Portable version of Telegram

Surely, fans of “Carts” have repeatedly heard the concept of Telegram Portable. In this article, we’ll talk just about what this phrase means and how to download to the device.


Destination Telegram Portable

Telegram Portable – a portable version of the Telegram application. It is designed to create convenient and comfortable human communication anywhere in the world where there is access to the network. You can download telegram portable to a flash card and use it whenever you want, on any device, if only there is a USB or SD connector.

The regular version of Telegram is installed on a PC and is not intended to be transferred from one device to another. “Portable” is suitable for those who often use different computers, as well as for subscribers who travel a lot and do not want to install a full-fledged application on their PC.

How to start using

Telegram Desktop Portable.

To become a Telegram Potrable subscriber, firstly, you need to download the application, configure it and understand the work itself. Let’s talk more about each stage.


In order to start using the portable variation of Telegram, you need to:

  • Open a browser, write in the search: “Telegram Desktop Portable”.
  • Go to the topmost site.
  • Find a link to install the application.
  • Click on it, wait for the archive to load.

Installation and launch

The installation process consists of the following steps:

  • First of all, open the already downloaded archive, nIDte in it a folder with the name “Telegram”.
  • Remove it and open.
  • Double-click on the application of the same name, which is located inside.
  • A window will come out. Click on the “Run” field.

Account registration

When using the program for the first time, you must register. The algorithm is as follows:

  • On the larger window that opens, go to the “Start Messaging” field.
  • Enter your region and then phone number.
  • Type the code from the message into the field.
  • Start using.