter of taste and habit, as there are many people who like Webogram.

All the Telegram functions in it are saved and work no less well, you can even call up notifications on the desktop, as in the desktop version. To get to the web interface, you need to go to the address “”, enter the phone number, and then the temporary password from SMS.