We register in Telegram without a phone number

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Every user knows that it is impossible to register a Telegram account without a phone number. To make communication in the messenger available, you need to enter an SMS message sent to the numbers indicated during registration.

In order for the authorized bodies to request the details of the channel owner or the initiator of group communication, it is enough to receive a court decision. After an official request, the administration of the service is obliged to provide the data to which the account is linked.

Linking to a specific number is not always convenient for businessmen. Sometimes it takes multiple business accounts to work.

Let’s analyze the methods of authorization in the messenger, the use of which will allow you to maintain anonymity in Telegram.

Ways to register without a phone

We will repeat that it will not work to register in Telegram without a number. All known methods involve gaining access using third-party phones or their emulators.


Virtual number

This is the name of the virtual PBX service. When purchasing one or several numbers, the subscriber is assigned a SIP account. To communicate, receive SMS messages, you do not need a SIM card, you just need to put the application on your smartphone, PC, tablet, laptop. The only inconvenience is that you have to be online to use the number.

Services providing virtual number services offer two connection options. The easiest is one-time access. It can be used to create an account. But after receiving the code, the virtual SIM card is blocked.

The advantages of such a number are that:

  • in most cases it’s free;
  • it can be used to register a Telegram account, send ads or communicate with customers from message boards.

The disadvantages are that it will not be possible to log into this account from another device (you also need SMS, and the number is disabled). Having lost the gadget on which the messenger is authorized from a disposable number, it will not be possible to recover the data.

The second method is much more reliable – it is a connection to a permanent virtual telephone number.

Positive aspects of such a number:

  • it can be used not only for Telegram, but also for other needs, for example, post on the network, leave in store profiles;
  • it allows you to connect from any device;
  • it is possible to restore access to the account if the gadget with the installed messenger is lost.

The main drawback is that such a service is paid.

Note. Virtual numbers can be found in a web search.

Using services

This is actually the same solution as in the previous paragraph, only the virtual number is opened independently using third-party software.

The most popular service is TextNow. You can search for it for iPhone in the App Store, and for a smartphone with Android – in Google Play.


From time to time, this application disappears from the stores, then the download will have to be done from the mirror – ApkMirror. It is very easy to create an account with TextNow:

  • go to the application;
  • press the button “Get a free phone number”;
  • in the “Subscription” tab, write the name of the mailbox and come up with a password;
  • confirm your choice by tapping on “Create an account”.

If nothing happened after the check, then you need to restart the program. Sometimes, even in this case, the connection does not occur. This means that the application will start working over the VPN.

There are other software for obtaining virtual numbers, for example, Twilio.


For Skype users, there is no need to search for anything and install additionally in order to enter Telegram without a phone. It is enough to subscribe to a virtual number. This service is paid, its price is slightly less than 6 euros per month.

This way it is also possible to use Telegram without a phone number. It’s just that your account in the messenger will be tied to Skype, where all SMS will be sent.


This is one of the most difficult options. But when using it, you will not have to pay anything.

BlueStacks is a software tool designed to create an image (emulation) of the Android operating system on a personal computer.

What need to do:

  • install on BlueStacks PC;
  • via BStack emulator download Telegram and Nextplus application;
  • register in Next +, select country and phone code, enter captcha;
  • Next + will show the phone number, enter it into Telegram launched via BStack;
  • after entering the received numbers on the messenger page, the counter will start counting down;
  • when resetting the counter in Nextplus, an operator call will be heard, who will dictate a confirmation code.

That’s it, registration in Telegram without a phone number is over, you can create a chat and start corresponding with contacts.


Other ways

The first four options assume a certain “advanced” user. For those who find it difficult or unwilling to delve into all these rules for installing software, there are two simple methods to remain anonymous on Telegram:

  • Register the messenger to the number of an elderly relative. The disadvantage of this method is that in order to log into your account from a new device, you have to go to the owner of the phone.
  • Buy a SIM card issued for another person (“left”). It can be inserted into an old machine. Minus – communication services will have to be paid constantly.

Connecting to a computer

Since we have already sorted out the situation, how you can log in from the web version of the messenger, we will consider the option of logging into Telegram from a PC, if you lose your phone, log out or delete your account.
This is possible only if the user has already logged into the account on the computer and the last time Telegram was connected, it was simply closed. Then, with two-step identification set, the application will ask you to enter a password to unlock.

If the web version on the desktop has not been activated, then the account cannot be restored. It is only possible to create a new account using BlueStacks. This software will allow you to enter the messenger even without entering a phone number.

Telegram Desktop

Benefits of Telegram

The main advantage of the application is the high level of protection of messages that have not yet been intercepted by any hacker.

But there are other advantages:

  • Cross-platform. The messenger is available for devices with any OS.
  • Convenient search engine.
  • No restrictions on the size of the transferred files.
  • The ability to create secret chats and supergroups in which up to 1,000 people can communicate simultaneously.
  • You can subscribe to channels by interest.
  • Installing bots, both created by other users, and written by yourself.


Telegram is one of the most convenient messengers that allows you not only to communicate with your contacts, but also to join thematic groups.

Protection of information in Telegram of the highest level.

But at the same time, there is one serious flaw – registering an account only by phone number.

If maintaining anonymity online is really important, then you can create a new account without using your phone number.

For connection, virtual numbers received from services, Internet aggregators, in Skype are used.

Disposable numbers will come in handy for accounts set up to solve immediate problems. If you need a permanent account with the ability to connect new devices, then it is better to use “long-playing” paid virtual numbers.