Telegram blacklist – how to block a contact

The application for communication on the Telegram network is considered one of the most popular. However, not all messenger users follow the cultural rules of communication. I would like to protect some interlocutors from communicating with myself. Fortunately, the app has a lock function.

What is a lock and why is it needed

The average Telegram user receives several dozen messages every day, including not only news from loved ones and useful newsletters from publics, but also annoying ads and spam. To protect yourself from people unpleasant in communication, they should be contributed to the emergency.

Reasons for blacklisting:

  • receiving a lot of spam;
  • inappropriate behavior of the interlocutor;
  • opponent’s importunity;
  • personal resentment.

How to block a contact in Telegram

Contact blocking in Telegram.

The most common question among application users: how to block a contact in Telegram.

This is due to an increase in the percentage of spam from different communities. Each operating system has its own method.

On Android

You can limit communication with an unwanted interlocutor on an Android phone as follows:

  • Launch the application.
  • Find in the dialogs the user who needs to be added to the emergency.
  • Click on his name in the top row.
  • Click on the three dots icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Select the “Block” function.

On iphone

Blocking on the iOS operating system is similar to Android.

Detailed instructions:

  • Open Telegram.
  • In the list of dialogs, select the one you want to remove.
  • Go to the conversation.
  • Click an avatar or contact name.
  • Click on the red “Lock” button.

On the computer

The application interface for the PC is almost identical to the mobile version. If you need to find out how to block a Telegram number on your computer, read the following instructions. You can ban a person in the same way as on the phone – through a personal dialogue. Adding a channel to the ban occurs through the settings.

Moderator Lockout

Note! If moderators see a repeated violation of the rules, they will block the IP address.

If, when starting Telegram, a person sees a message about a ban on the use of the application, this indicates one thing – the moderators blocked.

It is impossible to get around such a ban. The problem can only be solved by creating a new account with a different mobile number.

Unable to unlock, because Telegram uses a data encryption protocol.

The security system is the main advantage of Telegram over other messengers, however in this situation it plays against the user.

Blacklist – what is it?

The creators of Telegram have provided a blacklist function so that users can delete unwanted contacts (those who send spam, suspicious messages or threats).

There are two ways to block a person in Telegram:

  • Send dialogue to spam.
  • Put a person in emergency.

Anyone who received a ban will not be able to view your account, send messages, and also call. All incoming SMS from you will not be displayed to him.

How to add a person to the emergency

Any subscriber can block a contact in Telegram on the phone.

To do this, you need:

  • Activate chat with the person you want to throw in an emergency.
  • View Profile Information.
  • Select the “Block” function.

If you deleted a friend by accident, don’t worry, you can return it after a while.

How to view the emergency

You can see the list of blocked in Telegram through the settings. To do this, go to the “Privacy and Security” section, where to open the “Black List”. It can be edited.

Turn off notification temporarily

The messenger provides a way to quickly turn off all annoying notifications.

Turn off notifications.

For smartphones:

  • Launch the Telegram app.
  • Go to the “Settings” column. On the Android version, this section is indicated by three dots, in the Iphone – by a gear.
  • Select the sub-item “Notifications and sounds”. There you can adjust the volume of incoming notifications.
  • Move the slider to turn off in unnecessary categories.

How to unlock a contact

A ban is not given forever. If for some reason you need to unlock a person, this can be done through the settings.

The algorithm for pulling a person from the blacklist is as follows:

  • Open the Settings tab.
  • Select “Confidentiality”.
  • Go to the blacklist in Telegram.
  • Find the right person.
  • Get him out of the emergency.
  • Send him a text message to make sure there is no block.

Any user can protect themselves from unpleasant communication, calls from unfamiliar numbers and advertising. The creators of Telegram made sure that their subscribers were always comfortable and easy to work with the messenger.