Proven ways to unblock a channel or Telegram account

For many users, Telegram has become a familiar and favorite messenger for correspondence, receiving information from the channels to which they subscribed, communicating in thematic groups. It seems that the best way to promote your product is to register in as many groups as possible and start sending ads to users.

No, this is a misconception. So you can easily fall under the restrictions. They can ban not only a personal chat, but also a channel, blacklist it in a group chat.

Let’s consider what you can’t do in the messenger so as not to fall under the restrictions. How to understand that, according to the moderators, violations of the rules have been made What actions should be taken to remove the ban.

What is Telegram blocking

This is a partial or complete limitation of active actions in the messenger.

What can be punished for:

  • sending messages to unknown contacts;
  • violation of group rules, posts with spam;
  • on complaints about the created group (the one who organized the public chat is banned);
  • for distributing dangerous content (porn, gaming, fraudulent channels).

Telegram blocking

Restriction types:

  • Initial temporary ban. Automatically removed after seven days.
  • Reblock. May take more than one week, at the discretion of the moderator.
  • Eternal limitation. Cannot be canceled.

With a temporary ban, it will not work:

  • initiate a conversation with a person with whom no chat has been open before;
  • find a user by username.

Eternal blocking, in addition to the same restrictions as with temporary blocking, does not allow:

  • create new channels, public chats;
  • write group posts;
  • assign admins to your own chats.

We will analyze which tools are limited in use and how to unblock Telegram.

What can be banned

Blocked as one tool, and all at once. It all depends on the severity of the violations and how often they occur.


Account restriction, as a rule, occurs as a result of repeated violations of Telegram rules, but it can also be erroneous. For example, when sending the same type of message to the entire contact list (invitation to a meeting, wedding, etc.). In the latter case, the ban is set by an antispam bot.

In case of real violations of the rules, even other accounts that have the same IP address can be blocked.


Sometimes, when inviting a large number of users at one time, the use of subscription markups, the dissemination of information in violation of legal norms lead to the channel being banned.

In order to prevent this from happening, before starting an information resource in the messenger, you must carefully study its rules.

Channel lock


If the interlocutor does not respond to requests, the time of the last visit to the messenger is not indicated, then most likely he has blocked chat. This can be done by blacklisting the contact.


This is the same as in the previous paragraph. But if you just delete a contact from your address book, this will not be an obstacle to opening a chat from the side of the subscriber removed from the phone.

To ban a person with whom you do not want to conduct a dialogue, you must:

  • go to Telegram;
  • open a chat with an unwanted interlocutor;
  • tap on his nickname at the top of the screen;
  • activate the menu via vertical ellipsis;
  • select the “block” command.

Note. In order to unblock a contact in Telegram, you need to act as described above, just select the “unblock” line.

How to know when you have been banned

If there was a restriction of the channel or communication in the group, then you can find out about this using a special bot. We determine the presence of a ban as follows:

  • open messenger;
  • in the search box, type @spambot;
  • start this resource by tapping on the “Start” button;
  • in the absence of restrictions, the service will notify about this immediately;
  • if the block is set, the bot will tell you how long the restrictions will apply.

But when the ban “flew” from a single contact, then the blocking can be determined only by indirect signs:

  • the avatar of the interlocutor is no longer displayed;
  • the status will indicate that the person has not entered the messenger for a long time without specifying a specific time;
  • all messages will be marked as not received (no double check marks to indicate read).


How to unblock Telegram

The use of the messenger can be limited for several reasons:

  • forgot the secret password (cloud or standard) and signed out;
  • are under time limit;
  • have been banned forever.

If you lose your login password, you just need to request a new one, receive an SMS with a code to the phone number that was specified when registering your account, enter the numbers and you can work further.

If you forgot the cloud password, which is indicated during two-step authentication, then you need to contact technical support through the official page and, describing the situation, ask for help in restoring access to your account (address –

With time constraints, it is better to wait until their expiration date.

When an eternal ban is imposed, the easiest way is to change the phone number and create a new account. An exception is the situation when the phone number was blocked from the previous owner. Then you can refer to @SpamBot. After describing the situation, all restrictions are removed.

But there are cases in which it is possible to remove even an eternal blockage.

On phone

If the ban “arrived” by mistake, you can try to eliminate it absolutely free. To do this, you need to contact support (write to and explain the situation. If the Telegram rules have not really been violated, then within a day or three the restrictions will be canceled.

There is no big difference in how to unblock Telegram chat on devices with different operating systems.


On an Android smartphone, you can remove a ban in three ways:

  • via spam bot;
  • contacting technical support;
  • by calling or writing with the help of other messengers or social networks to the person who blacklisted the general chat.


In order to unblock Telegram chat on an iOS gadget, you need to use three methods described in the previous paragraph.

You can activate @SpamBot by going to the messenger. The bot is searched for by the specified name in the search string and is launched by the “run” command.

If the restrictions were set fairly, then the lock cannot be removed. But the iPhone has the ability to view blocked channels.

For this:

  • from iPhone follow the link;
  • install software;
  • then go to main settings;
  • tap on the line “profiles and device management”;
  • select Telegram app;
  • move the slider to the “trust” position.

On the computer

The first three methods are exactly the same as for smartphones.

Also in the PC version of Telegram to view blocked channels, you can:

  • enable IPv6 (Settings / Connection Type / Use IPv6);
  • connect via VPN.

Finally, we will give an answer to one of the most frequent questions asked in search engines: “How to make Telegram so that the user unblocks you.” It is impossible to lift restrictions on your own. We recommend contacting the interlocutor via e-mail, social networks, by phone to find out the reasons for the blocking and ask to cancel it.


Restrictions on an account, channel or public group are imposed due to violation of the rules for using the messenger.

Blocking an opponent can happen by accident, as a result of a quarrel, or if the interlocutor regularly sends spam.

The ban is temporary and permanent. The first is removed after the expiration of the restriction, it is impossible to get rid of the second.

If the suspension of the rights to use public services was made by mistake, in reality, no Telegram rules were violated, then unblocking can be done by contacting a spambot or technical support.

But it’s best to follow the principles outlined in the user agreement.