How to create an online store in Telegram

The number of subscribers of the Telegram messenger is constantly increasing, which is beneficial for business owners.

What is an online store

Telegram online store – a page on which an assortment of goods, product information is presented. Participants can make online purchases, choose payment and delivery methods, and business owners can make sales via Telegram.

In other words, this is a Telegram bot store. Thanks to the regular development of technology, Telegram bots will soon take on even more functions.

Who needs it and why

Telegram online store.

It is difficult to find a person who does not have instant messengers. Store owners successfully use this fact, creating online stores in the application and managing to pick up a free audience for themselves.

The online store is convenient in that it saves time on shopping. And the store created in Telegram reduces the duration of the search for the desired product on the sites.


There are three types of stores in Telegram. We will consider each separately.


It is a conversation opened by the owner, in which the contacts of the participants are recorded. Subscribers add people from the phone book, and the chat becomes wider. In the group you can talk with the owner of the business, ask questions about the price, delivery of goods.


The number of bots in Telegram is increasing regularly. Such an online store automatically selects a product, makes a purchase. Shop robots are still a little in the application, but they are gaining more and more popularity.


A telegram channel is a place where the channel owner shares information with users. Feature of the channel: the inability to leave comments by subscribers. It’s permissible to post product advertisements, photos of new clothes or even weather forecasts.

Shop in Telegram – step by step instructions

To create a store in Telegram, you must do the following:

  • In @BotFather register and come up with a bot.
  • Checkout store.
  • Run.

The subscriber can do the Telegram store himself or entrust the work to the programmer.

Create a bot

You can create a store in Telegram yourself. Through the search, you need to find @BotFather and start a dialog with it by clicking on the / start button.

Next, the / newbot command is entered, meaning the desire to create a new own robot. The bot will ask you to come up with the name of the created channel, which should be readable, voiced and match the name of the store.

Then BotFather will ask you to specify the bot address (that name, which is indicated in the address bar).

On a note! The name must end with -bot. E.g. odejdabot, taicosmeticsbot, etc.

Now that the shell for the store in Telegram is ready, BotFather will assign an id. This is the data that will help manage the store bot. It’s better to save the token in notes. In case of token loss, it can be requested in a dialog with BotFather.

Creating a store using a bot.

As the avatar of the created bot, they use the logo of the existing store or a picture symbolizing the connection with the product.

If the store has a site, showroom, social networks, etc., they are indicated in the description.

The next step is clearance. First of all, you need to import goods. Style, welcome words, etc. are important. For design, you can attract a programmer or configure parameters yourself through bots, for example @myBot.

The nuances of working with myBOT

The program is similar to the previous one. myBOT is often used for settings in computer games and information channels. Using @myBot, you can configure the distribution of notifications to subscribers subscribed to the channel. For example, new arrivals or sales.

How to order goods

To order, you need to start a dialogue with the bot and press / start. The command will open a directory menu. By clicking on it, the user will get access to the categories of products in the store.

Clicking on the desired category will open a complete list of products. To buy a certain thing, you need to click on the price indicated next to it. After that, the selected item will go to the basket.

How to place an order

There are a few steps left until the order is completed: select the time, date, delivery method, specify the address and contact details of the recipient. After placing an order and filling out all the data, the bot will redirect the user to the payment system service.

Why is it profitable to sell on Telegram

Telegram is an actively developing platform for business owners. It is profitable to sell here for two reasons. Firstly, fast loading of information.

Unlike sites that “float” in mobile versions, a bot or channel in Telegram has a high download speed and does everything possible so that a potential buyer easily finds the information that he is interested in and orders the goods.

Secondly, the latest technology. The application is regularly updated, new functions are introduced into it, which makes it even more convenient for users.

Sales through Telegram – it is profitable. In Telegram, you can create branded stickers in the style of your company. Subscribers are allowed to leave interesting posts and channels in bookmarks. In other words, the application is multifunctional: here the user can download an interesting photo, buy a thing, open a link and follow it.

With a wide range of products, creating a bot in Telegram is especially important, as there are still few competitors. To create a store in Telegram, you do not need to have special programming knowledge. The registration process is quite simple and requires only care and creativity. If you need to write a script, you can always contact a specialist.

To date, the most successful Telegram businessmen are owners of food delivery services. Using a bot that automatically accepts orders means saving, progress and convenience for subscribers.

Creating a chat bot in Telegram as an online store is a real process that you can implement yourself. For this, there is no need to look for a layout designer, programmer or developer. All have long been done for you. It remains only to decide on the creation of a chat bot and collect new leads for the business.