Telegram X for iPhone

Before using Telegram X for Ios, they understand the appropriateness of installing it. The client is no longer supported by the developer. Users were worried about the question – where could their favorite messenger go. In the official Appstore, the app is no longer available. However, not everyone knows that using the program on iOS is possible, and downloading and installing does not take more than five minutes.

Features of the Telegram X messenger

Telegram X for iPhone.

The program for the iPhone was written in Swift specifically for users of the AppStore.

Unlike the Telegram source, created on the basis of the Objective-C language, the application had a faster response, high uninterrupted operation under network load.

But it was conceived as a test, designed to break in the “swift” and further use already in the main version of Telegram.

After the first client also switched to swift, the need for version X disappeared. Applications began to duplicate each other. An exception was functions that are still not implemented in the only official version of Telegram. This determines the popularity of the X-version.

Distinctive advantages of Telegram X:

  • Call and chat filter. The user does not need to scroll through the list, just click on the “calls” or “chats” tab, where it is easy to find the desired dialogue.
  • Ability to disable the cloud mode of reading “bubble mode”. Messages are displayed as “solid windows” without the sender icon (channels, groups).
  • Great design with changing themes (Day Classic, Day, Night, Night Blue). Animations and gifs are displayed without a signature, font is set in dialogs.
  • Battery Saver Mode “Data Saver”. When it is turned on, the downloading of media files stops, which is also convenient when roaming (numerous subscriptions to channels consume Internet traffic by posting, since files are automatically added to the Telegram folder on the phone).
  • Forwarding messages (finger right) and reply to the dialogue (finger left) in one motion.
  • Preview channel information while holding conversations for a long time.
  • A more visual splash screen with the main sections of the menu. Blocks are highlighted in different colors (Favorites, Recent Calls, Stickers, Data and Disk, etc.).
  • Built-in Russian language, which changes in the settings.
  • Ability to select a proxy for a secure connection (bypass blocking).

Important! A significant drawback of Telegram X for iPhone models is the lack of synchronization of contacts from the phone book. Search for a user (channels) is done by ID – login (@, or name. Peer-to-Peer Call Encryption Not Used.

Supported iOS versions

To install Telegram X on ios devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), an operating system version of at least 8.0 is required. The most common assemblies in the network are 5.2. – 5.3. On individual sites with software for iOS, Telegram X is downloaded for free in other formats – for iOS starting with the fifth version (5.0. – 12.0.).

Important! Before downloading, be sure to look at the application icon. It is made on the model of the original, but in excellent color scheme. White paper plane placed in a black mug.

Download to phone

Client installation on the iPhone is not standard, because there is no application in the Appstore. In order to download Telegram X on ios or other Apple devices, additional download managers are required.

Download the Telegram X messenger.

They are iFunbox or 3uTools. The first platform is a universal installer of programs for i-devices, a file manager. Suitable for working on Apple, Mac and Windows.

The second service is not inferior in functionality to iFunbox. It also enables downloading, updating and uninstalling.

In fact, they are an alternative to iTunes and analogues of iTools, which are built into the shell of iOS devices, but allow you to download Telegram X on IPhone.


In order for the Telegram X installation to go smoothly, they study all possible methods and stop at the appropriate one. If for the user there is no difference in the download methods, choose one of the three options. A detailed description will help complete the process in less than two minutes.

1. Directly through the file manager with iTunes connected.

It is required to download the ipa format file (for iOS) from a third-party resource (any file manager). To do this, enter “telegram X for iPhone 8.0.” In the search, download and save to the selected drive. Another option is preferable: ipa is downloaded from any software portal (trashbox, freesoft, softportal) and is directly synchronized in iTunes (during installation).

Important! Telegram will not install if the version of IT is more than 12.6.3. In version 12.7. the ability to install ipa is missing. In this case, they roll back updates or download the version (see above) on the official iTunes website. Before downloading, you need to delete duplicates with a subsequent reboot of the system.


  • Launch iTunes, copy the ipa file (drag and drop) in the “Programs” tab. Telegram X appears in the list of downloaded applications.
  • Click “Install”, synchronize iTunes with the iPhone, wait for downloads, click “Finish”. The application icon appears on the screen.
  • Set up a messenger. Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Device Management”. In the section with the name of the developer, click “Trust”.

Important! Only signed ipa files are added to iTunes (from corporate developers, free, supporting manual installation).

2. Install bypassing iTunes.

This method does not require additional programs and installers. Suitable for devices based on iOS 8 and above.


  • Follow the link to the iOS Hockeyapp mobile app distribution site.
  • Double click on “Install”.
  • Use the program periodically downloading new versions (the distribution should be updated automatically).

Important! Before installation, check the file for viruses and trojans.

3. Download beta versions of (advanced) inaccessible application.

Telegram X Beta.

In order to install beta modules, you will need access to the Telegram channel @tgbeta. You must subscribe to the chat in any version of Telegram on the iPhone, download the necessary version through the installation link in the post, install Telegram.

To quickly find the beta version, use the search messenger, which displays all the results on request, taking into account the posting of interesting channels.


  • Enter the phrase “telegram x”, look for additional search matches (“139 messages found”).
  • Find the right version of Telegram 0.8 or 5.0.17 (available as of October 2019).
  • Open the post, click on the download link, save the ipa file.
  • Run it in the file manager and install it on the phone.
  • Set up the phone in developer trust mode.
  • Launch Telegram by double-clicking on the beta icon.

Important! The method is suitable for installation bypassing iTunes with a simulated program (free iFunBox, 3uTools). Before downloading managers, you should make sure that this does not contradict the terms of use of iOS software.

This method is suitable not only for devices based on Appstore, but also for Android smartphones version 4.1+. Also, the application will work when launched from the Play Market. And in the absence of an account, it is downloaded on third-party sites in apk format. Installation is made with permission to use external installation files (settings).


Telegram installation occurs at the time of download. The user who has downloaded the required version does not need to configure or update the client. After launching the application, the main screen appears with the logo and start button (for registration, re-authorization).

Account registration

Adding a new account occurs by phone number. To do this, click on “Start messaging”, enter the number without a code with a preliminary selection of the country (SIM card operator).

Important! The account should be linked to the active number, which is used constantly. Otherwise, the telegram code does not reach, the person can not register in the system. Subsequent deletion of the profile is possible if the client is not used for three months.

After confirming the code from SMS, they begin to configure the interface and security settings.

Perspective Telegram X

The application was created for the purpose of testing and demonstration. Nevertheless, a large audience was remembered. And all thanks to the new design, reduced power consumption and a filter of active dialogs. Too many benefits to disappear without a trace.

The company Durova did not put a dot on the alternative client for iOS. Messenger is actively used on both Android and iOS.

The prospects for the version are rather vague. However, nothing prevents the user from installing the application for comfortable communication. In addition, additional functionality can be useful to various categories of people, from tourists to bloggers, advertisers, entrepreneurs.

Version X of Telegram has several advantages over the updated original. At the same time, the client supports the same functions, but with a few caveats. In addition, two clients are often used simultaneously on the same device, which allows you to feel comfortable in any country.