Telegram for Windows Phone: Download and Install

At the end of 2013, the head of Telegram, P. Durov, opened a contest for programmers to develop Telegram for Windows Phone. The prize amount for that period was three million rubles, for many professionals it was a lot of money.

The following spring, the finalists were announced. The first place was taken by two competitors – Ngram and Migram. The official client selected Ngram Evgenia Nadymova.

In the article, we will analyze the stages of using Telegram on a Windows Phone and talk about possible problems that may arise when installing the application.


Telegram for Windows Phone.

Messenger transmits information in a classic way with support for collective chats with a number from one hundred to two hundred participants.

The advantage of the software is the transfer of files up to 1 Gb in size in the cloud storage. Using the cloud, users get quick access to data from any gadget.

In order to protect personal correspondence, a chat encryption function is provided. Reliability is ensured by the fact that the notification is available exclusively to the recipient, since messages are deleted from the server. Also in the settings you can automatically eliminate read and sent emails.


Owners of mobile phones on the system in question, like owners of iOS and Android, can make calls, secretly chat, use bots, subscribe to the channel.

A striking feature is the visual design. If on mobile phones of another operating platform the software has a recognizable design in a single style, then in our case everything is different. The messenger for this platform is tailored to the individual style of Windows.

BTW! For Android, specialized groups are created where participants share themes. The existence of a wide selection of themes on iOS and Android is a plus for Telegram, and the service for Windows Phone is suitable for minimalists in design.

How to start using instant messenger

At the first stage, the file is downloaded to the smartphone, after which the account is installed and registered. The final point, we will consider the Russification of the application. We will analyze each stage in more detail.


When the service is first downloaded on mobile with the existing Windows Phone platform, a unique account is created on the Windows Live website, and an ID (identifier) ​​is assigned. The identifier is entered into the mobile device: for this, go to the “Menu” of the phone / “Settings” / “Account and Mail” / “Add” / “Windows Live ID”.

To download Telegram to Windows Phone, you need to find the official Windows store in the device’s menu, enter “Telegram Messenger” in the search bar and click on the icon that appears, then download the application to your smartphone.

Account setup and registration

When completing the installation and registration to use the messenger, attach a valid mobile phone number to your account.

The process includes the following steps:

  • In the main menu of the device, go to the “Store”, select the desired service and click on the item “Install” or “Setup”.
  • Wait for the installation of Telegram on your device, click “Run”.
  • Tap the Start Messaging button.
  • Specify the phone number to be associated with the application.
  • You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code to enter.
  • Enter the numbers in the field that opens.
  • Account registration is completed. You can start talking.

If you have problems

Consider the types of problems that may occur with the owners of the phones when installing, starting and using the platform in question. We will also introduce you to solutions to problems.

Failure to update, run software

This mainly happens with a pop-up error whose code is 0X80070019. And almost all other installed utilities also stop updating.

What to do in this situation?

  • Let’s start by rebooting the phone. If the action fails, a restart of all updates is required. To do this, close the Windows Store, open the main “Menu” of the smartphone, then “Download ..”. Install the listed updates by clicking the “Install Install” button, or click the cross next to the tasks. Next, re-run the stopped utilities check. Most often it helps.
  • Manually set the current date and time. In some cases, the system does not correctly recognize the time on the smartphone, because of this the installation process of the update is disrupted. Go through the central menu of the phone to the line “Parameters” / “Language and Time” / “Time and Date”.
  • We make the slider “Auto set the date and time / time zone” inactive, then set the necessary values.
  • Connect to the new Wi-Fi network. Often during a switch from one network to another, the download goes through with freezes and errors.
  • We will synchronize your Microsoft account. Launch the “People” utility, which is located in the central block of the smartphone’s main menu. Next, click on the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen, follow the “Parameters” item. Hold the “Outlook” section for some time, then select “Synchronization”.
  • If these steps do not help, we save the necessary files in memory and synchronize all contact data, as during the reconfiguration the information may be lost. Select the line “Settings” / “Reset to factory settings” from the list of smartphone menus. After we configure the gadget, installing everything again.

Software installation or removal failed

There are situations in which it is necessary to remove the Telegram application from a mobile device on Windows Phone 8.10. And due to the appearance of errors, this cannot be done. Software freezes and does not respond to input commands.

To avoid this, you need to perform a few simple operations:

  • Set time and time zone. Step-by-step execution can be found above (see step 2 in the “Software Failure” section).
  • Synchronize your Microsoft account (see step 4 in the “Software Failure” section).
  • Restart updates (see step 1 in the “Software Failure” section).
  • It is necessary to check for updates of the Windows Phone 8, 10 platform. In the “Menu” of the device, select “Settings” / “Update and Security” / “Update Version”.
  • Recheck if the items on your Microsoft account are filled out correctly. From the “Menu” of the smartphone, we’ll go to “Settings” / “Account” / “Accounts and email address” (on Windows Phone 8: “Settings” / “Mail + account”).

In the case when nothing helps

When it is not possible to resolve the problems and the service still does not work, we recommend that you reset the settings using the hardware buttons.

You will need:

1. Full charge of the device.

IMPORTANT! At the moment when the reset will be carried out, the gadget should not turn off due to low battery. With this outcome, you will have to contact the service center.

2. Hold the power key and volume down for about 10-15 seconds. The phone will reboot immediately after this procedure.

3. Hold down the volume down key until the sign (!) Appears on the display. If after the first attempt this does not happen, repeat the action until you get the desired result.

4. When the exclamation mark appears, press four keys in order: sound volume level ↑, sound volume ↓, turn on, sound volume ↓.

ATTENTION! Within 5-10 minutes, the gears will spin on the display, which means that the reset and recovery process has begun. This procedure on a smartphone can last from 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Wait for the operation to complete and perform the setup again.

So, we learned that installing software can take a considerable time and go through a number of freezes, however, many will find a huge number of advantages in using this program.