Transfer Telegram to another phone – detailed instructions

Telegram is the most popular messenger in the world, which has already been downloaded by millions of users. The application is characterized by a simple interface, a large number of functions and increased security.

The messenger stores a lot of important information, so when changing the number or using another device, you need to know how to transfer Telegram to a new phone or computer.

Features of the application on the phone

Telegram features include high data transfer speed, many functions, user-friendly interface and enhanced security. Application developers adhere to a policy of complete openness. Each subscriber can get acquainted with the protocol, API and source code. All messenger options are used to create a comfortable and secure platform for exchanging information.

Transfer Telegram to another device

Transferring Telegram to another Android or iOS phone is automatic. Just download the application and log in. If desired, it is allowed to install the program on each gadget.

To phone

To transfer Telegram to another smartphone, just download the application and enter your account. Download the messenger from the “Play Market” if you have Android.

IPhone requires downloading Telegram from the App Store. NIDte the program through the search bar of the store and click the “Install” button. If you download Telegram from official sources, then in the future there will be no problems with its use.

How to save correspondence and contacts

If Telegram is used on several gadgets, it is important to know how to save data. There are different ways to transfer contacts and dialogs with Telegram.

Methods for saving data:

  • Uploading information to the Telegram Cloud. Access to information will be only with the account holder.
  • Do not delete messages from the interlocutor (if the user hopes to be able to view the dialogue with another subscriber).
  • Copy information using screenshots. This option is not effective in secret chats.
  • Deactivate the option to delete the history of correspondence by timer.
  • Email Conversations.
  • To transfer Telegram messages from one phone to another, you can backup the correspondence.

How to install multiple clients on one device

It is not possible to install more than one client on one computer or smartphone. But in addition to the main version of Android, it’s allowed to download “Place Messenger” or use the web-version. Then the work of each client is carried out anonymously, so it will be possible to work with several accounts simultaneously. Inaccessible Plus Messenger app for Apple and computer.

How to recover lost information

If you lose access to Telegram (stealing a smartphone, problems with a SIM card, etc.), you can try to reanimate the lost information.

This procedure is available if the profile is open on the computer and the user did not log out by clicking the Logout button.

To restore access, you will need to enter a password with valid local protection. You can log in to the system if the user clicked the Logout button only on a smartphone. In other cases, login to the account will fail.

The network offers a large number of utilities that promise to recover lost information in Telegram. Many programs are paid, but they do not solve the problem. Typically, such utilities infect PC viruses.

Possible migration issues

The most common difficulties when trying to transfer Telegram to another phone:

  • When entering the profile from a new gadget, subscribers often forget the password, as they enter it only during registration. To restore the access code, you need to request new data for authorization. The password should be sent to the phone number in SMS, which was used when registering the account.
  • Unable to download client. The problem occurs if the messenger is incompatible with the operating system. To fix the problem, you need to update the OS or download the appropriate client.


Contact synchronization is the exchange of information between a profile and a device. The function is relevant when creating a new account or using multiple SIM cards. Synchronization is carried out automatically when you log in to your account from another gadget. At the same time, new correspondence appears that are easy to delete. Synchronization and manual cleaning of chats are not available for the web version.


To transfer Telegram to another device, just download the application and log in. Contacts and messages are synchronized automatically. Using the mobile and computer versions of the program has some differences due to the provision of convenient operation.