Ways to create a Telegram bot on RSS

The Telegram messenger provides a platform for the development and operation of special assistant programs. A wide range of functions, ease of use and security are the main reasons for the large number of these programs.

Why bots are needed

The word bot is short for robot. It is needed to automate work with a variety of Internet services. It can engage in Internet search and download of the necessary information, answer subscribers’ questions, do advertising mailing, publish posts on the channel (channels manager) or even retouch photos sent.

How to use them?

Interaction occurs via chat. The subscriber gives the assistant teams, to which he responds with actions laid down in his code by the developer. If there is no command, then the helper either gives a system error or intelligently declares that he does not know what they want from him.

Bot Categories

Telegram bot on RSS.

You can systematize assistants in a very generalized way.

They are conditionally divided into:

  • Informants. Required to search and bring to the user information (news, latest comments, publications).
  • Assistants. Complement Web Services.
  • Chats. Respond to user messages or may act as intermediaries when communicating with other users.
  • Gaming.

What is RSS?

Telegram RSS refers to several types of XML formats with which you can automatically collect and process information. There are also special applications for viewing news feeds of several resources at once.

The platform for robot developers in the messenger also allows the use of RSS Telegram. Using the Telegram RSS bot, you can collect news from many resources in your messenger client.

How to register a bot on RSS

To write an assistant on RSS Telegram channels, you can use @BotFather. After finding it and opening it, you need to start working with the / start command. Then select the action / newbot and come up with a name with the end of bot.

You can create an RSS bot for Telegram using the official Manybot designer.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • Run constructor.
  • Enter the command to create a new program / addbot. Manybot will send a list of actions: go to Botfather, enter the newbot command and come up with a name. You will be given an Api token that you need to send to chat with Manybot.
  • To the designer’s question what the robot should do, answer: “Sends articles appearing on .. (site name)”.

What to do if the bot does not work?

If the generated RSS Telegram bot does not work, then a system error has probably occurred in the designer program. Therefore, you can try to create an assistant again or contact support.


Robots are one of the most flexible and functional tools of the Telegram messenger. With their help, you can save time by entrusting them with the performance of routine tasks.