SMS does not come from Telegram

As in many problematic situations, Telegram does not receive a phone code for two main reasons: a technical malfunction or a human factor. But fortunately, all of them are successfully resolved either by the user himself or by contacting the support service.

Telegram confirmation code

Creating a new account in the messenger is somewhat different from the usual registration procedure for other social networks. Logging in without a username and password, which users often forget and try to recover.

In Telegram, for this it is enough to indicate the mobile number and get a digital password on it. In addition, when leaving the account for re-authorization, the login and code are also not needed.

What it is

A Telegram verification code is a common citizen ID practice in many online services and applications. When registering, the user indicates his mobile phone number.

In the future, instead of complex identification, for example, according to passport data, the electronic system will send a message to it with a certain digital combination. This code fits into the line of the online service, and thereby the account owner is verified.

What is it needed for

Activating a digital password is required not only when creating a new user profile. The application may send a confirmation request in the following situations:

  • when entering from another device;
  • after deleting the profile;
  • when changing the number associated with the account;
  • if the previous work session was completed by logging out of the account;
  • if you have multiple accounts and switch from one to another.

Telegram account registration

For smartphones on Android, the application is downloaded through the Play Store; for the iPhone, the Apple Store is used. Telegram is driven into the search field and the “Install” key is pressed.

The web version on a computer or laptop is downloaded from the official site, selected for the device’s operating system. Installation is carried out according to the standard algorithm, just follow the prompts.

As soon as the program appeared on the device, you need to create an account. Registering a new user in Telegram is in many ways similar to similar procedures used for other services, for example, electronic payment systems or online banking sites. You can create a new account from a smartphone or computer.

A phone number is entered in the window that appears. If Telegram is installed on a mobile phone, the messenger immediately synchronizes with the contact list. After a few minutes, a verification message with a digital password arrives on the phone, which is entered in the utility window. Often the application does this automatically, as it has access to messages on the iPhone and any other smartphone.

Activation code does not come

Activation code.

When working in the application from time to time, some errors occur. For example, when registering, a verification code does not come in Telegram.

Sometimes this is due to a failure in the operator’s network. Therefore, you should wait a while and try to send the request again.

If SMS does not come from Telegram, then creating a new account will be impossible.


All possible problems with registration in the popular messenger are divided into three groups:

  • The most common mistake is the incorrect spelling of the phone number, then the password will be sent to another subscriber. In addition, the code may expire, so you need to enter it immediately.
  • Program malfunctions. This happens if a non-working version of Telegram was installed or the download was carried out from extraneous resources.
  • Problems on the part of mobile companies: unstable connection, delay in SMS delivery, Internet disconnection due to negative balance. Sometimes the operator believes that spam is sent from the user and temporarily blocks it.

It happens that a user sends a password several times in a row and receives a “Too fast” error response. The system similarly protects your account from interception of input data by.

Solution to the problem

Checking the spelling of the phone number is the first thing to do if Telegram still does not send SMS with a code.

If the phone is entered correctly, the following actions will help:

  • check your account, because the password can come into a conversation or chat if the Telegram application is open on another device;
  • download and install the latest version of the messenger through official web resources;
  • reboot the device, often after this the subscriber begins to receive all not received SMS before;
  • register through voice tuning;
  • send a question to the support service at;
  • call your mobile operator and find out if there are network outages.

Can I register an account without a phone number

Register in Telegram without a phone number.

It is impossible to create a new profile in Telegram without binding subscriber data.

What to do if the user does not want to indicate his work phone:

  • go to the virtual number service;
  • purchase another SIM-card and register an account on it;
  • via Skype you can buy an online number and receive passwords on it for confirmation.

In addition, it is worth remembering that if you lose or replace the SIM card on which the account was registered, the user will not be able to access the digital password. A message will be sent to the old number. Therefore, in Telegram, all changes related to the profile settings must be made immediately, before leaving the account.

Login without code

This is done easily. You can log into your account without confirmation only from the same device. It is important that after the previous session the program was simply closed without exiting the account.

In all other cases, when you need to re-open Telegram, and the application does not send the code to the phone, you will not be able to log into your client.

Thus, the verification code in the popular application is used to simplify user identification. If this numeric password does not come, you need to check the spelling of the number and after a while try to send the request again. Sometimes you need to reinstall the program or configure the proxy to bypass the lock.