Telegram bots

Today, Telegram bots have already surpassed themselves. They not only do newsletters or answer standard questions, but also download music, check their phone numbers, put them on sports, play and make money on the Internet. Now robots are able to replace the user with dozens of different services.

What is a bot in Telegram

Telegram bots.

This is a utility that performs various routine actions or specially written code for them. To communicate with such an assistant, regular chat is conducted.

The user gives the robot a command that it executes, which saves a lot of effort and time.


A robot is an artificial intelligence that helps humans interact with Web services. Their advantage is a common shell embedded in the messenger, where there is all the information that people are used to looking in search engines.


Modern telegram-bot can:

  • conduct classes and learn by himself;
  • perform the functions of a search engine and a reminder;
  • play and entertain the user;
  • download texts, music, videos;
  • take part in chats, for example, to coordinate the optimal time for the event for all subscribers of the group;
  • Comment on the source code of the article;
  • engage in wrapping;
  • manage a smart home.

Principle of operation

Telegram-bot is the most common program that can perform certain functions. It can be written in php, Python (python) or any other language using the api interface. It looks like the code written in the line. The structure is connected and interdependent with other points. Even one minor mistake in writing the code will cause the robot to stop functioning.

Proxy servers are used to store the program.

The cycle of work for bot is as follows:

  • The user sends a command to the robot.
  • Robot forwards it to the online server, where the processing takes place.
  • The bot receives a response and displays it to the user.

For a person, the whole process is displayed instantly, although delays due to failures are not excluded. Just one click or message starts a new cycle.


Telegram uses one kind of helpers, which are divided into directions:

  • Telegram chatbot – imitation of communication on a topic set by the administrator or regular user.
  • Informants. Their goal is to notify users of events or activities. They post material, articles, news.
  • Game robots allow users to diversify their leisure.
  • Assistants are developed by online services as a complement to the full Web version.

Game bot.

But in practice there is no clear separation.

There are bots that can fully perform a number of tasks assigned to them: information search, translation, testing, games, interaction with other services.

The use of such programs in Telegram is free.


All bots for telegram are absolutely safe. Some people worry about the safety of personal information, but it turns out that robots are simply not able to steal it, because they do not have access to it. The only thing they see is the commands written in the chat text line.

Its main options include:

  • Using a search engine to find a list of popular robots. Basically, such samples are subjective, so you should study the description of the programs.
  • Search in Telegram itself. This method is effective if you know the name of the desired bot. At the same time, the name in English is driven into the line, the @ icon is put in front, and at the end it will be bot.
  • Help from a friend who is familiar with modern technology.
  • Official robot store

If you can’t find your assistant using any of the above methods, you can always create one yourself.

How to use the bot

Before you start interacting with the robot, you need to add it to the list of dialogs.

For this:

  • Go to the message page.
  • In the search bar, drive in the name of interest.
  • A list of available programs opens, from which you need to select the appropriate.
  • Click bot to open a dialog box.
  • Use the Start command to activate its work.

If there is a built-in menu, all actions begin by clicking on a specific button with a request. The bot will send the desired answer.

Where to find the bot

The search for an assistant is similar to the way a user searches for a channel in the messenger.

How to create your bot

If programming languages ​​are known, you can write it yourself. Or use special services, for example, Manybot, which must be installed in advance.

Creating a robot with its help looks like this:

  • Open @Manybot and click on the Start button.
  • Choose language.
  • Add new bot.
  • Sign up for @BotFather and follow the link.
  • Come up with a name for the assistant and save the token that the bot issued.
  • Go back to Manybot and give him the key.
  • Select robot settings and use it for its intended purpose.


Telegram bots are useful helpers that make life easier for the user. With their help, the client gets almost unlimited possibilities. Those who can program can make robots on their own. Everyone else is offered to use ready-made services.