We delete messages and correspondence in Telegram quickly and imperceptibly

Telegram is a popular messenger with a simple interface and wide functionality, designed to exchange information. The application has an option that allows you to delete all correspondence or individual messages not only on your gadget, but even at the interlocutor. This takes into account certain nuances of how to erase messages in Telegram on different devices.

What is the peculiarity of correspondence in Telegram

In Telegram, it’s easy not only to send, but also delete old and new conversation materials. The ability to get rid of the chat does not depend on the status of the sent message (delivered, read).

Delete messages on the desktop version.

This option is easy to figure out on your own if you familiarize yourself with the features of the dialogs in advance:

  • It is allowed to remove text messages from itself and from the recipient.
  • You can erase individual messages or the entire dialogue.
  • Remote chat is not restored.
  • Group administrators see deleted SMS in the Recent Actions block.
  • In the Telegram channel, only administrators have the right to add and delete posts.

Important! Until March 2019, it was allowed to delete SMS only 2 days from the date of sending. Now this period is unlimited.

How to erase a sent message

To selectively delete SMS, you need to follow a few simple sequential steps. The algorithm of actions on the phone and the computer is similar, but has certain differences.

When communicating with the API bot, you will have to clean up personal messages and commands yourself. But in group communication, you can make your assistant an administrator, after which he will edit and clear the dialogs.

When deleting letters in a group, the question about the interval of erased messages does not pop up. But the sequence of actions is similar to clearing a personal dialogue.

When you delete the messenger from the device, all correspondence is saved, since the information is on the server, and not on the phone or computer. Only secret chats disappear, because a special encryption system functions there. But with a complete deactivation of the account, the user irrevocably erases all conversations, notes, documents.

On Android

Stages of erasing messages on Android:

  • Opening a chat of interest.
  • Long squeezing of the message that you plan to delete (you can even choose unread SMS).
  • Clicking the trash can icon that appears in the upper right corner.
  • Decision confirmation.

Delete messages on Android.

On iphone

The sequence of getting rid of individual messages on the Iphone:

  • Opening correspondence.
  • Long squeeze of the sent message.
  • The choice of the action “Delete” (along with this it is proposed to forward the message).
  • Confirmation of the operation by clicking on the “Delete from me” block.

On the computer

How to delete messages in Telegram on PC:

  • Dialogue opening.
  • Right click on SMS.
  • Select action “Delete Message”.
  • Confirmation of the decision by clicking on the DELETE block.

How to clear the entire chat

In Telegram, you can get rid of all correspondence with a few clicks. To use this option on Android, you must first run the application. Then it will take a long time to clamp down on the dialogue, and then select the “Clear History” action. All that remains is to confirm the operation.

To delete the correspondence in Telegram on Iphone, you need to select a conversation and swipe left on it. After that, actions that can be performed with the chat will appear. From the proposed options, you should select a red square with the image of the bin and the inscription “Delete”. Then click on the “Clear History” action.

To delete the correspondence on the computer, you must first start the program. Next, you need to left-click on the chat of interest. Then the “Clear History” action is selected. After confirming the operation, the conversation will be completely cleared.

How to delete messages from the interlocutor

If you plan to delete correspondence at the addressee, you will have to clean the dialogue at home. Interestingly, the recipient’s messages in his chat will remain untouched. Only your messages are allowed to be removed.

The process has some features depending on the gadget used:

  • On Android, after clicking on the basket, you need to put a tick in front of the inscription “Delete for (the name of the user with whom the dialogue is conducted)”.
  • In Iphone, select one or more messages and click on the delete icon.
  • On Windows, a special flag is also placed before confirming the operation.

Important! Only the administrator can delete a message in the Telegram channel. The sequence of actions is similar to erasing ordinary SMS.

Self-destruction of correspondence

Telegram allows you to set the time after which the entire conversation will be cleared. This feature is only available for secret chat, where a special encryption system is used to achieve maximum security. Such correspondence is usually marked with a lock icon opposite the name of the recipient or the name of the group conversation.

To configure automatic deletion, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  • Secret Chat Opening.
  • Clicking on its icon at the top.
  • Selecting the “Delete by Timer” action.
  • Determination of the term.
  • Clicking on the “Ready” block.

How to hide communication

It is impossible to hide communication in Telegram, as the developers have not yet provided such a function. It is possible that a similar option will be introduced in future versions of the program.

Now you can only set a password to open the application by following a series of simple steps:

  • Launch instant messenger.
  • Open three lines in the upper left corner and select the “Settings” section (gear).
  • Click on “Privacy and Security”.
  • In the “Code-password” block, enable the function by moving the slider to the corresponding side.
  • Write a pre-coded password twice.

Passed communication in Telegram.

Access to the messenger is also carried out with a fingerprint. To activate such a function, you need to move the slider opposite to “Unlocking with a fingerprint” in the “Password code” section.

Important! In the settings it is allowed to set the time for auto-lock. If you don’t interact with the application for a specified period, then it is blocked automatically, so you will have to re-enter the password.

Can I view deleted messages

Erased messages are not available to users, therefore, cleaning up history requires a deliberate approach. It is impossible to restore the messages, especially when getting rid of the dialogue both in oneself and in the interlocutor. Only administrators in groups can see deleted SMS for 2 days using the Recent Actions section.

Telegram is a modern messenger where it is possible to remove individual SMS and entire dialogs. The addressee may not even have time to read the message. Clear chat is allowed both at home and with all participants in the conversation. In hidden chats, the function of automatically deleting the history of correspondence by a given date is available.