Poll or vote on Telegram – how to do it and why you need it

Modern subscribers of channels and publics are demanding people. They want to see content in different formats. One of the most entertaining options for increasing reader activity is the Telegram poll.

Administrators can run 2 types of questionnaires: regular and advanced. There are several methods for creating a survey in Telegram. There is also a voting function. She got more features, including a free answer option.

Voting / poll – what is it

Interviewing allows group administrators to gather information and opinions from their audience. For example, check your content’s quality rating or check your geographic and age.

Poll in Telegram.

Survey – a type of feedback with subscribers, implying 9 response options in anonymous form.

The administrator or group member writes the question in a special field, and also gives several possible answers.

Upon completion of the “interview” Telegram automatically calculates the number of votes cast and translates them into percent.

Voting is a function almost completely identical to the survey, which received a free answer option. Also this type allows you to add pictures, video and audio. You can vote using special bots.

Similarity and difference

The similarities between voting by the built-in and created bot is in the variability of reactions.

Similar features:

  • free of charge;
  • creation in a couple of clicks:
  • anonymity.


  • the number of answers (the survey has 9);
  • only voting created through the bot has the ability to share the link;
  • voting of various formats;
  • built-in survey does not allow you to attach media files;
  • bot allows you to take a survey on the Web version.

Types of Voting

Admins can interview their readers by simple or advanced voting.


This is a built-in Telegram feature. It implies 9 options for anonymous answers. Such a questionnaire can be sent directly from a group or channel.

With advanced features

To create a vote with advanced features you need bots. You can connect:

  • the choice of several answers at once (not limited by the limit);
  • removal or replacement of a reaction;
  • open answer;
  • adding your own voice option from participants;
  • identification of respondents by phone number;
  • add photos, videos and voice messages;
  • receiving results by mail in CSV format.

The most famous bots for Telegram voting:

  • PollBot;
  • QuAnBot;
  • Votebot.

How to create an advanced survey:

  • Find the bot in the search bar. To do this, register his name via @.
  • Start dialogue.
  • Select start function.
  • Enter a question.
  • Add voice options, media file.
  • Go to voting settings to select additional features. There you can turn off anonymity, add an open response and identification.
  • Press the “Finish” key. Poll will be saved automatically.
  • Share created link.
  • Go to the group or channel to which you want to send the link.

How to make a survey in Telegram

You can conduct a survey in Telegram in a couple of seconds. The developers included this feature in the list of basic.

On all devices, users can launch it through the “Paperclip” icon located next to the text box. Consider detailed instructions for each operating system.

On the phone

The creators of the messenger have developed a similar interface on all devices. Owners of any phone can do a survey through the attached files graph.

On Android

Questioning settings on an Android phone are as follows:

  • Go to the group where you need to know an opinion.
  • Click the paperclip icon in the lower right corner.
  • Select “Poll”.

On iPhone

Owning an iOS phone is as simple as voting on Android. The only difference is the appearance of the settings. On the iphone they are in the lower left.

On the computer

The desktop version of Telegram is always slightly inferior to mobile in the number of functions. Telegram users received the “interview” function for the computer later than the rest.

How to make a survey in Telegram on a computer:

  • Run the application on a PC.
  • Select the desired group.
  • Click on 3 points.
  • Select Create Survey.
  • Fill in the fields “Question” and “Answer options”.
  • Click “Create”.

Voting with bots

For those who want to diversify their polls, special bots have been created. Thanks to simple commands, bots can quickly conduct polls of various formats.

How to work with PollBot

PollBot will help create a vote only for a group on Telegram. A feature of the bot is its publicity: it does not hide the data of each participant.

How to start the bot:

  • Find it by nickname @PollBot.
  • Start work by entering the command “/ start”.
  • To create a questionnaire, the bot needs the “/ newpoll” command.
  • In the window that appears, enter the question and answer options.
  • Complete the construction of the vote by entering the command “/ done”.
  • Copy created link.
  • Send URL to the desired group.
  • Add bot to chat participants.

How to use Votebot

Create a poll using Votebot.

A bot called Vote is great for creating simple polls. It has few functions, but it is enough for everyday voting.

How to use Votebot:

  • Find the bot through the search bar by typing @VoteBot.
  • Start work by clicking the Start button.
  • Choose type:
  • public (the names of other voters are visible to users);
  • anonymous (all data will be hidden).
  • Enter voting data:
  • question;
  • answer options (minimum 2).
  • At the end of the work, enter the command “Done”.

How to work with QuanBot

Among all known bots, QuanBot has the largest number of functions. The program is added directly to the group or channel. The bot allows you to create a poll in which participants can change the reaction or delete their voice. An additional function is to make comments on the selected option.

A unique feature of QuanBot is the polls funnel, which helps to spell out several additional questions in one. Users can switch between them.

Service benefits

The main advantages of Telegram bots for creating polls are:

  • the ability to save all votes;
  • the presence of templates;
  • work on any platform;
  • participants add their answers;
  • convenient interface and intuitive constructor;
  • users can like / dislike the survey;
  • anonymous or open vote.

Each administrator has the right to decide which type of survey to use. In case you need to know an opinion about a service, product or event, an advanced voting created through a robot is suitable. Also, this option allows you to attract more respondents (by transferring links). If you need to conduct a quick survey with the 1st answer option, the usual vote will save.