Lifegrams, secrets and Telegram chips – find out hidden features

Telegram has all the basic functions that provide reliable communication, high-quality file transfer and an increased level of security. Developers strive to achieve maximum comfort for subscribers, so there are certain Telegram features that greatly simplify the use of the messenger.

Application feature

Telegram’s distinctive feature is privacy. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed by the MTProto dialog encryption technology, which was developed by Nikolai Durov. MTProto provides privacy for both secret and regular chats. During the use of the application there was not a single case of hacking and decryption of Telegram traffic.

The best secrets of Telegram.

Pavel Durov, the creator of the messenger, repeatedly launched a contest to identify vulnerabilities in the methodology. The task for the participants was simple – opening access to the dialogue between Pavel and Nikolai Durov.

Only one user was able to get a little closer to the goal, for which he received half the winning amount.

Life hacks and chips – what is it

Telegram life hacks and chips are useful recommendations on how to maximize the potential of the application. In addition to the basic functions, there are additional features that not every user is aware of.

The most cool messenger options:

  • creation of bots;
  • adding your own stickers;
  • personal blogging.

Telegram features

The main purpose of the application is to provide a reliable platform for communication and entertainment. Telegram secrets and chips significantly expand the functionality of the messenger.

Key application options:

  • Intrusion-protected correspondence
  • file sharing;
  • creating secret chats;
  • quick messaging.

In addition to the basic functions, a large number of additional options are available that distinguish this application from other instant messengers.

Self-destructing SMS

In hidden chat, you can set the date after which the message is deleted automatically. To do this, in the secret dialog you need to click on three points, and then select the action “Enable timer deletion”. Next the required date is set.

Invisible reading messages

In the mobile version of the application, you can read messages unnoticed by the interlocutor. Turn on airplane mode on your smartphone, then open messages. After that, you can immediately exit Telegram and enable normal communication mode.

Audio and video calls

In Telegram, it is impossible to contact the interlocutor via video communication, although rumors about the introduction of such a function have been circulating for a long time. But the application perfectly supports audio calls. For communication, you need to open a dialog and select the “Call” option.

Telegram Audio Call.

Audio Capabilities:

  • Record voice messages. It is required to clamp the microphone icon and do not let it go until the wording of the thought is completed. A message is sent immediately after the user stops clamping the microphone icon.
  • Quickly send voice messages. To record a new message you need to bring the phone to your ear and wait for a little vibration.
  • Compression of traffic during a conversation. This option is useful for people with a limited Internet limit.


To configure the search for messages by topic, add hashtags in the #test format. After clicking on a specific tag, all information related to the keyword is opened. If you use hashtags in correspondence with yourself, then they are available only to one subscriber. When tags are applied in dialogue with friends, then all members of the group use them.

Online bots

In Telegram, you can write a bot yourself or use a ready-made assistant. He performs any actions for which he will be programmed – information retrieval, a selection of books, films, music, etc. Each bot is programmed for one function. For example, online assistant @gif helps to find GIFs for a specific request.

Search for images and gifs

It is allowed to find the necessary picture or GIF without leaving Telegram. To do this, open the dialog and attach the file by clicking on the icon in the form of a paper clip. Then the action “Photos and video” is selected. Next, in the top menu, click on the image of the magnifying glass and write the query in the search bar.

Security and privacy

Many Telegram features are related to the security of subscribers. So you can hide from individual or all users the time the application was last opened.

Security and privacy settings features:

  • Call barring.
  • Two-factor authentication – when entering the application you will have to enter the password and code that comes to the phone.
  • Account deletion – independent choice of the date when the account will be deactivated. Moreover, the time of the last visit does not matter.
  • Setting a password for the application – access to the messenger opens only after the password is entered correctly.
  • Use instead of the phone number @ username – thanks to this, strangers will not be able to find out personal data, which will allow to maintain absolute anonymity. The number will be displayed only for those who have a contact in the notebook of the smartphone.
  • Change of name and surname – this data will be displayed when sending messages to groups.
  • Upload avatar.
  • Account Description – This feature is useful for those who use the page for business purposes.

Media files

The application is available to configure auto-download media files. This feature is useful when roaming.

To select the type of files that will be downloaded when connected to the network, you need to click on the “Traffic and Storage” section in the settings. Then the type of connection and the type of files are selected.

Cloud storage

Telegram cloud storage is a dialogue with itself, access to which is only available to the account owner. You can send recordings from different channels to the chat, upload files, send notes. To quickly find the information you need in the dialog, it is recommended to use hashtags.

Community grouping

Grouping communities is allowed only in the computer version of the application. To do this, go to the main menu, select the “Settings” section and enter the word “Workmode” in the English layout without quotes.

Then the program will reboot, and at the beginning of the list of dialogs the action “Hide chats without notifications” will appear. When you click on this link from the list of conversations, correspondence will disappear, where notifications are disabled.

It is not yet possible to group dialogs in the mobile version, but the developers offer a good alternative: in order to keep the correspondence of correspondence on the phone, the chat is hidden.

Account auto deletion

In Telegram, you can easily delete your account. Automatic deactivation occurs if the user has not logged into the profile for six months. But the messages that were sent to the interlocutors are stored in their accounts.

After deletion, it is impossible to restore the page, since all data is erased from the service irrevocably. But it is allowed to download the application again. For this, owners of iPhones need to download the program from the App Store, and Android users – from Google Play. There is also a computer version that can be downloaded from a browser.


Important information can be saved in the Favorites section. This function allows you to not lose interesting entries. You will need to click on the repost icon in the form of an arrow and select “Favorites”. This option also allows you to send messages to yourself and transfer various files from your computer to your phone.

Other chips

Not all users are familiar with Telegram’s hidden features. The application has a large number of chips. Lifehacker publishes many secrets.

Turn off notifications in Telegram.

Other messenger options:

  • Turn off notifications – you can apply this function to individual dialogs or immediately to all interlocutors.
  • You can change the design type and background of the chat.
  • Picture-in-picture – playing video while watching chats and channels.
  • Choosing a browser to open external links – Telegram has its own Web browser, but if you want, you can choose a third-party service.
  • Sending screenshots to the cloud or saving to the client – an option available in the computer version of the application.
  • Telescope – Record videos that are round.
  • Telegraph – designed to view large articles.
  • Invite friends to Telegram via any messenger.
  • Pin dialog at the very beginning of the chat list.
  • Change the font and text size – you can even select italics if desired.
  • Listening to music – plays songs from the social network VKontakte absolutely free.

What is the advantage of Telegram

Telegram is very popular. Almost all subscribers leave positive feedback about the program. It is exploited even by the Pope. This demand is due to the unique benefits of the application.

Advantages of the Telegram messenger:

  • Security and privacy with MTProto.
  • Secret chats that even the application team cannot access.
  • Fast registration, which takes no more than 3 minutes.
  • Easy to use thanks to an intuitive interface.
  • The presence of various life hacks – bots, cloud storage, stickers, etc.

Telegram has a lot of fun tricks and secrets. All functions are aimed at creating a convenient and secure platform for the exchange of information. The application is constantly evolving, so soon you should expect new interesting options and useful features.