What are the notifications in Telegram and how to disable them

Sometimes you want to isolate yourself from social networks without losing your Internet connection. There are many ways to remove pop-up notifications and sound alerts in Telegram.

What is the feature of Telegram

Telegram is a modern messenger that differs from other well-known applications in a variety of functions. A feature of Telegram is the presence of additional bots that execute different teams, look for information and help set up the program.

The second bonus of the messenger is high protection of confidential data of subscribers. Developers use a peer-to-peer connection that guarantees good call quality even with poor internet connection.

What are the notifications in the application

Telegram Notification.

The application sends push notifications about the following events:

  • incoming messages;
  • missed calls;
  • unread posts on channels;
  • new contacts;
  • change of subscriber numbers;
  • Add to new groups
  • application updates.

How to remove

The developers have provided several ways to disable pop-ups in Telegram. Users can remove alerts from a specific contact, group or channel. You can also switch the phone to vibration mode so as not to hear sound from incoming SMS. Let’s analyze each of the shutdown methods in more detail.

In correspondence

You may need to disconnect notifications from a specific chat in cases where silence is required. For example, correspondence is conducted during a lecture or meeting. The subscriber usually sees a warning notification, but it is not accompanied by sound or vibration.

To configure this option, you need to enter the chat and click on three points. Several actions will be displayed for the selected conversation, among which will be “Turn off notifications”.

You can protect yourself from notifications from a specific person or group in another way. To do this, go to the interlocutor’s page and opposite the “Notifications” item, move the slider to the right.

In all posts

Sound settings for each contact individually are time consuming.

To completely remove the signals of all alerts, you must:

  • Open application settings section.
  • In the “Notifications and Sounds” tab, you can configure all notification options:
    • inform about incoming messages;
    • show text;
    • exceptions (add contacts whose messages you want to show).

In group conversations and channels

A large number of messages in conversations, accompanied by loud alerts, quickly bothers.

Turn off notifications in Telegram.

You can turn off notifications from dialogue in Telegram as follows:

  • Open application.
  • Find a group in which there is an active discussion.
  • Go to the “Notification” section (three dots in the upper corner).
  • Disable incoming message alert.


Detailed instructions on how to disable notifications in Telegram on different operating systems – more. The algorithm is simple, and anyone can cope with setting up the phone.

For iphone

There are several ways to disable Telegram notification on IPhone. The first of them allows you to remove the sound of messages completely, the second – temporarily. Let’s analyze each in more detail.

How to remove the sound in correspondence with a specific contact:

  • Find correspondence.
  • Click on the contact name.
  • Click on “Mute” (turn off the sound).

How to disable notifications temporarily:

  • Open contact information.
  • Select “Notifications”.
  • Customize according to your preference (remove the signal for a certain number of hours or days).

For Android

On the Android phone, the sound is turned off through the settings.

How to do it:

  • Open the Settings tab.
  • Go to the section “Notifications and sounds”.
  • In the “Signal” column, switch the slider to silent mode.

Note! In your personal settings, you can also choose the color of pop-ups, quick response options and the melody that accompanies them.

For computer

The Telegram version for the computer has all the same functions as mobile applications. If you want notifications to stop popping up on the screen, you can turn them off in the settings.

Most desktop versions are in English, and therefore the adjustment will look like this:

  • Open the “Setting” section.
  • Go to Notification.
  • Uncheck “Desktop notification”. This is disabling pop-ups on the desktop.

Additional features

In the subsection “Notifications positions and count” (the number of notifications) there is an opportunity to configure the place where the pop-up messages appear. Just click on the desired area of ​​the desktop.

How to recover notifications

You can restore pop-up notifications and return the accompanying sound by switching the checkmarks (toggle switch) in the settings to the “ON” position. In the section you need to select a melody for notification, as well as volume and vibration.

Note! Telegram provides the ability to hide text in a popup window. To do this, turn off the toggle switch on the option “Show text”.

Telegram developers have provided a wide range of settings for incoming notifications. Each user can change the signal, the displayed text, vibration and other characteristics of the notification.