Telegram on IPhone and iPad: download and install

Among a large number of instant messengers, Telegram stands out for its security. A significant share of the application’s popularity was brought by the ban on its use, which they could not fully apply. Therefore, you can now install the messenger freely. Telegram has a concise design, convenient functionality, for which many users love it.

Telegram Overview for iOS Devices

Telegram for iOS devices.

At the moment, the latest version of Telegram is 5.12.1. It is compatible with Apple devices on iOS 9.0 and later.

The operating system is supported by the common iPhone, iPad models, both the latest and fairly old. For example, 6, 7, 4, 4s, 5, 5s.

The latest version of Telegram on the iPhone has full functionality and is in no way inferior to software for Android and PC. Teams are completely free.

Moreover, Telegram iOS is able to store account data in the online cloud of icloud, so the device does not have to be constantly cleared of extra files to free up a bit of memory. You can bind services by confirming synchronization during installation.


In addition to the standard set of commands, such as sending messages, making calls and sharing files, Telegram has many advantages:

  • the best protection of user data, confidentiality of correspondence;
  • high speed, optimization;
  • the ability to add multiple leading devices to the same account;
  • synchronization of contacts with the phone book;
  • the ability to upload, download large files;
  • storage of correspondence data in the cloud, so the messenger does not take up free space on the device.

Also in the application you can download and download audio, which allows you to listen to music that is not available in iTunes. Tracks are available even without an internet connection.

A huge number of thematic channels and the ability to launch your own turn Telegram from a simple messenger into a full-fledged social network.

By the way! Some Telegram bots support the money transfer function. And online exchanges allow you to earn up to 20 thousand rubles per month.


If you compare Telegram with other similar applications, you can identify similarities and differences. It has a lot more stickers and smiles than other free instant messengers. In addition, Telegram has the status of the most secure data exchange application. By choosing it as the main means of communication, you can be sure of the safety of business and personal correspondence.

Protection is guaranteed by the developer Pavel Durov himself. Information is not only not stored on the company’s servers, but also not available for hacking. The latter is possible thanks to double end-to-end encryption.

The disadvantage of the utility is the lack of a video call. Instead, users are given the command to record, send audiovisual materials.

Getting started with the messenger

In order to install Telegram on your IPhone or iPad, you need to find the application in the official Apple store – App Store. You can enter the service using the username, password from your Apple ID account.

The program downloads absolutely free. Installing the application with a stable Internet connection lasts two minutes.

By the way! Do not look for workarounds and download software from torrents, arcs, and more. These programs may fail, do not work, have virus codes.


To download Telegram to IPhone and iPad, you need to follow these steps:

  • in the search bar “Enter” enter “iPhone Telegram”;
  • click on the application icon that appears;
  • select “download” (in English iOS – “download”).

After that, the application will start downloading and then installing. At the end, the corresponding icon will appear on the desktop.

Installation and Registration

Downloading is only half the battle.

For registration:

  • After downloading, tap the messenger icon.
  • Choose a country, enter a phone number.
  • In the field that appears, enter the code that will be sent via SMS.
  • Enter a name, nickname. Not necessarily real, you can select an alias.
  • Upload an avatar if you wish.

If the user already has a Telegram account on another device, the installation process will be different. After specifying the phone number to which the profile is linked, messenger will send the code directly to the chat user.

To synchronize devices, just confirm the corresponding command in the pop-up window. So contacts, files, correspondence will be displayed on smartphones, tablets, PCs simultaneously.

Telegram X

Telegram X.

To increase productivity, the developers released an extended version of the messenger. Telegram X app has more features.

However, the Telegram X for iOS service has been stopped, the program has been removed from the AppStore.

This is due to the fact that the original Telegram application for the iPhone has full functionality and does not have performance problems. The utility is available only to Android owners.

Possible problems

Despite constant updates, development, the messenger may fail. Some users have a problem with the delivery of registration SMS. Then you have to use the activation function via a call or contact technical support.

Important! If the SIM card was previously used by another subscriber, it may turn out that it is already tied to the Telegram account. In this case, you will have to manually delete the profile data of the previous owner.

For additional protection of your account from hacking, you can put two-step authentication, set a password. This will help with the loss of the device itself.