Can I hide my phone number in Telegram

As soon as the subscriber <registered in Telegram using his mobile, the first thing he notices is that the number is written under the name in the profile description. This puts many into a stupor, as the messenger positions itself as the most secure and secret. But there is no point in the safety of correspondence, videos, images, if everyone is exposed for personal viewing.

Next, we will talk about how to hide your phone number in Telegram, and also why you need it at all when registering.

Phone number and Telegram – why this connection

Telegram Phone Number.

Not everyone likes that you have to enter mobile when registering and logging into your Telegram account.

However, do not forget that the messenger relies on security, which is ensured only if the account is tied to the address.

Telegram has now expanded its capabilities, so people can transfer all data from one profile to another, as well as use multiple accounts from one application by synchronizing them. This and much more can still be hidden from prying eyes.

Can I hide my number

You can hide the phone number in Telegram, but this measure is rarely needed by anyone, since it is invisible by default.

To be more precise, those people from the contact list will know him. But those who are not there will never be recognized only if you do not write it in the profile information. No people inside Telegram, whether they are members of secret private chats or channels to which you are subscribed, especially since they will not be able to find out these data.

Who sees the contact

Since Telegram offered the function of showing their data to interlocutors, a button appeared to hide them.

Due to the fact that earlier the telephone number was available only to subscribers from the book, by default it is assumed that only they will see it.

By the way, if you do not specify a first and last name when registering with Telegram, a mobile will be displayed instead. You can hide it only by asking yourself a name.

How to hide

The algorithm for removing data from the field of view is easy, since you only have to take a few steps.

On the phone

So, to change the privacy settings and hide the Telegram number from everyone on the phone, you will need:

  • Open Telegram.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Find the “Privacy” section.
  • Press the “Number” button.
  • Choose who can see it:
    • Everything.
    • My contacts – that group from the phone book can see.
    • None – those who you are on the list will see.
  • If you select the “Nobody” item, you will need to answer the question of who can find your account – everyone who already knows your mobile phone, or only people from the book.
  • You can add exceptions below if certain people are allowed to view the data.

Visibility settings for your phone number.

All that remains is to save the changes. It is important to mention here that a person will always see your mobile number at home, if it is recorded in the gadget.

Only if you do not want to remove it from the book of this subscriber.


Many owners of smartphones with Android OS suggest that there is a special way to hide the number in Telegram. But he is not. So for everyone who uses Android, the instruction for turning on the stealth mode from the previous section is suitable.


No less often than Android users, the owners of the iPhone, or rather the iOS operating system, dream of magic ways to hide number. For owners of iPhones, learning something new is not necessary. The method suggested above is also suitable.

On the computer

We could please those who prefer the desktop version of Telegram on a computer, but nothing. The principle of hiding the phone address is the same as described previously – here too there are “Settings”, “Privacy” and the desired button.

The main thing is not to forget to save the changes, then the mobile will not be displayed.


As it is easy to understand from the text above, there is no reason to worry that someone online will recognize your mobile via Telegram. This can happen only for the reason if you recorded with someone or placed the phone yourself. As the developers promised, Telegram is safe, and it does not give out information about registered people to anyone. The only ones who can reveal the secret of numbers are the users themselves.