Telegram does not work: ways to solve the problem

If Telegram does not work on the device, the first thing to do is to clear the request history (cache). In addition, when using the application, a lot of unnecessary “garbage” accumulates in the device’s system memory, the connection may disappear, or the user accidentally reset the settings.

The main problems in the operation of Telegram

Telegram error.

If the messenger was previously correctly installed, it was allowed to start it, log in from any device, then the connection may be disconnected due to poor connection, failure of settings.

That is why the first step to restore work is to always restart your smartphone, tablet. If it doesn’t help, you can uninstall the program, download the latest version of Telegram and reinstall.

Lack of connection

If, after starting Telegram, the Connecting icon on the screen starts to spin endlessly, it means that the Internet does not work. To fix the problem, it is recommended to periodically disconnect and reconnect the device with a wi-fi router or modem.

When Telegram stops starting, there is another explanation – there is no connection due to the negative balance on the number through which the network is connected. If all these problems are resolved, other sites open, then the problem is associated exclusively with the work of the messenger.

A software error in the application leads to the following crashes:

  • the messenger stops loading;
  • Telegram can open, but stops connecting, and after the greeting appears on the screen, nothing else happens.

Such software malfunctions can occur after updating the utility or installing any program on the device, which caused an application conflict. This is fixed by reinstalling the messenger, while the program needs to be downloaded only from the official site.

Lack of connection may be caused by problems on Telegram’s own servers. Unfortunately, while the user is not able to change something, it remains only to wait for the developers to fix the problem.

If the search by phone number does not work, and Telegram does not connect to a specific subscriber, then it is quite possible that the user is simply not registered in the application.


The slow speed of a running application may be due to the following:

  • many tabs, applications are open on a computer, MacBook or smartphone;
  • version of android, ios is out of date;
  • Telegram will freeze if the device does not have the necessary characteristics (OS, RAM).

The solution may be optimization – closing all background applications, moving large files to the cloud, removing unnecessary programs that load the device’s memory.

Older versions of the utility are less demanding on the parameters of the gadget. Therefore, if Telegram is not loaded, it is recommended to install them, especially if the update attempt was unsuccessful.

Inability to enter

If the application does not open, you need to delete the cache. This is done through the “Application Manager”, then Telegram is selected and the “Clear Cache” key is pressed.

The program may stop starting due to the large number of unnecessary files (“garbage”), which constantly accumulates in the device’s memory. Use convenient utilities to clean your computer or smartphone from time to time.

User accounts can be blocked by the messenger itself. This explains the problems when after starting it is not possible to enter Telegram, and a window appears on the screen where you will be asked to log in and the “Start Messaging” button will hang.

Sometimes it’s not possible to access Telegram due to incorrect location of the user.

What can be done for the desktop version:

  • When using, correctly uninstall the messenger through the option “Add or Remove Programs.” After that, download the new version.
  • Disable VPN and proxy.
  • Re-enter authorization data.

After installing Telegram and to complete the registration, the user leaves his contact – a mobile number, to which a reply SMS will come with a code. It must be written in the application window. If the code does not arrive for a long time, the cause may be a banal error.

It is worth checking the correctness of the specified data, perhaps the code was sent to someone else’s number, to another person.


Telegram may restrict communication in groups or chats. Message blocking is imposed for spamming and other violations of the rules for using the messenger.

To check your account, you need to write a special bot @SpamBot. Even if a response comes with confirmation of the eternal ban, there is always the opportunity to send a letter to the moderators at the address indicated in the message and explain the error.

In Telegram, after sending and reading a letter, an icon with two checkmarks appears next to it.

Sometimes messages from one or more users may disappear.

This problem is solved as follows:

  • If the dialogue was private, then it is available only in the mobile version of the application. To continue the closed conversation you need to go to Telegram via smartphone.
  • The program or the conversation itself has not yet connected to the network. You need to check the stability of the connection, wait a bit.


There are situations when Telegram on Android or IPhone works correctly, the connection is established, the user enters the program, but data about new posts does not download, and stickers, audio, video and other media are not sent.

The problem may be related to the following settings:

  • Disabled notifications within a group or chat. To check this, you need to go to the channel, at the top right there will be an image with three points. After clicking, a window appears in which notifications are turned on.
  • The settings inside the messenger were lost. To restore, open the “Notifications” tab in the profile settings and check the boxes next to the necessary items.
  • Finally, you need to check the settings on your smartphone or PC.

Sound recording

It happens that you cannot record and send a voice message. First of all, it is worth checking the serviceability of a microphone or other recording device. This problem may also occur due to incorrect settings.

Sometimes the user accidentally sets a ban on the device recognizing a microphone in Telegram. To restore access, you need to open “Settings”, then “Applications” or “Application Manager”, select Telegram and then click on “Permission”. Move the slider to the right so that it turns green.

Inside Telegram, the sound parameters are checked as follows:

  • Open the profile settings tab (top-left icon with three stripes), then go to “Calls”.
  • A window will appear where the image of the parameters will be on the top right, and when you click on it, “Call setting” will appear.
  • This tab changes the microphone data (Microphone). It can be tested using the “Test microphone” key. Here, music playback through headphones or speakers is turned on and changed.

Images and videos

If the received images do not open or have very poor quality, then the application settings are lost. In addition, you need to check the automatic save function in Telegram.

To do this, open “Settings” (Setting), then “Advanced Settings” (Advanced).

In the “Data and storage” section, you can specify the path – the folder where photos, videos and other files will be downloaded, as well as the period of their storage on the device and other options.

Other messenger malfunctions

Iphone may have conflicts with the operating system, so you need to install only the appropriate version of the application.

Telegram does not work on smartphones with Android 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0. To exclude this reason, you need to open the gadget settings and see the software version.

If Telegram does not open on a computer or laptop, it is recommended to go to the official website, download and install the appropriate desktop version depending on the operating system (an optional messenger is provided for Windows 10, and Debian is used for installation on Linux).

In addition, the operation of Telegram may be affected by some computer antivirus programs, advertising prohibition services.

For help – technical support

As such, the service for handling user requests in Telegram is missing. You can find the answer to your question on the website or leave a written appeal in a special form at

Inside the messenger there is a bot assistant @WTSupport_bot, as well as a community of volunteers. These are ordinary people who answer questions for free and solve the problems of other Telegram users. Their goal is not to make money on consultations, but to promote and improve their favorite messenger.

Volunteers can be reached by clicking on the “Ask a Question” button in the profile settings.

Despite possible failures, it is easy to resume Telegram. The main thing is to initially establish the reason for the termination of work.