How to create and register a Telegram bot on Node

The bots used in Telegram are tightly included in the everyday life of instant messenger subscribers. Robots have many useful functions, make communication easier, more comfortable. They also assist in finding information, performing routine work and a number of other operations.

Existing helpers work in many programming languages, from the very first to the modern ones. Let’s talk more about the messenger on Nod.

What are bots

Robots (bots) – third-party utilities launched inside the Telegram application. They are software-controlled accounts. Able to work without outside control.

Their purpose and functionality

Node js Telegram bot API can perform a number of functions, which include:

  • Collection of user data with a feedback address. Allows you to collect a database of people or orders.
  • Providing answers to common questions.
  • Currency rate calculation.
  • Taxi order, tracking delivery status through an additional application.
  • Search for news, new videos, audio.
  • Online weather display.

How to prescribe

In order to register certain commands in Telegram bot Node js, you must follow the instructions and also have minimal skills in the node.js program.

The code

To create the code, BotFather is used. After a series of operations to create a bot, we get a token that allows you to download updates from message telegram. After creating the api bot, we can start writing code in the following algorithm:

  • Initialize, install Telegram.
  • Add it to your existing script.
  • Telegram has its own built-in method that allows the assistant to make part of your work. Using the method, we get:

Mandatory Commands

To simplify the work of users, developers implement support for some simple commands.

Node Telegram bot API has shortcuts for these commands:

  • / start. Using the code allows you to instantly start communication with any person. For example, a welcome message may be sent.
  • / help. Calls up a pop-up window with a list of operations and help on using them.
  • / settings. Returns a list of commands and settings for changing them.

State preservation

There are situations when the user does not have enough top post (the information fixed at the top of the channel or page that will be in the place allotted to it), and he wants to use an additional.

You can perform the procedure as follows:

  • ZIDte in the conversation or on the channel.
  • Select the desired text and call the popup menu.
  • Choose Confirm.

Built-in buttons

By the built-in button in the Telegram bot on Node js we mean buttons that are attached to the message and displayed in the internal area of ​​the chat. They allow you to change the contents of the correspondence and have a strong attachment to it. When you delete a message, the buttons are also deleted.

There are three types of buttons:

  • URL buttons. They redirect the interlocutor to a separate specific link. It is located in the upper right corner and has its own label, which allows the user to understand that this is a link.
  • Callback buttons. Equipped with feedback. Display notifications, as well as dynamically update messages. Can be used to create a calendar or view a voluminous message based on page pagination.
  • Switch buttons. Used to redirect subscribers to another chat with further activation of communication with bot api. They can be activated in both automatic and manual modes.

Bot Benefits

Telegram bot on Node.

Telegram Node bot has the following benefits:

  • The minimum expenses. The cost of the bot is low, so it is more profitable for companies to use a robot than to hire a person. Bots can perform both light and complex work. In addition, assistants never get tired, do not require time for a lunch break, do not get sick. They do not go on vacation and do not break.
  • Speed ​​of response and lack of queues. Robots promptly answer their questions. They find information in the database, generate and reproduce it. They can simultaneously communicate with a group of persons.
  • 24 hour availability. They can maintain a conversation or advise clients of various fields of activity at any time of the day. They have multilingualism, which allows you to work with customers from different countries.


As you can see, creating a bot in Telegram is a simple process that can be performed by a novice user. Installing Node bot will not be difficult, the main thing is to stick to the existing algorithm.