Telegram Web – browser version of the messenger

Surely fans of “Carts” at least once wondered what Telegram Web or webograms is. And to find out the answer in the age of quick access to information is not at all difficult, and even a novice user will not be able to master such an option of a messenger. Nevertheless, we will further examine in detail what the Telegram web version is and why it is needed.

What is Telegram Web

Telegram is a cross-platform messenger with which people exchange messages, videos and photos directly via the Internet.

Telegram is encrypted using the MTProto protocol. This means that user messages will remain only between them, and not a single stranger, not counting the developers of the application, will not get access to their personal correspondence.

Telegram Web is an online version of the messenger, thanks to which access to the application becomes possible from any device.

Note! Cross-platform – the ability of the program to work on most hardware platforms. When they say “cross-platform application”, they mean that it works on a large number of operating systems. For example, Telegram supports iOS, Android, Flame, Windows and other OS.

Supported Devices

You can open the Internet variation of Telegram on a device with access to the Network. It can be your smartphone with Android OS, iPhone x or a laptop with Windows and firefox, Yandex, chrome browsers.


Telegram online has long been no new to anyone. It has a simple and attractive design. When you go to the main site of the messenger, a menu in English will open, in which each user will understand, even those who do not speak English.

Appearance for an authorized subscriber is no less easy to understand.

The menu bar consists of five blocks:

  • New chat (New chat. When you click on this button, you will be asked to create a dialogue consisting of two or more people).
  • Contacts (Contacts. Upon transition, all numbers from the notebook on the phone registered in the application will be shown).
  • Settings (Options, Settings).
  • Telegram FAQ (Access to the frequently asked questions page).
  • About (Brief information describing the application).

Most of these sections are easy to understand, but you should pay special attention to the settings category. At the very top of the page, under the inscription Settings, there will be a profile photo. Next to it is the name of the subscriber, and a little lower is the time when the user last logged on.

Below will be the person’s phone number, and under it is the ability to change nickname. Even lower is the notification block. Use the slider to choose whether to allow the application to send various notifications and banners.

By clicking on the next line, the user can see unread messages. With the line Sound everything is clear, this is sound. Using the slider, you need to adjust the volume of notifications and the entire application as a whole. And at the very bottom are quick key combinations. By default, sending messages is on the Enter button.


The main functions of Telegram Online:

  • Russification.
  • The ability to change the theme and background in the dialogue.
  • Resize Text.
  • Pin message.
  • Calls.
  • Sending voice messages.
  • Forwarding messages, the answer to a specific question.
  • Invite friends.
  • Secret Chat feature.
  • Indicator showing message status: delivered, not delivered or read.
  • Ability to block calls.
  • 2-step authorization.
  • Account deleting.
  • Adding a photo, a brief information about the profile owner.

By the way! If you have any questions, feel free to go to the Telegram official website and look for the answer. If you don’t find it, write a message and feedback to tech support.

How to use a web messenger

In order to start using Web-Messenger Telegram, you need to open a browser search, and then write the name of the site. On the page that opens, you should go through the authorization procedure, then you will familiarize yourself with the application interface, understand the settings.

After understanding the online version, you can create the first chat or open the contact list, select a number and send a private message. It is also possible to start a hidden conversation.


In order to open the Telegram version of the Web, just write its name in the search bar in any browser, and then go to the very first link. The authorization window will open on the official page.


To register in an online cart, you must enter the name of your country on the authorization page (select from the list provided) and write a phone number. Then you need to wait for the arrival of SMS with a confirmation code and enter this five-digit number in a special field.

Registration completed. If the messenger is already installed on your mobile phone, then all conversations and contacts will open in the online version.

If registration in the messenger occurs for the first time, then after entering the code, you will be asked to write a real name and nickname. This completes the registration process. You can go to the “Carts” client page in the browser, perform the login procedure and use the application calmly.


Telegram Web Login.

To enter, each time you need to enter the Telegram Web channel into the computer in the browser and open the first link. Authorization is performed once.

Each time you log in, it is not required if you use Web Telegram from the same device.

Advantages and disadvantages of the web version

It is worth noting that Telegram online Online can not be considered a full-fledged messenger, because there is no registration function.

But there are advantages:

  • Convenience of use. Each dialogue can be scattered in different folders.
  • Logging in to the online version is very simple and requires a minimum of time.
  • Clear interface.
  • Ability to copy text.
  • The presence of two-stage authorization. This greatly improves account security.
  • Language Change Availability.

There are also some inconveniences.

For example, the following:

  • Lack of registration. To go through the process of creating a record, you will need to download the application. It will take some time.
  • Telegram Web has nothing to do with Telegram LCC, which means that the online version is not official.
  • Low level of protection. It so happened historically that applications have a more reliable security system than online versions.
  • The process of creating bots is complicated.
  • The lack of application icons on the desktop. To enter the client, you must constantly open the browser and register the name of the service.

As you can see, an online Telegram can be convenient in some situations. For example, when there is no access to a mobile phone. In most cases, it will be easier and faster to use the downloaded application.