Telegram auto sales bots

Telegram instant messenger quickly became popular not only among ordinary users, but also among business owners. Here they found an excellent advertising platform, so more and more users create personal channels, groups where you can regularly introduce subscribers to various new products and promotions. Automate the sales process helps the telegram auto sales bot. What is it and how it works?

Telegram bot seller

The messenger uses different robots managed by virtual administrators.

Their advantage is the ability to work without breaks and days off, not to make mistakes, not to complain of fatigue, not to demand wages. Therefore, bots are used to perform monotonous, routine tasks.


What will the automatic bot do, the developer decides. Often their area of ​​use is narrow – sales, consultations, ordering tickets, analyzing information.

Business owners choose for themselves:

  • Bot sellers. Robots are paid, free. Their immediate task is to sell the product, accept payment. This option is common where you need to sell virtual goods, which include cryptocurrency (tether, bitcoin), e-books, software, etc.
  • Intermediate bots are used to make the first contact with the client, receive calls, fill out an application with the transfer of information for processing by managers, provide advice, answer standard questions. Their main purpose is to create conditions for the purchase and organize a business environment.


Installing an auto sales bot in Telegram is necessary in order to:

  • upload to a channel, forum or chat information about the proposed product, service, exclusive and interesting offers;
  • Car sales in the store;
  • find out customer data (delivery address, phone);
  • accept payment (for this, the robot is linked to the easypay system, bank account, qiwi e-wallet, Webmoney or other service).

The advantage of bots is the ability to work for free 24/7, which many users consider to be high because orders are available around the clock. In addition, the assistant is not able to cheat and does only what is specified in the initial setting.

Areas of use

Owners of online stores have the opportunity to create a bot in Telegram for sale, making a kind of autoshop.

Auto Sales Bot Application.

So the user, anywhere by phone, will be able to make a purchase of goods, place an order, make payment.

Such programs are widely used in the delivery service. In addition, robots help the client to navigate, get information of interest, get a discount.

Ways to create a bot for auto sales

There are several ways to get a robot that will be sold through Telegram. Those who know programming languages ​​write it themselves. Special services, designers will help to create code without the necessary skills.

These are free ways to get an assistant. But, if there is no desire or ability to do everything with your own hands, then you should order the creation of a telegram bot from freelancers.

Services and Constructors

On the Internet you can find a large number of programs that will help in writing your own robot that can replace the seller. The most common: Info-bot, Bimsbot 3.3.5, Revo bot 3.2. Their script needs to be downloaded.

Telegram has the ability to use the constructor. To do this, during development, you should add @Chatfuel, register a token, enter the command “/ addbot”. Such a robot can be created for various purposes, including to trade or accept payments in the messenger.

In addition, a ready-made bot is offered to buy at various services. For example, very often they order the creation of assistants for auto-work with qiwi wallets, bitcoins.

Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

Manual way

The most primitive, but effective way to get a Telegram bot for purchases is to write it yourself.


  • Register the future assistant by receiving his token. Here you need @BotFather. It is added to the contacts by writing in the line “/ start”. In response, he will send a list of available commands.
  • We write “/ newbot”, we come up with the name of the robot. It is important that it has a bot ending.
  • The response comes a token consisting of characters that must be copied and saved in any text editor.
  • The received line is transferred to another bot, which is creating new assistants in Telegram. For example, @Manybot, @Chatfuel.
  • If everything is done correctly, then the user receives a bot for automatic sales in telegram. But for him to start paying, checking data and performing other necessary actions, he will have to deal with programming.

Setting up a seller bot

Setting up a seller bot in Telegram.

To use the robot, you need to teach him to interact with the online store, where he will sell the goods. To do this, you need to configure the admin panel.

To do this:

  • Click on the icon “Create a store”.
  • Copy the link to the bot.
  • Prescribe the store name and previously saved assistant token received from @BotFather.
  • Set the necessary parameters in your account.

If you have problems

Sometimes business owners face difficulties.

Most often, these are:

  • Payment systems. You can’t take everything at once.
  • Violation of work due to problems encountered on the site with the goods.
  • A bot is a program that crashes because it works according to an algorithm. If it is violated, further actions are incorrect.
  • Using free robots during the download, attackers can take control of the user’s personal data. Therefore, it is better to order bot from trusted people.


A digital assistant can be useful not only for the seller, but also for the buyer. He easily replaces the manager who works with the order, performs data verification, accepts payment.

A business owner can make a robot on his own or download ready-made options. But, if there is no special knowledge in the field of programming, then it is better not to take risks and order the creation of a bot from a professional.