Telegram update

Users of well-known applications for online communication often complain that their favorite messenger has started to fail. Messages arrive late, the sent photos and videos are loaded for a long time, it is not always possible to fully call friends.

This could be due to satellite outages, poor Internet connection. If everything is in order with these items, the reason probably lies in the outdated version of the program. The article will deal with Telegam updates. We will find out how to update the Telegram messenger to the latest version and how it happens on a computer and smartphone.

Why update the messenger

Updating Telegram is an important condition for the full and uninterrupted operation of the program. Developers constantly supplement the application with new features, “revive” emoticons, add interesting stickers to the messenger. In addition, modern versions usually correct mistakes and nuances that are noted by thousands of users of the program.

Telegram update.

The messenger is considered to be one of the safest users in terms of confidentiality of personal data.

This important parameter in the new versions is also “pumped”. You can close your eyes to downloading updates, but in this case, you will most likely encounter incorrect application operation.


Update Telegram leads to the stable operation of the messenger. You get not only a quick program, but also additional features that were not provided for in previous versions. In addition, the updated settings virtually eliminate hacker hacks. Agree, this is a big plus.

Note that if you systematically ignore the system’s offers to update the application, sooner or later the program will stop working or it will transform itself, without your knowledge.

User Concerns

Accustomed to a certain version of the application, users often do not want updates. This is due to the fact that a number of programs after “pumping” become uncomfortable. In this case, users are either waiting for a better version, returning the previous version, or completely abandon the application.

Fortunately, there were no such incidents with the “Cart”. The “fresh” versions of the program have advanced functionality, they fixed bugs and shortcomings, and new useful bots are built in. This eliminates “hangs” and “crashes”.

Telegram upgrade step-by-step instructions

How to understand that the application is out of date? Go to the messenger and click on the three stripes in the upper left corner of the screen. At the very end of the menu that opens, you will see the version currently installed. Options 1.4; 4.1; 5.0; 5.2; 5.3; 5.10; 5.11 – outdated. At the time of writing, the most recent version is 5.12. We need her.

You can install updates both from a laptop and from mobile devices (blackberry, android, iphone). We will analyze each algorithm in detail.

On smartphone

Updating Telegram on a mobile phone is really bypassing the official website of the developer. It works on all known platforms.

On iphone

On the ios platform, the procedure takes place on the App Store:

  • Open the market, click on the tab “Updates”.
  • Find the messenger icon, click “Update”.

If this button is not present, the version corresponds to the latest. Just in case, we check: click on the Telegram icon, go to the “What’s New” section. You will see the number of the installed version. If it is not lower than 5.12 – everything is in order.

On an Android phone

Almost the same algorithm of actions should be performed by Android users.

The only difference is that we will work through the Play Market:

  • Open the aforementioned application store.
  • Enter the name of the program in the search bar.
  • A window will appear in which you should select the “Update” button.
  • Next, you need to accept the conditions, wait for the end of the download and click on “Open”.

There is another way:

  • Open the Play Market, drag your finger across the screen from right to left.
  • Before you opened the section “My Applications ..”.
  • We are looking for the messenger icon, click on “Update”, open chats, communicate.

On the computer

Updating a program on a computer is also easy.

To do this, do the following:

  • Launch the desktop version of the application on a MacBook, Linux or Windows.
  • Open the “Settings” through three bars, go to the “General” section.
  • We find the item “Check for updates”, click on it.
  • Further, two options are possible: automatic download of updates or “silence”. The second option will be if you have already installed the latest version.

Through the program settings

To eliminate the need to constantly check the installed version, you can enable automatic update configuration. In this case, the program will load the necessary additions on its own.

It is done like this:

  • We launch the application, through the three bars in the upper left of the display we open the menu.
  • Go to the “Settings” submenu, select the “General” section.
  • Scroll to the item “Update automatically”, put a tick.

In the case of the iPhone, the algorithm will be as follows:

  • From the phone’s main menu, click on the “Settings” section.
  • In the folder we are looking for the Telegram icon, click on “Content Update”.

Please note that in some cases you may encounter difficulties in installing updates. This is due to the fact that Roskomnadzor does not like the application – the messenger developer refused to provide user personal data. Referring to the growth of cybercrime, security officers can block Telegram servers. This can be solved by installing a proxy.

Telegram update through application settings.

The “bypass” is connected like this:

  • We go into the settings of the smartphone / “Advanced Settings” or “Advanced”.
  • We select the item “Connection type”, put a daw in “Use proxy” / “MTRROTO”.
  • Drive into the “Host” section, 443 into the “Port”, and b7e70329dcf3721c4239b86ad32a90b8 into the “Secret”

Note that in some models of smartphones, the function is not supported. In this case, you should try to enter data from a PC.

Downloading the new version from the official site

You can update the program (on any device) from the official website of the developer. There are versions for all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Linux-version, etc.). Proposed options for computers (desktop) and for smart phones (Phone).

Go to website:

  • Choose the system you need, click on “Download” / “Install”.
  • We are waiting for the end of the installation, set the desired language.
  • Enter your phone number, open the list of contacts, start communication.

Rollback to previous version

Install outdated versions from the markets will not work. The Play Market and App Store have the latest update options. The developers also did not provide for automatic rollback. If for some reason you did not like the new version of the program, the only way to return the previous version will be to download it from the Internet.

If you remember the version number, drive it into the search engine of any browser and download to the device.

Updating the messenger will add useful functionality and eliminate bugs. Engineers rely on fast work and safety, these parameters are improved with each new version. For the full functioning of the application, it is strongly recommended not to ignore updates.