Instant View for Telegram

Telegram channels are becoming more popular every day. The creators strive to keep readers at all costs, preventing them from leaving their group. Instant View Telegram helps you get the job done.

Instant View Tool

The Instant View tool helps to open links in the built-in browser without closing Telegram. It opens not only text content, but also media files. Even sites that do not have a mobile version are supported. This saves time and resources among channel readers.

Principle of operation

Instant View for Telegram.

Instant view helps you set up a convenient preview of third-party resources. When the link to the site hits Telegram, the tool adds a preview window to it.

The material is displayed in its original form. You do not need to connect to the system separately, as it happens on similar tools on Facebook. The messenger itself carries out all operations.


The main advantage for users is speed. They no longer need to open the browser separately to familiarize themselves with third-party source material. Now you can learn everything without leaving the boundaries of your favorite messenger.

Instant View works equally well with all types of sites, including those created on WordPress. It requires much less resources than similar systems in other social networks.


On the main page of Instant view in Telegram, you can find examples of typesetting in various formats. The bonus of the editor is the minimum amount of data that the bot needs: “Title” and “Body”. They give the program a guide. The first identifier identifies the title, the second identifies content.

To create your own version, you need to select the finished page on which the template will be created. It is suitable for other pages. You can view page data using the Page Code command.

How to make Instant View in Telegram

You can create your own version of the template for the Telegram channel in the editor. It is necessary to register the properties, title and body of the page. Parameters are set using html tags. The following is a detailed guide to this process. To make an instant view in Telegram can someone who is at least a little familiar with programming.

How to register a title: title: // article // h1. The content of the header itself is written in the DIV tag with the id = ’title attribute.

Personal Instant View for Telegram.

The “body” is also set by the div tag, but now we need to define a class – subtitle. To add multimedia images, specify the Append command.

Rules for building a template

Template – a combination of rules that specify the appearance of the displayed information in the preview window. Do not confuse the site code and template. They are not related.

The most commonly used variables in creating a template:

  • author – the author is indicated;
  • image_url – picture, image;
  • cover – video, audio files;
  • author_url – active link to the author;
  • subtitle – subtitle;
  • published_date – time of publication.

Instant View Editor

The page for editing templates looks pretty simple. When creating a template, 3 mini-windows open showing changes. Each tag changes the visual display of the page, which is immediately visible in the second window.

Step-by-step instruction

How the instant view telegram tool works is best understood in practice. Designing your own design without knowledge of HTML will fail. You need to understand how the sites for which codes are created.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Enter in the address bar and open this site. Select the tab “My templates”.
  • Create an account.
  • In a special line write the URL of any article that needs Instant View. A new tab will open with different windows: original page, rules and preview.

    Create your own template step by step.

  • Open the desired page and view its code (right-click on an empty space, select “View Code”).
  • In the middle window, set the rules.
  • If the content does not suit, adjust.
  • At the end of the work, click the “View in Telegram” button, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Select recipients for the template link and send it out.

Note! Link only works for posts created by the sender.

Now the Telegram team is conducting a contest among the creators of website templates.

Resource owners and authors of Telegram channels can use this event to get a template for their Internet source.

Link generation and sending

The initial appearance of the link from Telegram is not very attractive. This is a long character set that occupies most of the text. There are only two ways to make a concise and beautiful link:

  • use the Telegram API and write a bot to send posts;
  • using the off-the-shelf (e.g. @ControllerBot). This robot only understands HTML commands. He is able to change a long canvas into a short link in a second.

Template reward

The system for receiving bonuses is very simple. You must first create a template for the site from the list provided on the site The creators of the platform allocated a prize fund of $ 300 thousand.

Each participant can receive a fixed fee. And the one who can make the most of all the templates is entitled to $ 10,000. The runner-up – $ 5,000. You can additionally receive money by finding errors in other people’s work.

It’s best to understand the principle of Instant View in practice. Competitions are an additional incentive to master the tool. Do not pull, because in addition to gaining layout skills, you can win a good monetary reward.