Latest Telegram Version

The latest version of Telegram with an index of 5.11 was submitted by developers on September 5, 2019. Its main feature is the presence of the same functions as in the previous beta version for iOS: sending pre-scheduled messages and advanced customization settings.

New version of Telegram 5.11

Refinement of the previous version allows users not only to customize the interface design, but also to plan messages that are sent to contacts at the right time. Also, a new version of the latest Telegram provides a number of additional security and customization functions that differ from previous analogues.

Device compatibility

The program is installed on a computer or phone with various operating systems. The main ones are mobile applications based on Android and iOS (iphone, ipad).

However, there are versions on the Internet that install on models such as Blackberry and Windows Phone.

If necessary, install Telegram 5.11 on the desktop OS X, Windows (XP, 7, 10), Linux / Linux i386, Mac can be used. All versions are downloaded free of charge from trusted sources, preferably from the site of the official developer, which is not available in Russia. You must use VPN connections to download the original.


The latest version of the application brings several useful options to the interface.

Pending Messages

The new Telegram 5.11 user has the ability to send messages with a timer. To do this, just enter the date and time. Sending a message occurs while holding the send button. A submenu with two buttons pops up: Send without sound and Send later. This type of message involves sending a report to both the addressee and the addressee.

In the iOS version, holding the tap for a long time opens a context menu with the ability to reply, copy, forward and delete the message. Moreover, they copy both the entire text and its individual part.

Important! Pending messages can be sent to your own device. In this case, they are used as reminders for important matters (“Favorites”) and are marked with a special icon. Scheduled messaging is supported in all chats, groups, channels, and personal conversations.

Telegram 5.11 has a built-in interface theme editor. It allows you to choose any theme color from the palette, and also apply it to other profile elements – contacts, headers, settings, profile page, etc. You can save your favorite topics in a special cloud.

When you change the phone or need to send a topic to a friend, a person follows the link from the cloud and automatically completes the installation. When making changes to a topic by reference, other users who install it also see the changes.

Online anonymity

Messenger allows you to hide the number from all contacts. To do this, a new login begins with the security settings. It is possible to hide the number from all users, and only from those who do not know it. When you enter a number in the search, the system filters out the closed ones. Personal number becomes available only to contacts from the book.

Important! If the other person knows your number, and you saved it to contacts, the number will remain open. If you select “None of the users” in the settings, the number remains hidden from everyone.


For more convenient display of contacts, dialogs and other chats, the application offers a wide selection of topics in various color schemes. Menu settings allow you to change image colors, font size in dialogs, splash screen background, and dialog background.

Additional features

The developer has provided the following innovations:

  • Extended Siri Support.
  • Improved Voiceover Support.
  • The ability to use the application in the car using CarPlay.
  • Set of new emoji and animated stickers.
  • The audience of groups holds up to 200 thousand people.

To download the latest version of Telegram, use the official website or Google Play / AppStore. This guarantees complete protection (by encryption) of data on the network.

Where can I download

To download the official free messenger, use the developer’s site.

For this:

  • Go to
  • When blocking a domain, they use VPN services (free) or download the Tor browser (instructions).

If the latest Telegram 5.11 is required to be installed on a mobile device, a person sets up an account for downloading applications from the market. Next, the program is downloaded through the PlayMarket and AppStore search. This is the most reliable way to use the messenger.

If there are no accounts or if you want to install the program on a desktop device (computer, laptop, minibook), use third-party sources, for example, Popular software sites that support apk file formats with a digital signature of the developer are also suitable.

To download to your phone:

  • Drive into the search “download the new version of Telegram 5.11 in apk format for Android”.
  • Download the program to the desired memory section.

To download to the computer repeat the request, but with the amendment – “to the computer.” Next, select the exe file for installation on the desired OS and download.

Account setup and registration

Installation depends on the type of device. The operation of the apk file on Windows begins after double-clicking in a special Android emulator program, which is downloaded previously (in exe format).

On the desktop version, the messenger is not always disclosed. This is due to the environment of the emulator itself, in which the program starts. It is advisable to use a new version of Windows. Popular emulators allow you to work with chats with good speed.

To install the messenger on your smartphone include an additional security setting – installing applications from external sources. Next, open the apk file and install in normal mode, as through the market.

Account registration is carried out identically on all devices – by the work phone number by entering the code received in response to the application.

Important! Some numbers are not subject to registration in Telegram (online numbers, spam numbers from the databases). Before registering, you should make sure that you can authorize using an existing number.

User reviews

Reviews about the new version of the messenger.

Regular users of the application speak of Telegram 5.11 as an add-on necessary for communication.

The functionality and quality of the settings allow you to quickly find the necessary chat, notify your subscribers about upcoming events.

Some people point out its originality as an advantage of the program. Now there is no need to use modifications like Messenger plus.

Since the first version of Telegram, the interface of the program has been constantly updated, although rarely. The latest update touched on the most important aspect for users – customization and pending messages that bloggers and active users have been waiting for. To download the messenger, use the official website or application markets.

In terms of speed and security, the program does not differ from previous versions. It also requires setting the language after authorization. Unofficial counterparts may cause crashes and security issues.

In general, the modern modification does not cause negative reviews. Users are completely satisfied with the new options and functionality.