Watch a video in Telegram

Telegram messenger has long gained wide popularity. This is due to many factors: the ability to correspond with a certain circle of people, to draw interesting information for yourself, to have access to a variety of entertainment.

You can watch videos, clips, TV shows on Telegram without downloading, registering and charging.

Telegram video viewing function

Watch a video in Telegram.

As soon as it became possible to upload files to Telegram channels and personal chats, a function appeared to organize the viewing of various clips, including feature films.

The only important condition is that the total load weight should not exceed 1.5 GB.

ON A NOTE! If you need to upload a larger file, you will have to upload it to Telegraph.

In order to watch a video, the messenger user just needs to find the appropriate channel that publishes a free selection of films and select a category of his choice. After that, you can download a file to your phone, iPad, tablet or computer, and registration is not required.

Viewing is carried out through:

  • player integrated in the Telegram channel;
  • telegraph;
  • players installed on a computer or laptop.

How to watch a video in the messenger

In order to view the files with the image and sound in Telegram, you need to perform simple steps. But you need to consider the moment from which device the movie or video will be viewed.

So, when playing on a computer, tablet or laptop by pressing the “Play” button, the user will be redirected to the holding page where the file is registered. Sometimes it’s quite uncomfortable.

Action algorithm

Please note that viewing in Telegram is quite simple and similar to viewing on YouTube. But there are drawbacks. For example, the missing setup menu in the video mode will not allow you to change the quality, playback speed, connect subtitles for films in a foreign language.

The user is not able to rewind, both forward and backward. Sometimes it seems that this was done specifically so that it was not possible to avoid viewing ads.

But despite some subtleties and minor inconveniences, it is worth noting that watching video in Telegram is extremely simple.

To do this, select the channel with your favorite movies.

  • When the desired file is indicated by touching the finger (by clicking the mouse from the computer), it will become active, an arrow will appear on it.
  • Now, by clicking on it, the download will occur.
  • Put to view.

Picture-in-Picture View

Telegram video viewing modes.

The method is convenient if you want to stay in the chat and watch the video at the same time. This way you can avoid unread messages.

Picture-in-Picture is suitable for playing video from any gadget, including Iphone or those that run on Android.

To watch a video through Telegram in this way, you must perform the following steps:

  • Remaining in the chat, click on the preview image.
  • After the image is launched, you need to click on the symbol of the filled rectangle enclosed in the frame at the bottom of the window.
  • This forms a small window in which the file will be played. It can be moved to a convenient place on the screen.

Best Telegram channels with video content

You can watch a video in Telegram without registration on channels devoted to different themes of films. Introducing the TOP 5 publics, visiting which even true movie fans will enjoy:

  • “New films”. It is best to get acquainted with films and trailers that have just been released or are planned to be released. Each video is given an active link that allows you to download a movie without registration.
  • “Filmmaker.” The peculiarity of this site also lies in the fact that the user will have to watch a movie on a third-party resource, and not through Telegram.
  • “Cinema”. Original HD Audio Collection Channel.
  • “Like movies.” In addition to movies, it contains videos with the most interesting events taking place in the world.
  • “Online movie”. Public is interesting in that each movie is given a brief description and trailer.

YouTube bots

If you want to get a non-single download, and find a whole selection, for example, clips or clips, then the SaveYouTubeBot bot can help with this. First you need to make a list of what you like: clips, artists, song titles.

This information should be sent to the bot. He will pick up what has been indicated, download and send it to the user. View or listen available in the background, as well as the download function.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION! Working with gadgets directly and connecting them to the TV, you can carry out a video session of movies and clips through the TV.

Although the process of watching a video in Telegram is quite easy, there are some nuances to consider. This will allow you to use all the functions of the messenger, which will increase the efficiency of use.