Telegram for computer: download and install

Nowadays, there are a large number of messengers – programs that allow customers to instantly send messages, call, share files and multimedia objects.

When choosing an application for communication, the user mainly pays attention to the following criteria:

  • there is no need to pay for the program;
  • fast
  • privacy is respected;
  • powerful;
  • safe.

Download Telegram to your computer.

Based on such requirements for the messenger, they increasingly stop at the Telegram application (telegram).

Pleasant advantages:

  • High speed messaging.
  • Supports operating systems Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Firefox OS.
  • A comfortable desktop version for your computer.
  • There is the creation of group chats with a conditional limit of 30 thousand users. Therefore, it is often used by large companies to solve business issues.
  • You can exchange multimedia data and other types of files.
  • A wide selection of emoticons and stickers.
  • Multilevel encryption, notifications are hidden from prying eyes and have a self-destruction timer, and special algorithms block hacker attacks.
  • Convenient account recovery in case of password loss.
  • Multi-platform.
  • Stable operation without crashes and freezes.
  • Fast registration with mobile number binding.
  • The ability to add numbers from the phone book of your smartphone to the contacts of the application.

Important! Telegram uses an open protocol and API, free for everyone!

Download and install

Download Telegram to your computer or your favorite laptop is very easy and does not require time-consuming. There are many servers that will help you download your desired product.


  • Telegram for Windows.
  • Telegram for Windows Portable.
  • Unigram.

For all OS:

  • Telegram Online.
  • Telegram Web.


  • Telegram for Linux.
  • Telegram for Linux (i386).


  •     Telegram for OSX.
  •     Telegram Desktop for OS X.

Additional Information! Alternatively, you can use µTorrent web-torrent client. No investment required, will ensure safe downloading and downloading of the necessary files.

Let’s move on to the installation:

  • Run our file. You will be asked to first select a language. Click OK.
  • After this we select the installation location, it is better to leave the “default value”. Click “next”.
  • Here they suggest creating shortcuts in the next folder of the Start menu. If satisfied, click “next.” If you do not want, check the box “Do not create a folder in the Start menu.
  • Everything is ready. We click “install”.
  • After that – “finish”.

The next step is to launch our Telegram brainchild on a working PC or laptop. It remains only to go through the authorization procedure. Enter your mobile number. Within a minute you will receive an SMS with a code. Provide the password you received.

If there is no confirmation, use the voice activation service. Click “continue.” Now it remains standard to register a profile: first name, last name, photo.

Congratulations! You have become a perfect Telegram client for your computer.

We reviewed a full-fledged publication for the computer. There is a web version. It differs in that it does not have to download and install. But using such online versions is not always convenient, they usually do not have a complete set of settings.


To summarize: Telegram is a convenient, extensive functionality service. Easy to install, with a clear, attractive interface. The optimal tool for work and leisure. Advantages can be listed forever, and whether or not to download messenger is just your choice!