Service “Telegram API”

Telegram bots quickly entered the lives of almost every person. They make communication in the application easy and interesting.

Existing bots run on different operating systems. Today let’s talk about Telegram api.

Telegram API Service

The api telegram org service is designed for developers who want to write their own applications based on the messenger. The source encodings of each subscriber have open access, support all security principles. To get started with the API, you need to register the application and the developer.

What is the Telegram API Bot

Telegram API Token.

Bots and various programs gave an even greater impetus to the development of the messenger. They can be created by any user with an average level of programming knowledge.

Telegram api bot is a small utility for programming your own bot api.

If the API is a built-in interface for the interaction of the application and the OS, the Telegram API allows you to send Telegram commands to a computer in a clear language.


Api consists of the commands and objects necessary to complete the installation of the Telegram bot. Using the existing interface, you will be able to independently create assistants who will perform the functions assigned to them each time Telegram is launched.

Telegram bots on the API can perform the following operations:

  • Work with documentation.
  • Send and receive files from other robots or clients.
  • Download videos, movies, music, books.
  • Send, receive message.
  • Upload photos, videos, audiobooks.


The Telegram API robot has simple controls that are JSON objects. Simply put, they are expressed as strings specified by certain rules. The use of such an algorithm allows for fast data exchange. It is achieved by using the key: value set.

Management can be carried out by the following methods:

  • Getting information and finding updates.
  • Chatting.
  • Transmission of various elements.
  • Writing and sending messages.
  • Updating the online filibust database.
  • Online mode.
  • Work with payment information, settlement operations (exchanger, settlement non-cash and cash transactions).

Message exchange

Sending a message by the API bot is not difficult. To do this, register only a couple of commands.

The order of the performed actions:

  • Import a contact by username or phone number.
  • Send message.

Programming languages

API system can work in a large number of programming languages.

Javascript users can use the Node.js Telegram Bot API. The program requires certain skills. Programming knowledge alone is not enough.

A popular language for using Telegram Api is PHP. The language is logical and specialized for working in a web environment.

Python API is often used for the Client API (it has a high level of performance).

The classic telegram api token is C ++. This language is complex, has a huge number of nuances. It is the basis for most programming languages. The tools located in it allow you to work with the mirror, keys (key), hash. Tokens used during work have additional protection, which is important for most subscribers.

Features of working with Bot API

Working with the API assistant has a number of features, which include:

  • Using a top level domain – org.
  • Lock bypass.
  • Close connection with a proxy server.

The above features are the main difference from working with other assistants.

Bot Usage Example

In addition to using objects, the API has another set of functions that allows you to send files, messages, stickers to the Telegram channel and to personal correspondence.

In order to create a robot in Telegram, you should use the @Botfather service.

The process has the following sequence:

  • Go to the above application and write / newbot.
  • Enter the name of the bot and user. The first should end with the prefix “bot”.
  • After receiving token, you can proceed to authorization.
  • To start the created robot, press the / start button.

Consider an example of a bot functioning. An easy way to test the robot is to use a location browser. To do this, go to the web version of the assistant and type the following command in the browser:

The popup will display the following:

Chat values ​​used in the code: {“id are chat identifiers.

Then we prescribe:

The browser will display the line:

Now the greeting is displayed in the messenger chat.

As you can see, creating a Telegram bot API from scratch is an easy process. For its implementation, a minimum supply of knowledge and desire is required. If after reading the article you still have questions, we recommend that you buy the manual or find out information of interest on the Internet.