How to erase messages in Telegram at home and at the interlocutor

Telegram has become a very popular messenger. Every day, hundreds of thousands of messages pass through it, and there are dozens of dialogs on the phone of each user. Often, in order not to clutter up conversations or for other reasons, I want to clean some conversations or delete them permanently. How to remove the correspondence in Telegram from the interlocutor from your device – we will consider further.

What is the peculiarity of correspondence in Telegram

The service was conceived as the most private and difficult to unlock instant messengers. Probably, there are no more people who blindly trust the state in its promises of non-disclosure of personal correspondence and privacy secrets. Nevertheless, Telegram guarantees complete anonymity, the preservation of the personal data of users, ensuring the very secret of correspondence.

Delete selected message in Telegram.

They tried to block Telegram many times for the reason that the special services of our country do not have access to the data of users of this service.

The state calls this a terrorist threat, and there is some truth, because the messenger is freely available, and anyone can download it and use it. But for the sake of 2-3 people it’s silly to give out the data of millions.

It is for increased privacy that people love this project so much and trust their secrets to it. Although secrecy is guaranteed by the developers, it is sometimes necessary to delete messages. There are many reasons for this, but here it’s more important to consider how to make letters and entire chats disappear.

How to erase a sent message

The message needs to be highlighted. Several options for actions with it will pop up, one of which will be “Delete”. You can remove letters only from your dialogue or completely delete the message in Telegram in the chat for everyone. Recover deleted information will fail. Therefore, before making such a serious decision, you need to think carefully.

Interesting! In earlier versions of the application, the message could only be deleted within 2 days after sending.

These are general guidelines for clearing dialogs. But on each operating system there are differences.

On Android

In a specific chat, a message is selected and clicked on it to bring up an action menu with the “Delete” command. And if in one conversation you need to delete the chat in Telegram for both participants, then you need a long press on the text. Then all SMS from this dialog will stand out as separate. They can be identified by clicking on them. In the upper right corner there will be a trash can icon.

On iphone

In an open application in one of the dialogs you need to find the settings. In the column “Chat Settings” select “Data & Storage ».

If your chat messages are deleted, but the other person has them, you need to open the conversation and click on the icon with three dots. A context menu will pop up. Opposite the clause about deleting the chat, check the box “Also delete for ..” (nickname of the interlocutor). Within 5 seconds, the operation can be canceled.

On the computer

Deleting messages on a PC, as on any device, begins with the launch of the application. Correspondence that needs to be cleared, right-click. From the proposed options, select “Clear History”.

Another option, which involves clearing messages not only at home, but also at the interlocutor, is performed as follows:

  • Open dialogue.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Delete Messages”.
  • In the pop-up window, check the box “Also remove for ..”.

How to clear the entire chat

In order to delete chat messages, you need to click on the context menu again, select the “Clear chat” item there. Please note that during normal deletion, your correspondence will be saved in the conversation with the interlocutor. If you want them to be erased and it is necessary to put a tick in front of the words “Delete the same for ..”.

Clear chat history.

It is worth paying attention to one caveat. If you want to delete a message from a chat with several people, the actions will be different.

The fact is that even if you delete messages not only for yourself, but also for chat participants, remote dialogs will be available to the chat or group administrator for some time.

He will be able to see them in the Recent Activities tab. However, after some time, the texts will disappear and there.

How to delete messages from the interlocutor

To delete a message from the interlocutor, you must follow the standard procedure for removing materials that you want to get rid of. You just always need to check the box “Also remove for ..”. If you do not activate this option and delete texts only at home, then the interlocutor will not know that you do not have them.

Self-destruction of correspondence

Self-deletion is only possible in secret chats. The function provides for the automatic disappearance of the chat after a certain time. The timer is activated when you click on the “Clock” icon. In Android, it is located at the top, in “Iphonex” – on the text input field. As soon as the recipient receives and reads the message, it will immediately disappear on both devices.

If the message is in the form of an image, then it will be available only at the moment you hold your finger in the photo. If the interlocutor scans the picture, a notification will be sent to the other participant in the dialogue.

How to hide communication

Hide conversations in secret chats. They can be created on any OS by opening the profile settings and selecting the action “Create Secret Chat”. A list of contacts opens. You can add several people to a private conversation.

The computer version of Telegram does not support the function of creating a secret chat.

Can I view deleted messages

Unfortunately, this option is not provided in the messenger, and this is a big plus: no one will read your deleted messages if they accidentally take possession of your phone.

Based on the foregoing, we can say that at the moment Telegram is the most functional, technologically advanced and secure messenger for the people. The application can be trusted with hidden secrets and not worry that they will be available to outsiders.