Network status “Recently online” in Telegram

Telegram provides many interesting options, but anonymity and security have always been a priority for developers. Therefore, the functionality of the messenger allows you to hide the exact time of activity and inform only that a person has been online recently in telegram.

We’ll talk about this.

Network status

The last stay is shown under the account name, for example, “was (was) at 11:17”. But the application’s flexible settings allow you to hide accurate information and replace it with Telegram status “was recently”.

The values ​​change and look like:

  • “Was online a very long time” – could not log in for more than 30 days.
  • “This Month” – indicates that the user has not appeared from the week, but 30 days have not passed since the visit.
  • “This week” – talks about a period of 3 to 7 days.
  • Telegram shows “was recently” – this is when from the time of the last visit from 1 minute to 3 days passed.

Who can see

By default, the application displays information about the stay to everyone without exception. But with simple settings, you can choose those who see her.

There are three options to choose from:

  • “Everything” – any Telegram subscriber will see when the account was online.
  • “My contacts” – the status will be hidden from everyone except people from the personal list.
  • “Nobody” – the exact time of your stay will be inaccessible to everyone. Instead, there will be a record “was (a) recently” or “long ago”.


You can configure exceptions for each visibility option. First you need to determine from which to hide the online mode or vice versa – show. Next, select them from the contact list.

For example, the option “nobody” is indicated, but there is a person from whom you do not need to hide the online mode. To do this, in the “Last Activity” section of the “Add Exceptions” tab, select the user and mark it with a tick. Thus, visibility is configured not only for one, but also for several contacts.

Why hide the time you visit Telegram

The reasons why you need to hide your online stay on social networks from others are different. Often there is a desire to limit information from the head if the messenger is used during office hours, but it is not intended for corporate communication.

Entering Telegram, the boss will see that the subordinate instead of fulfilling his duties spends his working time on entertainment, and this clearly will not please him.

On a note! For such cases, a list of exceptions has been added, with which you can adjust the visibility of your stay on the network for certain accounts, as well as change it based on current needs.

Recent status

When developing indicators, the authors of Telegram tried to take into account all the possible nuances. They did not completely hide the activity, but left only general data.

If you do not show the time at all, it will become unclear whether the person is using the messenger and whether he will receive a message addressed to him. Information in Telegram “was recently” will show how much has passed since the last stay, and is it realistic to contact the user through the application.

Important! To protect the network from inactive or fake accounts, the developers installed attendance counters. If there was no activation for six months, then the client is completely destroyed with all the stored data.


Last visit time.

If the profile says “was recently in Telegram”, this may mean how much time has passed since the last activity.

The status says that since the user visited the application for more than a minute, but less than three days, which means that the probability of receiving a message is high.


The messenger has become popular largely due to its ease of use. Anyone who is not even familiar with modern technology can make settings. The actions will be slightly different, depending on the device on which the application is installed.

On the phone

To set the status “was recently in Telegram” on a smartphone, you must perform the following steps:

  • Go to the app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • Open the section “Last activity”.
  • Check the box next to “All”, “My Contacts” or “Nobody”.
  • Add exceptions by selecting from the personal list those who will not be affected by the changes made.
  • Exit the menu. Innovations are automatically saved.

On the computer

To change the privacy on the PC, you must log into Telegram. Next, go to the menu through the three horizontal bars at the top left of the screen. Repeat as on a smartphone.

For the changes to take effect, after performing the manipulations, click the “Save” button.

By the way! The “Cancel” option will return the settings back to their original state.

Change in status when a user is blocked

Possible visibility options apply to regular accounts. Blocked users always see one thing: “I’ve been on the network for a very long time.” Therefore, if a person talked with someone, and then saw this information, then you can be sure that the user blocked him.

The authors of the application care about the comfort of their subscribers, so the first message from a stranger next to his name is marked “Spam”.

If you suspect fraud or do not want to have a conversation, you can click this button. A blocked user will no longer be able to write messages to users not from his contact list.

The restriction can last from seven days to infinity if complaints continue. Therefore, you should carefully communicate with strangers so as not to get into the ban.

Is it worth it to go into the “invisible”

Another feature of Telegram status is its reciprocity. The developers considered it unfair to hide information about themselves, while continuing to observe others. Therefore, they arranged everything in such a way that, hiding from a certain circle of persons, the user also ceases to see information about their activity.

On the example of the boss and subordinate, it will look like this: hiding his online stay from the boss, the employee will also not see his status. Therefore, before becoming “invisible”, you need to think.

Telegram continues to gain popularity. Every day, hundreds of thousands of new subscribers join the messenger. People feel caring for themselves. They are tired of obsessive advertising and paid services. No other application has such a reverent attitude to personal information and status changes prove this.