Telegram for Nokia Lumia: download and install

OS Windows Phone is called the most failed project of the new millennium, in which Bill Gates lost about $ 400 million, and the initiative itself called the main mistake in life. But the operating system has established itself well, despite criticism from everywhere. And the model range of Nokia Lumia smartphones working on its base, starting with the 510 model, exceeded expectations.

Nokia Lumia Operating System

Telegram for Nokia Lumia.

Since its founding in 2011, the OS changed its name from Microsoft Lumia to Nokia Lumia, when it began to be developed exclusively for a series of recognized Finnish smartphones starting with the Lumia 800 and 710.

Then a lineup of phones running Windows Phone 7 was launched, including Nokia Lumia 610.

Even more successful were devices released under 8 and 8.1 mobile versions of Windows, including such models as: Lumia 520, 525, 535, 620, 625, 630, 640, 720 and the flagship models of the new generation 820 and 920. Today developing a more sophisticated range of Nokia smartphones running Windows Phone 10.

Install Telegram on Nokia Lumia

Before you install the application and register an account, you will need to download it. Numerous sites, Google Play Market and AppStore offer to do this, without whose participation downloading mobile and desktop applications is not without. You can trust third-party resources, given that they offer to install pirated versions.

The preferred option is to download Telegram on the official Microsoft website or through a direct link to the messenger’s web resource Product information is presented there, and you can also select the current download option.

Ways to download the messenger

One of the advantages of downloading in the store on the official Microsoft website is that it is proposed to download the original product, safe and virus-tested, which is also free. There are two ways to download Telegram for Nokia Lumia.

The standard version, designed for any Nokia Lumia models running on the Windows Phone operating system, loads like this:

  • open the Microsoft store: it’s easier to do this by clicking on the icon;
  • You can find the messenger boot file in the list of applications, you can through the search bar;
  • choose from the presented options a program from Telegram Messenger LLC;
  • click on the “Get” button, it will start loading.

The web version is designed to be downloaded to a computer or other OS, including Android, iOS and Mac OS.

The application is downloaded as follows:

  • You can also find the boot file in the Microsoft store by using the search;
  • Among the options presented, you need to select the desktop version;
  • start downloading the application by clicking on the appropriate button and wait for the installation;
  • when the messenger is downloaded, unzip the files and install it on your computer.

Account registration

The process of registration in Telegram for Nokia Lumia is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes to activate an account.

For this, the developers have two options: by means of an SMS message that will arrive at the phone number indicated in the registration form, or using the voice service.

When activated, the application will scan the numbers of subscribers in the phone book and automatically transfer them to the contacts of the messenger.

To register with Telegram, you need to apply the following sequence of actions:

  • you need to run the downloaded and installed application, for this, just click on the “Start Messaging” button;
  • then select the country of residence in the drop-down list and enter a valid mobile phone number in the field below;
  • it is worth doing it carefully, it is advisable to double-check the correctness of dialing in the sequence of the indicated numbers and only then click on the “Next” button;
  • after that, the system will send an SMS message with a verification code to the number, which you enter in the appropriate field and click the “Next” button again;
  • at the end of the procedure, the Telegram bot synchronizes all previous dialogs, they will appear as a list in the newly created account in the form of available contacts.

Important! In some cases, the verification code does not come to the number indicated during registration – this is a frequent occurrence, which is also noted by the application developers themselves. This happens because the number used is already contained in the messenger database. That is, it was registered earlier. To resolve a misunderstanding, contact technical support.

Web version of Telegram for Lumia smartphones

Telegram for Nokia Lumia.

In addition, everyone can download an individual version of Telegram on Microsoft Lumia, there is the possibility of working with it in a browser.

The web version of Telegram for Lumia is practically no different from the basic, familiar to people using the application.

The main difference lies in its adaptation to the online mode through the browser – both mobile and desktop.

All the main functions of the messenger remained unchanged, except for minor deviations in the possibilities:

  • the application’s secret chats are not available in the web version; they cannot be opened;
  • You cannot create a channel, such a function is not provided;
  • “heavy” files cannot be sent, the maximum allowable size is 1 GB;
  • individual profile settings in the account remain unavailable.

The rest is the same good old Telegram with its increased security, the usual functions of sending messages to other users, the exchange of various files. The most convenient web version is the interface, which is just as simple and functional.

Lumia is the only line of Nokia smartphones to be awarded a separate version of an application created individually. For example, most phones from the famous Finnish concern working on the Symbian OS do not support Telegram at all.

Therefore, you can criticize Windows Phone as much as you like, but the fact remains – the Lumia created on its basis is as interesting to users as the version of the messenger developed for it.