What checkmarks are in Telegram – their meaning and color

Often there are inexperienced users who do not understand what ticks are in Telegram. There are several variations of these icons that help determine the status of sent messages and identify the official developer account.

Briefly about the Telegram interface

Telegram has a simple and intuitive interface. In the mobile version of the application, the main page contains a list of dialogs. In the upper part there is a search icon and three horizontal stripes, when clicked, access to the messenger functions (creating a group, secret chat, channel, see favorites) is opened.

Sending a message to Telegram.

To send and read messages, click on the dialog. In the conversation there is a form where you can print a message by attaching a picture, file, contact, indicate geolocation.

When you click on the microphone icon, an audio message is recorded. Calling, clearing the history or deleting the chat is allowed by clicking on the vertical three dots on the right side of the user name.

What is a “checkmark” and its meaning near the text

Checkmarks help you determine if a message has been delivered to Telegram. Icons are located to the right of SMS. The status of the sent text message is indicated by one or two check marks, a watch and an exclamation mark. Icons will help determine the status of the message – delivered, read, sent.

Important! Telegram letters can be formatted using keyboard shortcuts, bots, and special characters.


To understand what a single tick in Telegram means is intuitive. She testifies that the message is delivered to the addressee. Information is stored on dedicated servers so that the recipient can read the text message at his convenience.

If one tick is lit for a long time, then this may be evidence of the sender being blacklisted. It is impossible to determine the status precisely, since Telegram does not warn about blocking.

If one colorless checkmark appeared, then the message was delivered to a smartphone or computer. In this case, the recipient learns about the request to start a dialogue.

In Telegram, one green checkmark remains unchanged even when a person logs into the application. Also, the status of the icon does not change when the interlocutor sees a text message on the main screen of the phone.

Important! The number of checkboxes changes only when the recipient opens the dialog.

To read a message without changing its status, it is recommended to open a list of dialogs and long press on the person’s profile picture. Then a window appears with the enlarged last incoming letters. Even after performing several such manipulations, there will be only one icon next to the message.


The number of icons next to the message in the messenger may change.

Sometimes two checkmarks appear in Telegram, which indicate the following:

  • The sent message was read by the addressee when opening the dialogue.
  • The message was seen by all participants in the group chat (only then the icon turns green).

Checkmarks help to understand whether the interlocutor has read SMS, because Telegram does not have a message delivery report. The developers claim that such a function is not realistic to implement in the application, since one account can work on different devices. Sending a report will cause the program to crash, because the system is just confused where to send the report.

Also, the delivery report violates confidentiality, because it discloses the personal data of users. Developers do not plan to introduce such functions in Telegram, so it remains to check the SMS delivery information using special icons.

What other indicators are there?

Additional indicators include a watch and an exclamation mark. The first icon indicates that the message has not yet been uploaded to the server.

This delay is due to several reasons:

  • Lack of access to the network or other problems with the Internet connection.
  • Telegram service failure.

To determine the cause of the delay, you need to write to someone else. If there are problems with the messenger itself, then it will not be possible to send a message to any contact.

An exclamation mark could be observed in the first versions of the program. The meaning of the red icon is a delivery problem. This sign is not used now.

“Checkmark” as a sign of verification

Sign of verification in social networks.

Verification checkboxes are present in all social networks. This system helps determine the official accounts of public people or popular groups. This feature is designed to fight fakes.

What is it

Telegram verification mark is a white checkmark in a blue octagonal star that confirms the authenticity of a page or channel.

How to get it

Verification checkboxes in 2019 are available only to members of the application team. An ordinary person, channel, or media person cannot yet receive this icon.

It is interesting! Some major online publications contacted support to confirm their account, but were denied.

Telegram Benefits

More than 200 million people choose Telegram as a messenger, as the application has undeniable advantages:

  • Security and privacy. When developing the program, a unique MTProto algorithm was used, which no hacker could crack.
  • The presence of secret chats. Even members of the Telegram team do not have access to them.
  • Lots of features. Exchange of information is greatly simplified thanks to useful options.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Fast authorization. Registration will take no more than 3 minutes.

Users often wonder how to understand whether a message has been read in Telegram, because the system does not provide reports. The status of SMS is indicated by the icons next to the text. One checkmark means that the message has been delivered, and two – have been read. When the information has not yet been uploaded to the server, a watch appears.