How to download Telegram in Java – step by step instructions

Existing programming languages ​​are not perfect. They are constantly being improved and developed. Today, the most used is the Java language. It runs a number of programs and operating shells.

What is Java?

Java is a programming language and computing platform created in 1995. A large number of applications working in this language have been developed. Telegram Java is no exception. It is used in scientific research, computer field, mobile phones.

Pros and cons of the platform

Telegram in Java.

Platforms based on this language have advantages and disadvantages.

The pluses include:

  • Object oriented programming.
  • Easy syntax, smooth learning curve.
  • Application of standards for corporate computing systems.
  • Complete platform independence.
  • Increased security.
  • Multithreading.
  • Automatic memory management.
  • High level of comfort of remote work.

By cons include:

  • Commercial Use Fee.
  • Low performance.
  • Complex, layered code.


There are several types of Java:

  • Java Enterprise Edition. Used when writing applications for large enterprises, corporations (banks, retail chains, insurance companies).
  • Java 2 StandardEdition. It is used to work “Java add-ons.” Allows you to create console add-ons, applets, add-ons with a graphical user interface.
  • JavaMicro Edition. Required when creating add-ons for mobile phones, personal computers, other gadgets.
  • Java Card. Used for smart cards. For example, bank payment cards or sim cards for mobile phones.
  • Java EE is a popular version of Java. Used by programmers to create feeds, bots.


Java has the reverse order of compatibility. Simply put, a new version can be installed on top of an existing one without additional cleaning or other technical operations. Installation is performed both on the oldest version and on the latest version, which is convenient for web programming. Also, the messenger is compatible with PCs running on MasOS, Linux, Windows.

Java and Microsoft

Microsoft has created the Java Virtual Machine program. It includes several operating systems.

Its difference from other analogues is as follows:

  • RMI not supported.
  • Not Supported by JNI.
  • Support for Windows-based integration tools in the form of Java and DCOM.

Java and Android

Java and Android.

Java is used to create add-ons or free Android apps. All programs are compiled into a specific bytecode.

It is created by the Dalvik machine. For such a compilation, applications developed by the Google Android SDK are used.

How to install Telegram in Java

Many users do not know how to download Telegram Java for free and how to install it. Let’s talk about the installation more.

To phone

Installing Telegram Java on a smartphone has the following sequence:

  • Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app. It quickly connects to a computer, easy to configure. Using it allows remote access to the device.
  • Install the downloaded application.
  • Using your Google account, sign in to the app.
  • NIDte the button “Enable remote connection”.
  • Launch a browser using Remote Desktop.
  • NID messenger, click Telegram Java download.
  • Install application.

If necessary, you can download the Java Telegram Jar bot.

On computer

To install the messenger on your computer, you need to download Telegram Java from the official website or from a proven tracker (source). It is not recommended to install the program from unknown or extraneous resources, since there is a possibility of catching a virus.

After the download is complete, you can proceed to the direct installation. It is the same as when installing other programs. All that is required is to follow the instructions. The duration of the process is 2-3 minutes.

In the window that opens, specify the installation path. As a rule, a system folder is initially proposed, which can be changed at the request of the user. Next, you need to click “Next” three times. Wait for the operation to complete, close the installation window.


As you can see, downloading and installing Telegram in Java is easy. All that is required of the user is initial computer ownership. If necessary, you can watch the training video, where the process will be considered more clearly.